What Might We Learn from Tonight’s Republican “Debate”?


A) Global warming is a hoax;
B) Evolution and creationism are equal theories;
C) The stimulus failed;
D) It’s Obama’s fault;
E) All of the above

Ah yes, another open thread for those who want to explore the finer details of republican inanity as they try to out-crazy each other and win the acclaim of the Gipper’s faithful.

In related news, the Reagan Library will be closed to the public today. Ah, a precursor of things to come…

And finally, wherefore art thou, Sarah Palin? Are you running???

For those who don’t want to watch the debate, here is a short preview (after the jump):

  1. We will be painfully reminded what a complete incompetent failure we have as President now. We all know that, if you are being honest with yourself.

    I’m counting the days to November 2012 before any more damage is done by this dolt.

    • Pete Talbot

      Well, Andy, Obama has had some problems, no doubt, and his poll numbers aren’t getting any better BUT the Republican field is a bunch of anti-science, corporate owned, wing-nut social darwinists (with the exception of Huntsman, who’s polling at about one percent). I’m not as enthusiastic about Obama as I was in 2008 but he’s not going to lose to this crop of tea party clowns.

    • Steve W

      Andy, which Republican is your dream candidate?

  2. On your quiz. (E) is the obvious answer!

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    I heard Mr. Beale is going to be the narrator.

  4. Turner

    When does the clown show begin?

  5. lizard19

    i’m watching the rebroadcast now, here are my initial impressions.

    Huntsman has a very intense eyebrow.

    Mitt’s health care wiggle is fun to watch, but i don’t think state nuances will play on the national stage, especially when that state is Massachusetts; a state some rightwing bloggers would like to see turn into a liberal internment camp.

    Ron Paul, sorry, but you don’t exist. your popular support may grow, and your kooky criticism of the Federal Reserve (which all sensible citizens must ridicule) may get some traction, but your usefulness as a conspiracy-nut magnet won’t be allowed to break containment.

    is Michelle Bachman on stage tonight? I haven’t really noticed.

    Ronnie porn. blah.

    who is this guy next to Brian Williams?

    I think Rick Perry is a handsome fellow. fuck that social security ponzi scheme, right Ricky? those old people and retarded people and disabled people should be held accountable for their fraudulent theft from good, decent American citizens.

    Mitt strikes back…scooooorrrrre!

    Rick: la la la la…”maybe it’s time to have some provocative language in America…” because, you know, we don’t have any of that right now.

    fix it using the Chilean model? huh? what are you talking about Herman Cain?

    people who don’t exist can’t speak, Ron. get with the program.

    Ricky feels like a pinata (i don’t know how to add a tilde over the “n”)

    Santorum is trying. kind of. wait, no he’s not.

    Ron, bringing attention to sexual airport mauling won’t help you. because you don’t exist.

    I kinda like John Huntsman.

    Newt agrees with Obama about charter schools. something about kids not fighting. i dunno, i’m not paying that close of attention.

    ooh, some telemundo guy is asking about immigration.

    Mitt: “first, we’ll have a fence”. fucking brilliant!

    and Mitt takes it further by saying they come because we “left the magnet on”.

    so build a fence, then turn off the magnet. simple. elegant.

    Newt: english official language of America. funny from a man who’s native tongue is bullshit.

    Bachman: “to not build a fence would be yielding our national sovereignty.”

    the guy who doesn’t exist just mocked the fence and mentioned drug wars. too bad he doesn’t exist.

    in conclusion: watching this crap was a waste of my time.

  6. Huntsman actually admitted the existence of science? Isn’t that a huge GOP no-no?

    • JC

      He’s already trying to position himself as the moderate, reasonable republican that believes in the little things–like science. He’s definitely going to set himself apart from the others in this regard.

  7. Turner

    My favorite moment was Michelle Bachmann praising Obama for going against his own EPA to relax pollution standards. Maybe he should begin to notice who’s on his side?

  8. Ingemar Johansson

    My favorite minute and a half last night.

    • Turner

      His effort to bully the moderators didn’t work, though, did it?

    • Steve W

      Ingemar, do you have a favorite candidate yet?

      I’m pulling for Bachmann. Any Republican Party that can run McCain at 74 and Palin at any age should have no trouble nominating the most interesting and colorful candidate for our viewing pleasure and amusement.

      Which candidate do you guess could beat Obama in the general? or have you even thought about it?

      • Ingemar Johansson

        Polls show O being beat by a generic Repub. as we speak.

        Rob K. agreed with you about Bachmann. He thought she was such a radical, so far outside the norm that the Repubs should run here for the laugh factor alone.

        So I giving her my support. Just to have the last laugh.

    • JC

      SO Newt doesn’t want to debate his fellow republicans. Glad you like the approach of having a non-debate debate.

      Fwiw, a “debate” where all the republicans do is lambast Obama, seeing who can get the most audience applause is no debate. But what does it matter? The most teapublican among them will most likely get the nod. So what’s the use of a debate?

      • Ingemar Johansson

        To further show moderator and questionnaire bias.

        • JC

          Everything has bias. Even you and I. So what?

          If your precious teapublicans can’t figure out how to answer a biased question without attacking the questioner, then what good is that politician?

          Look at how far Sarah Palin’s campaign against the “lame stream media” has gotten.

          People are tired of petty politicians. Unfortunately, pettiness seems to be in vogue these days. I’m sure Newt will get real far with his attack on “moderators and questionnaire” bias.

  9. JC

    I have to add here that I found that the cartoon I embellished this post with was more than a little bit sexually charged. Hehe. Maybe that manly photo of Perry swaggering over the hay bales had some subliminal impact on the cartoonist…


    Excuse the ad at the beginning, but make sure you watch through to Jon Stewart’s rant about Rick Perry’s sexuality and his “love of America.” Hilarious!

  10. What I got out of the debate, is that ALL of the GOP candidates would be an instant improvement over The Great Leader.

    For all of you disenfranchised Dems, the door is always open to come join a winning team – even Ronald Reagan was a Dem once –

    • we’re disillusioned – not delusional…….

      two different meanings eric.

      i know this meaning gets blurred by the far right when the fox, rush and koch bros koolaid marinates and perforates your brain.

      • Steve W

        Republicans are so out of it that most refuse to exaccept that humans are changing the climate.

        They think that’s “smart.”

        • my apologies steve for the uninvited edit but that word except when you meant accept just bugged the hell out of me. i can usually overlook misspellings but exchanging one word for another i cannot. sorry

        • OK Steve – I’ll bite, with a simple question/answer/question

          Question: What ended the last Ice Age ?

          Answer: Global warming

          Question: Did people cause it, or affect it in the slightest?

          What’s your answer ?

          Can you accept the fact that global climate change is an unstoppable natural cycle, not a religion where Al Gore is the High Priest ?

          • Eric, as usual, you spout BS as if you really understand it. There have been at least three major Ice Ages studied and documented and none of them were caused by human action (not surprising given that humans didn’t even exist for the first two. In point of fact, all three were caused by warming. The concern (not that you give a damn) is the rapidity that the events occured. The current cycle of warming is unprecidented and many things are occuring this time that have never happened (or happened so slowly that there was no decernable effect from them). One of those things is the acidification of the ocean – starting deep but rising rapidly. It doesn’t take a degree in Oceanography to figure out just how bad that end given that a wholesale extinction of the plankton cycle by acidification is pretty cut and dried.

            Before you continue to comment on this thread you should actually do some real homework. You might even realise that this cooling cycle was a serious concern to the general scientific community – especially the oceanographic community – long before Al Gore used it for publicity. The weather extremes we have been experiencing with greater frequency than ever recorded before will continue and likely get worse. To simplify things, weather is a reaction to an imbalance and as the imbalance gets worse, the weather to address the imbalance will get worse. Even those that deny human caused global warming know better than deny that the planet is actually warming. There is far too much evidence to deny it. At this point, it is becoming pretty acedemic whether it is man caused or not. The cycle has begun and will eventually reach the point of no return. This is not to say that it can’t be addressed or that the effects can’t be minimized. Necessity is the mother of all invention and once the talking heads get the hell out of the way of the issue, I think it likely that a concerned effort will eventually result in an answer – though that answer is likely to be complicated as the problem is quite literally global.

          • JC

            Got a better question for you, Eric.

            The last ice age ended about 10,000 years ago, or so the scientists say. I didn’t think you right wingers even believed the world was around then.

            So. do you even believe there was an ice age with people watching the ice melt back then?

            • mr benson

              Not true, JC. The “little ice age” contributed to the growth of glaciers and the black plague. I don’t know the exact times of the little ice age but I’d guess 1300-1900.

              Maybe you’re a little ice age “denier”?

              • JC

                Hehe. “Little” is right. The glacial period I was talking about ended the Pleistocene when it melted out 10,000 years ago, and lasted nearly a hundred thousand years… or so the scientists say. It covered the northern parts of several continents with massive ice sheets, unlike the little one, which just saw a period of growing glaciers, instead of retreating one.

                But maybe a little added CO2 in the atmosphere from the industrial age had a little something to do with ending the little ice age?

              • rawr

                I remember when it was all the rage to believe that we were headed for another ice age. Of course, that theory disappeared around the time that Al Gore invented the internet.

          • Steve W

            Look Eric, I know it still pisses you off that Al Gore got more votes than your guy did, and that your guy had to rely on his brother to rig Florida to disenfranchise 50,000+ black voters of their civil rights in order to grab the Florida electoral votes. It obviously still bothers you. As it should if one has any moral compass. So good for you.

            But that’s completely separate from recognizing the fact that an overwhelming number of scientists from this country and from around the world have come to the the scientific conclusion that human activities are contributing significantly to the current climate change.

            Now, you maybe smarter, better educated, and your opinion may have far more weight than the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists around the world. Or maybe not.

  11. and for the record- intelligence has nothing to do with political party or belief. i am a bear of very little brain myself. so i make no such claims. and frankly, i have seen a lot of very intelligent people who live unhappily. they keep outsmarting themselves by thinking way too much.

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