BREAKING!… FoxNews Reports that Earthquake Tilted Washington Monument to the Right


Tea Party takes it as a sign from god to cut spending!

Nevermind. (But read the comments–they’re hilarious!)

The Free Republic claims that Obama said the earthquake happened somewhere along “Bush’s Fault”.

  1. Ingemar Johansson

    Obama was heard saying, “Damn earthquake made me miss my putt!”

      • Would it have mattered if ABC reported that he was taking a crap? Everybody was doing something when the earthquake hit, Swede. And unlike hurricanes and some terrorist attacks, there is next to no warning when they come.

        If only Obama had read that August 6th PDB that said “earthquake intends to attack the US”.

        • But with Obama, the chances of him golfing when anything serious or important happens is pretty much guaranteed.

          I also think ABC and the rest of the MSM should do a much better job of reporting the crap he’s taking our economy.

          • You are, of course, completely wrong, Andy. But that’s never stopped your flood of stupid, has it?

            Obama was not golfing when:
            The underwear bomber tried to blow up a plane.
            The Christmas bomber tried to blow up Times Square.
            NATO decided to attack loyalist forces in Libya.
            The deadline for US bankruptcy was reached.
            The Navy Seals took out Osama Bin Laden.

            He was golfing on his vacation when a totally unpredictable ‘act of God’ occurred. Or maybe he was taking a crap. The MSM wouldn’t have said if he was. The point is, you and I have an altogether different idea of the meaning of “guaranteed”. Your idea of it’s meaning is pretty much crap.

  2. I love your first sentence about the Tea Partiers. I actually read all the comments and all I saw was a bunch of jokes and smart asses – not one person being serious about it being a sign from God to cut spending.

    You might want to attempt to be accurate and truthful in the future, if you are capable.

    • JC

      Dude, read the categories for this post. See the one that says “humor?”

      SInce when must humor be “accurate and truthful?

      I guess that would be when FoxNews became “Fair and Balanced.”

  3. here’s hoping that mother earth waits until congress gets back from recess to ring up a 9.0 that opens up a fracture and devours them all into a bottomless pit of frothing magma.

    then we can start over.

    p/s add the corporate purchased supreme court to the epicenter too.

    • Problembear, I know you were joking, in much the same manner as Rush Limbaugh does, but rather than hoping for massive death and devastation for folk (most of whom are poor), perhaps we could do a thing or two.

      We could elect a President who gives us Justices like Sotomayor, instead of Justices like Alito.

      We could elect Congressfolk like Wilmer, or reelect people like Tester who really are on the side of the people more than they are the side of corporations; that is if we don’t believe Mittens that ‘Corporations are people, my friends.’

      Or, we could “start over”.

      Keep in mind that one of the most terrifying lines I’ve ever heard in my life came from SOS Haig. “As for now, I am in control here, at the White House”.

      • you seriously need to get a sense of humor wulf. you’re killing yourself.

        • Funny that. I don’t feel anymore dead.

          I freely admit that I have lost my sense of humor for Teabagger jokes about the mass death of our government, and the chaos they hope will come from it.

          • bear shakes head incredulously at the lame attempt to link obvious jab at the overall 17% approval rating of congress. has nothing whatsoever to do with the tea party.

            then swats dog accross floor sending him skittering and howling.

            wulfy- why don’t you ask mcgloughlin if he needs an understudy… would be perfect.

            WRONG i say WRONG!

          • (rest of this off topic comment thread deleted — JC)

  4. JayByrd

    Typical of Fox News accuracy in its reporting. Also, it’s only tilting to the right when viewed from the Confederate States.

  5. I do sincerely apologize to jc and the readers for killing this thread but after dealing with a balky compressor all day in the heat at work I simply have no patience anymore for putting up with rob kailey’s petty crap anymore here.

  6. JC

    For you Big Ingy:

    “We must stop the terror. I call upon on all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers.

    Thank you.

    Now watch this drive”

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