Citizen’s United Endorses Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg

by jhwygirl

A picture is worth only so much. An endorsement from Citzen United’s Political Victory Fund will be worth a whole lot more.

Apparently Denny Rehberg got that endorsement today after a lovely lunch with lots of corporate lobbyists looking on:

That’s David Bossie, president of Citizen’s United, there with Rehberg.

Let it not be said Rehberg doesn’t support unlimited corporate money in politics. Taking an endorsement from the chief money prostitute in politics is about as disgusting as it could get.

Citizen’s United, you may recall, won a landmark decision at the United States Supreme Court about a year and a half ago which concluded corporate political donations could not be limited by the 2002 McCain-Feingold Act.

Public outcry over this decision has been huge. There are calls for a constitutional amendment to limit spending – like here and here. Public polling is overwhelmingly in opposition to the decision.

Another org, People for the American Way are taking on the issue – and former Attorney Generals and other prominent lawyers around the nation submitted this letter to congress prior to hearings held last year to investigate into corporate spending and what the Citizen’s United SCOTUS case would mean.

Hell, even former gubernatorial candidate, Republican Bob Brown has spoken out on the evils of corporate money influence in politics.

Montanans should find Denny’s friendly embrace with Citizen’s United even more offensive. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of Montana’s history – or anyone that’s seen the classic movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington which based on one of Montana’s own Copper Kings, Sen. William Clark, who bought himself a senate seat that the U.S. Senate refused to seat – should find this utterly offensive.

Citizen’s United is a direct affront to Montana’s own Constitution. In 1912, citizens here in Montana united against the Copper King corruption in Helena and passed several citizen’s initiatives directed at quashing corporate influence in state politics.

It’s a fascinating history. All the makings of a soap opera with corruption and scandal and lots of money all thrown in for extra measure.

More recent history puts Montana and center at this issue – Attorney General Steve Bullock was called on to testify at at those senate hearings I mentioned above. This link will take you to a video of his testimony, while this link will take you to his written statement submitted at that hearing.

Rehberg’s a corporate whore. We can officially and unequivocally add that to his list of endearing qualities. Others of which include Homophobe and Elitist.

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it – Edmund Burke, 1729-1797

  1. Rehberg is no better and certainly no different than Max GE Baucus. Perhaps they’ll get to work together to crush the Working Class even more.

  2. Pancho

    The Gang of Five on the Supremes went way beyond what the parties requested in Citizens United. They are completely comfortable that corporations should share all the perks of “personhood,” and none of the liabilities.

    When Corporations are sentenced to death, I’ll feel better. They’ve literally been killing us, and now the friends on the court, especially Koch-affiliates Scalia and Thomas, have placed them effectively beyond the reach of the law.

    It’s entirely fitting that Rehberg has won the endorsement of this odious bunch. They smell the same, every one of them.

  3. Pancho

    Thanks for posting the video link to Bullock’s testimony before the U.S. Senate committee. It was very powerful, appropriate and timely.

    Do you have a transcript of his remarks?

  4. Pete Talbot

    This story speaks for itself. Looks like Denny has put on a little weight, though. Time to get him back to the ranch so he can work out (fighting fires, rounding up little subdivisions, etc.).

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    […] Denny Dumbass. I use a stupid made up last name because he’s a stupid, worthless politician so obviously suckling the corporate tit I really can’t fathom why anyone would vote for this drunken Montana do-nothing […]

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