Koch & Co. at Bonner Park Friday, Tea WILL Be Served

by jhwygirl

Well, since yesterday’s post on Koch Industries-funded Americans for Prosperity’s “Running on Empty” Tour coming to Missoula without a location, they’ve since announced they’ll be at Bonner Park.

I’m sure we can thank AFP’s Montana state director Scott Sales for finally getting that critical piece of information up for this very popular Tea Party event.

I don’t know what, precisely, the Missoula Area Central Labor Council, the Montana Organizing Project and others are planning, but I got an email yesterday saying they were “sponsoring a strongly humorous response to this tour that is “Running on Empty.” We will present an updated version of Lewis Carroll’s classic “Mad Tea Party” from Alice in Wonderland. And we will have other humorous activities. Please come ready to laugh AFP out of town!”


So Friday folks, while Koch & Co. are serving up their Tea Party with the sole purpose of eliminating and and all impediments to domestic oil – while keeping those tax subsidies intact for Exxon and BP and…well… Koch Industries, there will be a group of Missoulians serving up their own Tea Party.

Don’t miss the show at Bonner Park – Friday, noon.

Let’s give American’s for Prosperity a better welcome than what they got when they kicked off their tour in Jacksonville. Seems like could use some company. Show ’em some Montana hospitality!

And don’t forget to wear your Mad Hat.

  1. Pogo Possum

    Some times these union led counter protests don’t always go off well, jhwyGirl.

    • sham concern trolling for a sham event pp?

      sounds about right.

      now that the koch sponsored sideshows and the flaks are in full swing, i begin to understand what the bible meant by the tower of babel.

    • Union led? That was multiple organizations.

      Aside from that, our own congressional Representative Denny Rehberg heckles a disabled woman at one of his few public forum listening sessions and you gripe about a bunch of citizen protesters cynically telling Rehberg staffers that white men have no voice?

      From the Ravalli Republic, dated August 24, 2009:

      About 600 people gathered at the Hamilton Performing Arts Center to discuss health care reform and other issues for two hours.
      Most of the people who took the microphone spoke in favor of health care reform that includes a public option.
      But those sentiments prompted boos, jeers and mutterings from much of the audience, which appeared to oppose a public option.
      Rehberg, who has hosted 16 “listening” sessions this August, stuck mostly to answering questions from people lined up at the microphone.
      But at one point, he looked into the audience to a woman in a wheelchair who held a small sign saying 83 percent of Americans favor a public option.
      “Not according to the polls I’ve seen,” Rehberg said, prompting some in the audience to heckle the woman.

      Who’s the ugly there? The elected official at a public forum he scheduled to discuss healthcare heckling and encouraging heckling (he did nothing to stop the people once he kicked her up with dirt) of a disabled woman who disagreed with him? Or senior citizens protesting on public streets Denny’s advocacy for cutting their Medicare?

      • Pogo Possum

        Nice spin, but Denny never heckled the lady in the wheel chair.

        My mother was in a wheel chair and was a Rehberg supporter. She would have agreed with his comments to the lady. Her usual response to anyone pitying her for being in a wheelchair was, “It’s a wheelchair, not a damn pity fountain.”

        • He heckled her by calling her out on a sign. She said nothing to him. Then he stood by as the crowd went at her and did nothing.

          I got that directly from several people.

          The cleansed version in the RR essentially says the same thing.

          • Pogo Possum

            Let me see if I have this straight:

            – Woman attends political meeting.
            – Woman carries sign that says ” 83 percent of Americans favor a public option”
            – Politician sees sign and says, ““Not according to the polls I’ve seen,”

            – Bloggers cry fowl and claim politician “kicked her up with dirt” and heckled woman by acknowledging sign woman brought to political meeting and saying “Not according to the polls I’ve seen.”

            “Really………that’s your definition of heckling? That’s a stretch even for 4&20.

            • Pogo Possum

              Oh…..and I got it from several of my friends who were at the same meeting that “the crowd” was not heckling the woman in the wheelchair and Rehberg was not encouraging anyone to heckle anybody.

              Instead, it was Rehberg who was getting heckled and harrassed from some folks and some of the folks who came to listen were getting tired of it and were responding back at those folks, not the woman in the wheelchair.

  2. Hope to see all you Lefty Loonies there! I’ll be proudly wearing my Mad Hat and Koch Industries t-shirt too!

    I get a kick at how afraid of the Tea Party you people are. If we were as irrelevant and kooky as you keep saying, you wouldn’t pay any attention to us. Well you should be afraid, very afraid.

    I ask you not to get obscene or violent in your protests, like you usually do. There will be kids and my mother there.

  3. andy- any man who gets his kicks insulting the poor homeless at the poverello has no moral right to tell anyone how to act……….

    maybe we should invite a few of the homeless vets to bonner park at noon on friday for the rare privelege of meeting mr hammond in person. we could introduce andy as the man who said this…..

    “Just because one is a veteran does not exempt them from me criticizing them for becoming a loser bum. If you’re a bum, your a bum. I don’t care what you did before. No Liberal will shame me into supporting the Pov because there are homeless bum veterans being served there.”

    a man who doesn’t honor veterans deserves no respect in my book. and i certainly wouldn’t put much stock in any of his “values” either,

    i won’t be able to come to your little party for the filthy rich oil companies. i will be honoring the people that you spit on mr hammond by helping them get a foothold toward survival.


  4. mdc5809

    Sorry posted this earlier in the wrong place… Interesting to see Karl Tyler decided that it was a bad business decision to host this event especially in Missoula.

  5. jack ruby

    I am not a regular here so bear with me, but who is this mentally ill Andy Hammond person? I have not seen him post here before. I am surprised they would hold such an event in Missoula let alone announce the location more then an hour in advance. Don’t they normally just pay people at the mall to show up and pretend to be baggers anyway? Maybe they gave Andy Hammond a gift card to Hot topic.

    • Jack, I’ve been around for five years in the Montana blogosphere. Even on the front page of the Missoulian once.


      Took a couple years off though because I was so disgusted about Obama winning and I had just got a nice promotion that kept me busy.

      I have things under control at work and the kids are off to college and I have a little time to fire up the ‘ol blog and get back to irritating you Liberals again.

      Don’t shop at Hot Topic and neither do my kids. Usually get my stuff at Dillards or Murdochs.

  6. whoever andy is i guess he feels he is qualified to lecture and criticize in print those who stand in harms way and fall on hard times.

    i have heard rumors that some of missoula’s veterans will be making lunch plans friday in bonner park to allow mr hammond the chance to call their fellow brothers in arms who have fallen on hard times,”BUMS”the opportunity do so in person.

    • jack ruby

      I was guessing he must be mentally ill or about 16-17 years old with the immature and ridiculous bashing on homeless vets. That and the fact he apparently has to catch a ride with his mom to Bonner Park.

  7. looks like it is the tea party that is running on empty – only 20 show up in Helena today to cheer for more tax breaks for Exxon, twice as many show up to heckle them.

    the americans for propensity to lie tour can’t even seem to pay people to show up and cheer on more money for the rich.

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