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by lizard

I found this weekend’s poetry selection browsing one of my favorite virtual locales, wood_s_lot. With almost tireless daily updates, including poetry, visual art, and political links, it’s a very bookmark-worthy site.

I’m putting this up a day early because I’m heading up to Glacier again tomorrow. Though the fall equinox will be officially marked early tomorrow morning, the weather reports make it sound like the lingering days of summer.

So as I soak in one of America’s most stunning national parks, I will try not to think about George Ochenski’s latest gem, which poses this question in the subtitle: Why Not Just Give Homeland Security Everything?

This part is particularly haunting:

“…the legislation gives Homeland Security “immediate access to any public land managed by the Federal Government (including land managed by the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of Agriculture) for purposes of conducting activities that assist in securing the border (including access to maintain and construct roads, construct a fence, use vehicles to patrol, and set up monitoring equipment).”

How ironic is it that under this draconian piece of legislation that’s supposed to “protect” our lands, the Department of Homeland Security could, without permits, environmental analysis, or anything else, decide to cut a road right through the middle of the Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park? The agency could also put up towers with lights and armed guards, fly and land helicopters or run ATVs in wilderness areas, or even construct a fence if they so chose, with absolutely no recourse for citizens to challenge their own government’s actions, except on constitutional grounds.

You read that right: HR1505 also exempts Homeland Security from any judicial review except for constitutional challenges. It’s likely even that would be exempted, except that it would destroy the checks and balances upon which our government is founded and would itself be constitutionally prohibited.”

H.R.1505 is dangerously draconian legislation cosponsored by Denny Dumbass. I use a stupid made up last name because he’s a stupid, worthless politician so obviously suckling the corporate tit I really can’t fathom why anyone would vote for this drunken Montana do-nothing embarrassment.

That’s my Tester endorsement, by the way.


Nightmare politics, blah. Below the fold, a poem that dreams… Continue Reading »

by jhwygirl

James at 2nd Grade Bike Rack has a fine piece up on the ‘Draft’ Long Range Restoration Priorities and Fund Allocation Guidance Plan out of the Montana Department of Justice Natural Resource Damage Program.

It’s a great write up, so I encourage you to go read all about it there – he’s plenty of links. James points out some pretty disheartening issues, if you ask me. When I read the draft final long-range plan, and there’s a list of projects – virtually all of which have been approved, I gotta ask what kind of draft long range whatever can it be when public opinion is being solicited for a long-range plan after-the-fact of allocating just about the whole kit-and-caboodle.

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