Obama Channels John McCain in Search for New Identity


“A New Foundation”
er, “Winning the Future”
er, “Put Country Before Party”

I don’t know about you guys, but I see some problems in the Prez’s messaging:

President Obama told a crowd at a battery plant in Holland, Michigan, this afternoon that Republicans must “find a way to put country ahead of party…”

Underlining the takeaway of Obama’s speech today, White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer tweeted: “Key element from today’s remarks — Put Country before Party.

Obama’s new slogan, “Put Country before Party,” is awfully close to Sen. John McCain’s, R-Ari., failed 2008 presidential slogan “Country First.”

After telling Congress to “Put Country before Party” Obama is scheduled to fly to New York City where he will raise money for the Democratic Party at the Ritz Carlton.”

Go get ’em tiger! What can be more ‘merican than raising campaign funds at the Ritz? Right after you admonished republicans to be patriots and adopted their sloganeering tactics for your own. Is that what you mean by “putting country before party”?. Wow!

Maybe somebody ought to go and wake Jim Messina up to the reality of how his conservative brand of politickin’ is losing a good chunk of the left in his quest for middle of the road indies:

“Under Messina, Obama ‘12 could more closely resemble the electoral strategy of Baucus or Bill and Hillary Clinton—cautious, controlling, top-down in structure and devoted to small-bore issues that blur differences between the parties—than Obama ‘08, a grassroots effort on a scale modern politics had never seen.

“It was a major harbinger to me, when Obama hired him, that we were not going to get ‘change we can believe in,’” says Ken Toole, a former Democratic state senator and public service commissioner in Montana. “Messina has a lot of talents, but he’s extremely conservative in his views on how to do politics. He’s got a tried-and-true triangulation methodology, and that’s never gonna change.”

Messina needs to know that plagiarizing campaign slogans from failed republican candidates of the past is not exactly getting on with the “vision thing:”

“Obama has groped for a larger message to match the iconic “hope and change” rallying cry of the campaign, and began his term with the promise of a “New Foundation” meant to echo the optimism of FDR and JFK.

Last week, in the wake of the depressing deficit ceiling fight and the morale-sapping credit downgrade that left three-quarters of Americans in a Reuters/Ipsos poll believing the country is on the wrong track, Obama tried out a new theme to differentiate his vision from that of his partisan opponents: “Put country ahead of party.”

Um, the patriotism shtick just ain’t going to cut it, Mr. President. Try again. And which “partisan opponents” are you slinging republican slogans at? The left? Democrats? Just which side of the “fence” are you on, Mr. President? Republicans already get “Country First.” The problem is how the right defines “our country” ya know (as in “we want ‘our country’ back”) — white picket fences and all and a shining city above the slums.

It’s starting to look like O’12’s got a bunch of slogans–scribblings by Messina on little shreds of paper–that they’re just pulling out of a hat at random to try them on for size. Maybe it’s just that 12-dimension super-hero  ninja flailing thing that worked so well with the debt ceiling fight. I dunno.

Oh yeah. It takes three to triangulate. You’re welcome.


Oh, one more thing: I gotsa new slogan for O’12 to try out. It even comes with a song!!!

(I love ya Tomorrow! You’re always a day a way!)

  1. “Re-arranging deck chairs, etc. etc.”

  2. confidence in steering straight ahead instead of left will only get this administration as far as the iceberg……………………….. people were ready for universal health care two years ago. people were ready for getting out of iraq and afghanistan (all the way out) two years ago. people were ready for us to get rid of tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% two years ago.

    and this idiot messina thinks we are dumb enough to buy the message that this administration puts the country first?

    there isn’t a human being dumb enough to not know that every politician in washington dc puts lobbyists for the wealthy first.

    why should the politicians put the country first? the country doesn’t buy them television commercial air time for their campaigns………but lobbyists do.

  3. Escapee

    Really no reason to vote, is there. Honestly, party politics in the US is mindless manipulation. It’s all done by ads and PR outfits. Obama will read a script.

    Which brings me to my oft-repeated point: with Republicans in office, Dems are somewhat vigilant and we’re somewhat better off. Party politics is the weakest of tools available. But it’s where the village is located. So go Romney! Stuff Obama!

    A big part of the Obama ad strategy will be fear of mean-ol Republicans. Don’t be scared, munchkins!

  4. Ingemar Johansson

    I liked “Winning the Future”…..

    …..or it’s acronyms, WTF.

  5. How about “It’s still Bush’s fault”

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