A Short Film on Bozeman Gay Pride 2011

by jhwygirl

Every year, the Montana Pride Network puts on a gathering somewhere in Montana to celebrate diversity and equality. This year’s celebration was held in Bozeman, which rolled out a gracious welcome to all who attended this state-level event held June 17th, 18th and 19th.

In the video below you’ll see starting around the 30 second mark our own fabulous b’birder (albeit infrequent, but we don’t hold it against him because he is doing really fabulous work with the Montana Human Rights Network) Jamee Greer. You’ll also see another person whom I respect, Bozeman Mayor Jeff Krauss, speaking on the important of equality. Most politicians here in Montana wouldn’t speaking so publicly on this issue – Krauss proposed Bozeman’s equality ordinance at the first public meeting after he took office.

“You Are Loved” is the title:

You Are Loved from Wet Paint Studios on Vimeo.

The video was done by Wet Paint Studios. It is a film partnership started by Vanessa Naive and Jeff Dougherty, and this is their first video documentary. You can also hit that link and go to their facebook…but I’m all yucky on facebook, so I’m not linking it here.


I look forward to the day that equality for all is just the way it is. That we don’t even have to talk about equality or gay marriage as if gay marriage is different from marriage. I long for a day when government stays out of churches and churches stay out of government. How can one human being deny another human being his human right to express love?

The time is coming. Equality is coming. Let’s bring it here faster by speaking openly in support of equality, whether you are straight, gay, lesbian or queer. We are all brothers and sisters. It’s time to speak for each other.

  1. I really have no problem with people who are gay. I just don’t understand the drag thing.

    I’m being serious here. What is it with gay men and dressing in drag?

    • Andy, passing moral judgement on what you don’t understand is wrong. That’s kind of the point.

      No, that really is the point.

    • I think people dress however they want to Andy. it’s not just gay men that dress in drag – and not all gay men dress in drag. So it’s not just a gay thing.

      There’s a straight guy I work with that dresses in drag every Halloween. Make-up, wigs, high heels. He loves to be photographed and I have to admit I find it a bit weird that he does this each Halloween.

      Then again, I find adult obsessions with coming to work dressed in costume on Halloween a bit weird, too. But hey – I’m not a team player.

      So you ask “I’m being serious here. What is it with gay men and dressing in drag?” and I would ask back “Are you only wondering about the gay men that dress in drag? Or all men that do it?”

  2. JC

    So it’s ok, Andy, for straight guys to dress in drag?

  3. gay bashing is a disease that is slowly being cured as old bigots die out. i figure another ten years should tip the scales.

    sad that some people who call themselves christian are so small and mean that they would deny others the same rights they themselves enjoy. it’s ridiculous that we even argue about it.

  4. Ingemar Johansson

    I was wondering if the “Up Your Alley Fair” started in San Fran in 1985 began innocently as a celebration of “diversity and equality”?


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