while US goes into toilet- corporations are cashing in!

by problembear

had a talk with a friend of mine who is very non political friday afternoon. the topic came up that the country seems to be paralyzed politically. this friend who runs his own business and tends to mind his own business said something very profound:

“if everybody just took care of what they do best instead of worrying about  what others are doing, we could get through this.”

he is right.  the dems worry about the GOP and the GOP worries about what the dems are doing. the result is a stand-off. each has check-mated the other. now nothing is getting done. we need to get back to each of us doing the best job we can at what we do and quit worrying about what everyone else is doing.

but of course, this is exactly what major international corporations do. those who succeed concentrate on doing what they do better than anyone else in their market. that is why they succeed. and they are cashing in. they don’t care what this country does. it doesn’t effect their bottom line one little bit. if the country went bankrupt tomorrow, the big corporations would just hitch up their wagon to a 747 and do business elsewhere. in fact, most of them already have.

it isn’t in their mission statements or in their business plans to create jobs for americans.

an excerpt from above: “multinationals cut 2.9 million jobs in the United States and added 2.4 million overseas between 2000 and 2009.”

a corporation is a heartless set of numbers which thinks in percentages. everybody who invests in a successful corporation gets a piece of the pie. that is the purpose of a corporation. it doesn’t fight for its country. it has no country. just like a bunch of hogs around a trough, the corporations are too busy shoving each other out of the way to worry about what countries do.

there is only one conclusion to this action created by a corrupt supreme court. and that conclusion must be rebellion.  any government which countenances allowing corporate money to dominate our politics in order to enjoy the comforts of corporate rule has countenanced taxation without representation for the majority of the citizens of this nation………

the real tea party hasn’t even gotten started yet.

  1. Ingemar Johansson

    The pigs are the government right? Highest corporate tax rate @ 35%.

    No wonder they’re leaving. They can sell/manufacture their wares elsewhere with less permits and regulations and then send the products back here with a 35% profit advantage.

    You want to create jobs? You want to repatriate successful growth industries? Cut the corporate tax rate, because corps don’t pay taxes, purchasers do.

    • Ingemar Johansson

      Here a refresher on who pays.

      “The basis on which corporations are taxed is profit. If a corporation earns a profit in any given tax year then it will owe taxes on the profit only. Corporations do not pay tax on gross revenues. As individuals, we pay taxes based on our adjusted gross income less personal exemptions and standard or itemized deductions. Don’t miss the difference here. If corporations don’t earn a profit then they won’t owe any taxes. Now let me explain how I can say that corporations don’t pay taxes, they only remit taxes.
      Corporations need to make a profit to survive and if they don’t make a profit they will go out of business. We can all understand this point. Profit is basically calculated as revenue less expenses. Corporations view taxes as a cost, or expense, of doing business, just the same as they view other expenses such as office supplies, rent, and payroll. As such, when a corporation determines what it is going to charge for its goods or services it includes all the various taxes in its calculation. This means that corporations pass along to their customers the cost of the taxes they remit . The corporation actually functions as a collection agent for the governmental agencies to which it reports.”

      Read more: http://blogcritics.org/politics/article/corporations-pay-no-taxes-all-taxes/#ixzz1VrLe3DQz

      • JC

        Sounds like you’d rather have a VAT. Let’s do it–and make it progressive.

        • How do you make a VAT progressive, JC? I can’t see how that can be done. There’s a mountain of literature that shows that, after considering VAT, most EU countries have a less progressive tax code than the U.S.

          I just want to know how you think that can be accomplished.

          • JC

            I was being flippant and calling Swede out, and threw the “progressive” part in to piss him off. And now you go and blow my cover… hehe. I was going to hit him with a higher rate for Dodge Durangos and RV’s and hot tubs, and lower rates for Priuses and compact florescent bulbs..

            But to be honest, it’s a very good question, and not one with an easy answer. We will be hearing much more about VAT’s and PCT’s (progressive consumption taxes) as the Super Congress tries to inject tax reform into their process, or outside pressure will throw these possibilities into the mix.

            I’ll put it on the back burner and think about it for a while.

    • Escapee

      Swede – this is utter shallow nonsense. And I know as I write this that you’ll repeat this utter shallow nonsense verbatim in about a week, as you are deeply indoctrinated and impenetrable, but here goes anyway.
      Corporations maximize revenues, that is, they price their goods and services at the highest rate that they judge that the market will bear. It is their duty to investors.

      If they make a profit, indeed they are taxed at a maximum rate of 35%. But in truth, due to the complexities introduced into the tax code by corporate lobbying pressure, few pay that rate. (There is an expose’ just today about how Paul Ryan has been trying to legislate for his campaign financiers for such loopholes ever since first elected. It’s called “bribery” in any other country.)

      If prices are just clearing the market then taxes cannot be passed on willy nilly. If a corporation that is just clearing the market arbitrarily raises it’s prices to reimburse itself for taxes it will over-price and lose market share.

      Ergo, corporate investors pay taxes, and not consumers … that is, in a non-monopoly environment.

      The scenario you link to describes how corporations behave in a mono/oligopoly situation. Granted we are in such an environment, but the answer is not to drop corporation tax rates, but rather to enforce laws against restraint of trade.

      As to corporations leaving the country to avoid taxes, let ’em go. The American market is massive and they will come slinking back. If they play arbitrage by using offshore labor to produce goods for the domestic market, tariff them. They’ll pay rather than lose the market.

      Unfortunately, they run the country and own both parties? ur government and corporations used to have dating sex in the backseat of a Chevy. Now they are married. So those things will not happen.

      • Ingemar Johansson

        “slinking back”?? Any evidence to back that?

        If fact, I’ve told the wife and kids if I have to pay over $100K/yr to live in this state I’m moving to my property in Clark, WY.

        For at least 6 months and a day/yr.

        • Got Out Once More

          Swede, I think the pb guy is on my case again. My comments are etherizing. But of course they would come back, not even leave, as meme about taxes is phony. They do not like paying taxes and will do anything to avoid them except leave the most lucrative market in the world.

          Are you still threatening to go Galt on us? Like corporations leaving the US, you know, like go ahead and see who really cares.

          • Ingemar Johansson

            They’ll come back (as I stated originally) as finished products.

            Free trade, remember Mark?

            My escape would only entail temporary banishment. Enough to escape the clutches of the MT Dept. of Revenue.

            They’re the only ones who might care.

        • Got Out Once More

          So you have two enclosures, by the way? “Enclosure” is the economic principle wherein the government protects your right to all income from certain properties against all others. So you have by some means roped off land and own it for yourself and the government protects you. Good going antigovernment guy!

          income from enclosure is not the same as having mastered some skill. If you did not own that land someone else would and they would be protected.

          Just sayin’ Swede if you’re thinking about Galtin’ on us, think again.

          • Ingemar Johansson

            Mark I lived here for 35 years. Not once in those years has the govt protected me. In fact when the DEQ decided to “protect” me and my surrounding structures during a prairie fire they failed miserably. When the local firemen sitting in their truck told me to back off swatting at flames in the high grass along my deck, I told them to vacate my property.

            I can protect my own. Thank you very much.

            • JC

              The USSR never dropped a nuke on you right? How’s that MAD thing with all the MinuteMan III’s doing protecting you, eh?

              How about the stoplight by your nearest watering hole? Ever get salmonella poisoning? Got an airbag on your Durango?

              Ever been in an ER? Call 911? Hear an emergency siren?

              Or do you really just live in a cave with an internet connection?

              • Ingemar Johansson

                We were taking about govt and the ridiculous preposition that they protect my property. Oh thank you Uncle Sam.

                But I’ll play along. If it were up to you guys we would have surrendered our nuclear deterrent arsenal years ago. Our little community only has two stoplights, when the power went out everyone treated the dark light as a four way stop.

                The older 3/4 ton and 1 ton Ford trucks I drive might have airbags. With the milage and their age I doubt they’d work.

                I have been to a emergency ward, as a paying customer. I also pay for my internet connection. I venture both of these would exist regardless of the government’s involvement.

                I also pay thousands of dollars annually for the privilege of owning many acres and the dozen buildings. I’m taxed on livestock, I’m even taxed on 450 acres of timber that I never intend to harvest.

              • Got Out Once More

                Mr. Gubbmint Guy: You would not have property without government! Those boundaries are legal lines, not real. The courts protect you from intrusion. You legally collect all income from the properties because the courts stand behind you to protect your property. When wildfire comes by listen to you! “Gubbmint did not protect me!!!Bad Gubbmint! Bad!”

                the insularity of your life and privilege as you are protected by Gubbmint is offensive. And don’t kid yourself. Koch’s and Bush’s and the whole oligarch are Gubbmint lovers too, so long as it’s IRS for them and not ordinary folks.

  2. the issue in this post mainly concerns the fact that 98% of americans are no longer represented by our elected officials anymore back in congress.

    jon tester, like many of our representatives, was an honest man before he stepped into his senate office in washington dc. but once there, he quickly realized if he didn’t please the corporate pacs – bankers, lawyers, etc. he would be odd man out when it came to being able to wield any power. not to mention the fact that he would be without any corporate support for his reelection campaign in 2012. add this to the threat that his opponent would receive all the money that jon would have surrendered by trying to remain honest and you have a system that fails 98% of americans.

    in 2009 over 70% of americans wanted a public option health insurance plan to compete with private health insurers. congress ruled that out to please big pharma and the HCR industry who support them.

    in 2010 over 60% of americans wanted us out of both iraq and afghanistan yet the military industrial complex vetoed the people’s will once again. haliburton, ge, boeing, mcdonnel douglas etc…. simply told our representatives to stay in war and they complied.

    in 2011 over 63% of americans said tax the rich and leave social security and medicare alone. and now we have a super committee which will also make a big show of being concerned for the middle class but who inevitably will obey their corporate masters by keeping the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans and by slashing programs the middle class has paid for by working their entire lives.

    the only logical consensus:

    the rich are well represented and pay little or no tax. while the middle class is taxed heavily with no representation.

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