Imagining Unknown Unknowns

by lizard

I was reminded recently that I’m a conspiracy theorist, and then I read a post by Pogie about the unhinged right or, more specifically, a site called PolyMontana that uses an article from a site called “Global Research” to spin an insinuation that (Pogie’s words): “the Obama Administration murdered the Special Forces members recently killed in Afghanistan.”

I’m not going to defend the PolyMontana nonsense Pogie brings attention to, but I will defend the site Global Research as an intriguing accumulation of marginalized anti-globalization thought that skirts the fringe and sometimes gets used to justify crazy insinuations, like the right wing interpretation Pogie highlights (here is the article in question).

Switching gears, I’ve wanted to put something up about London burning. I sat back and watched an exchange between problembear and turner turn a bit snippy over the racial spark that ignited the sustained street rage, and have followed other lines of thought, some fringe, some satirical, and some clearly reductive attempts to encapsulate the unrest into tidy little airtight narratives for popular consumption.

Ali Abunimah (@avinunu) from electronic intifada put out a whole series of tweets that look at London’s social unrest through the “colonial” lens applied to mideast uprisings. Apparently Ali caught some flak for these tweets, but I think they’re brilliant. Read them all, and more, below the fold.

avinunu Ali Abunimah
As UK looks more like a failed state how should we intervene to secure our interests? Bombing, sanctions or both? #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
BREAKING: Cameron calls up emergency reserve of Daily Mail readers to active duty. #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Since cash-strapped British Army is deployed abroad, obvious solution is to request NATO ally Germany to send Wehrmacht to end #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Sorry yes. It is indeed the Bundeswehr now not the Wehrmacht. Send German peacekeepers to streets of London NOW! NATO MUST ACT #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Experts say that tribal council “House of Lords” is widely respected on British streets. Only it has authority to bring calm #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Why are all these English people objecting to my Tweets? Don’t they know I’m an Expert on them? #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Experts say UK uprising remains limited but little is known about the insurgents. Rumors and regime claims abound.

avinunu Ali Abunimah
The British are known to be an emotional people prone to overly colorful language. This is why many are upset at my Tweets. #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
I speak only mangled English but you can count on my expertise. #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
I bet a lot of people wish the UK had a Labour Party right now. Someone should start one. #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Based on history, experts predict Elizabeth will call together leading knights, bishops and vassal lords for Grand Council on #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
It is, more than likely, experts say, that rioting youths are angry they have not been appointed to the Shura Council of Lords. #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Experts say that Elizabeth rules directly in an absolute fashion issuing direct orders through the “Privy Council.” #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
While Elizabeth II is unelected and her views on anything but the weather a complete mystery, experts say she is reform-minded. #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Experts say that much-loved reformist monarch Elizabeth II must appeal directly to insurgents and call for national unity. #londonriots

avinunu Ali Abunimah

avinunu Ali Abunimah
Perhaps Met can bring in some Orange Men to march down and open up some closed roads in London? Always works in Belfast! #londonriots

From the fringe, William Bowles wonders if things weren’t maybe allowed to get out of hand for a reason:

It’s interesting to note that the one, big difference between today’s uprisings and those of the 1980s is that this time, it’s no longer specifically a ‘race’ thing though race may have been the initial catalyst with the shooting death of Mark Duggan. This is fundamentally a working class uprising, albeit only its youth wing.

There are also questions to be asked about the way the state have handled the uprisings. From the very first night it looked to me as if the police allowed buildings to burn and shops to be looted. Is it just me who got this impression? The media noticed it too but put it down to the police being caught off guard by the scale of it all.

But I’m not convinced. I think that once the state got wind of the scale of the uprising they deliberately allowed things to get out-of-hand before launching a major occupation of those areas of our cities deemed the source of the troubles. A ‘dry run’ if you like for even greater social upheavals to come? After all, the system needs to be tested.

It is inconceivable that local police could not have dealt with roving groups of youth, who never appear to have exceeded more than one hundred in size. An eyewitness reported from Clapham Junction as a department store was being looted that a group of police just stood by and watched.

And, under the guise of ‘the war on terror’, all the necessary legislation is in place to ‘lock down’ entire communities, even entire towns should it be deemed necessary to ‘protect the state’:

Like I have said in the past, I consider being open minded a virtue. As an agnostic, part of my struggle with the unknown unknowns (Donald Rumsfeld) is maintaining a robust imagination capable of grappling with the what-ifs.

Because without imagination, the future is already lost.

  1. Turner

    This is off-topic, but did you know Rumsfeld now lives in Glen, Montana? It’s just a few miles north of Dillon.

  2. The Escapee

    Man oh man are those tweeds on the mark. Turnabout… helping people to understand that it is we who are the crazy militants.

    BTW, don’t ever worry about conspiracy theory bullshit. You only need translate the emotion behind the words. People who say that have trained their minds to be housebroken, and are frightened. Worse than that, they are boring. I think in the old USSR people learned good habits, knowing it was not wise to be suspicious of the powerful. We are just like them.

    • Turner

      I’m afraid I didn’t follow any of that, especially the “people who say that . . .” line. What on earth are you talking about?

      • we rarely know what mark is talking about, mr turner.

        but i did listen in on david cameron’s speech and found it pretty telling about the mindset of those with power and money toward those without…….found myself getting angrier and angrier with each…. hear, hear… from the parliamentarians.

        no looking into causes and effects. just go hard line and sweep it under the rug. after all, the poor can sustain much more sacrifice to pay for the largesse of the upper class.

        nobody has the courage over there to criticize those in power either. i would say that the cowardice of our congress matches their parliament when it comes to questioning the prime minister as he takes the hard line stance after barely getting back from his playground in tuscany.

      • Escapee

        I agree that pb rarely knows what I am talking about, Turner, it’s part of his conventional thought processes, and what makes him so damned boring.

        I agree it wasn’t worded well. “Tweeds” = tweets, a jobism. The rest was about the accusation hurled at people with curious minds – that they are “conspiracy theorists.” It’s part of thought control, and since most people dont’t beelieve their thoughts are controlled, that they don’t align themselves with power just as metal fragments do with a magnet, the thoughtndoes not compute on the other end.

        Put it this way, Turner: You’ve never had an original thought, and don’t know it. If you have, it might have scared you. I brought up the old USSR because we are a controlled society, just like them, but unlike them, we don’t know it, so we will never do what they did, revolt and turn out the ruling class.

        Now indeed you don’t know what the he’ll Ian talking about, but at least you know why. On with your mundane day and your mundane thoughts. Go Democrats!

        • Escapee

          This is an iPad, and a “jobism” is the computer trying to read my mind. Hence “he’ll Ian” = “hell I am”, since The Ipad does not know what i am talking about either.

          • Turner

            I don’t know if I’ve ever had a completely original thought in my life. Consciousness and learning are incredibly complicated. Originality is poorly understood and often claimed without being merited. We weren’t raised in Skinner boxes.

            I suppose you claim to be an original thinker. I doubt that you are, and I’m not sure it’s even a good thing to be one. Mental hospitals are full of original thinkers.

            • lizard19

              great response, Turner.

              Mark: you are close to getting a forced vacation from this thread.

            • Escapee

              *partial deletion of comment*

              Anyway, Turner, you reiterated my point. In the USSR, if you questioned power, you were thought to be insane. In the US, the same phenomenon is present, but if you question authority here, you are said to have a “conspiracy theory.” It’s inpossible for Americans to see this, as you are so deeply indoctrinated that you think your thoughts are free when they are not. .

              I say “original” meaning “not put there by someone else.” I should rather say that you’ve never had a non-predictable thought. Of course truly original thoughts are rare. I don’t claim to have any, but I do have a much clearer view of American society, and thought control in general than you and invite you to try me on anything, any time.

            • Escapee

              I’m just talking about things that are unfamiliar to you. I’m used to this phenomenon. It is all so strange to you that you think there is something wrong with me. I notice you grab on to three words and then grab your hat.

  3. ladybug

    Dry run for the Olympic Games? Violence and austerity = budget boost and perpetual fear and funding for police and military. Where’s their “gang of six?”

    • lizard19

      i remember hearing speculation back when Missoula had its little riot in 2000 that some of the out-of-state cops saturating the town were getting in a bit of training before the winter olympics in Salt Lake City.

      • JC

        No speculation. That’s what happened. Ever see the documentary called “Missoula Montana” about the incidents? pretty frickin’ gestapo tactics.

  4. There are times, I feel the outside fringes of explanation need to get told! In explaining things of vagueness, fringe storys are the only way to bring things to the front, in such a way that true Observers dig deeper to find the truth!

    • Escapee

      There is some truth in your words even though you don’t know it. In politics, nothing of what you hear is true, and very little of what you see. But you don’t know how to think that way, and hence are continually befuddled and surprised. No way to go through life, ya know?

  5. mark always can be counted on to tell everyone what their short-comings are – he can also be counted on to stay on stage way past the smattering of confused applause, into the cat-calls, past the boos and the rotten tomatoes and finally hauled off with a hook and placed in an iron cage to continue screaming nonsense at strangers in the empty alley…..

    now where did i misplace that hook? oh yeah. not my post. guess poor lizard will have to clean up after him this time.

    • Escapee

      Oh pb, you sardonic wit, you. That must have been work, you know, to try and write something that wasn’t totally predictable. Had you not messed with me way back when, you wouldn’t even think about me, ever.

  6. lizard19

    here is a letter to David Cameron’s parents from Nathanial Tapley. well worth the read.

    • laughed my ass off when i read that at the 4 H cafe this morning before going to the livestock auction. cowboys at the next table agreed with me that the brits were pretty good at satire. one old bitter (california transplant) bitterrooter hobby rancher from hamilton scowled at us. said something about property rights etc.

      i quoted the part about members of parliament giving themselves televisions and furniture at taxpayer expense and then getting all huffy about looting….

      who’s looting who? and who is really doing the looting in this country and britain? corporations and their pet politicians that’s who.

      we are talking trillions of dollars worth. it is time that people rise up to the real looting going on in this world.

  7. jack ruby

    Global is a Russian sponsored disinformation site.

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