Arrest Warrants Issued for the Ever-So-Righteous Reverend Harris Himes & Friend

by jhwygirl

When I think of the amount of time this man and his ugliness were given in committee at the State Capitol in Helena this past session – the treatment he got as an expert on every matter he testified on – I shake my head at the majority of House members who deferred to this man in committee and in public.

Reverend Himes has a long history written here on these pages, all of it most assuredly documenting the ugliness he spreads. He is a hater. A bigot in the lowest of senses.

The video below gives you a taste of his full-on bigotry on near daily exhibit this past session. Missoula Representative Ellie Hill questions him on his testimony, and Himes proudly quotes Leviticus in advocating for the death of gays:

Now we come to find out that not only is he that, he’s a common criminal who supports he’s hate-spreading gospel by ripping of members of his church. Caught this story on the the-best-at-local-coverage KPAX News tonight. Then I headed on down to the Ravalli Republic which had this piece along with information on who issued the arrest warrants – Montana’s Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance.

From the sounds of it, Reverend Himes may be on the run. At least that’ll save the Montana GOP from all that uncomfortable silence the next time he walks into the room.

  1. sounds like a fitting end to a thoroughly despicable liar and thief. the republican legislative leaders who used this criminal as a witness should apologize to the citizens of the state of montana who were forced to listen to their encouragement of furthering this devil himes hateful and intolerant behavior and speech

    there’s a special place in hell reserved for someone pretending to preach the word of god while lying, stealing and thieving.

    • dosomethingabout it

      how about the special place in hell for all these “christians” on here???; who caused the lighthouse of the bitterroot to be closed and over 10 families thrown to the street on friday! If your so concerned with helping the community then help them find somewhere to go or help keep it open, right after he resigned from the board, they closed it because it was on property owned by him….BOY OH BOY…real christian like of ya’ll

  2. The Commissioner of Securities and Insurance and Attorney General Steve Bullock don’t have a very good record of stopping or putting con artists in jail, jhwyGirl, even when they know a scam is in the works long before the victims start complaining. Here is a good example.

    In the Spring of 2008, before victims knew they had been had, Hamilton/Missoula area con artists Dan Two Feathers (real name Dan Latham) and Shawn Swore walked into the Montana Commissioners Office of Securities and Insurance with their attorney and explained their con game of soliciting investors throughout the US without the required Federal or state securities licenses to buy and sell blatantly questionable investments with no mandatory compliance disclosures. They were there on a fishing expedition to figure out how far they could go before they got caught not because the State asked them to show up.

    A 30 second google search would have told the Commissioner’s Office or Attorney General Steve Bullock that Two Feathers/Latham had previously served 41 months in a Federal prison for a similar scam that netted him over five million dollars.

    Instead of immediately arresting them, beginning an investigation, issuing a cease and desist order or even asking for the names of their investors/victims, the Commissioner’s Office only “suggested” they work on getting a securities license. Six months later when the victims started calling and after Two Feathers and Swor scammed over four million dollars (one victim committed suicide when he found out about his loss) the State finally issued a cease and desist order.

    Despite irrefutable proof, 22 known victims, a previous conviction and jail time for a similar crime and millions of dollars that the State knew would never be paid back, Two Feathers and Swor were “fined” and set free. To my knowledge neither has nor will ever see jail time in Montana. Not a very good track record for the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance or for Attorney General Steve Bullock who wants to be Governor of Montana and who should have thrown these two con men in jail where they belong.

    Click to access S08_TwoFeathersAmended.pdf

  3. Pronghorn

    That’s the local (Missoula Co.) Concerned Women for America (Sharia law threatens U.S.!!!) representative sitting behind him in the video. Wonder if she’s “concerned” about this latest Himes revelation?

  4. Kristen Kieffer

    Well, as usual, my dear friends, I have enjoyed a good laugh at the expense of this article. I find it entirely amusing how people, including the author, have pounced on this charge without even bothering to check if it was valid or not. Whatever has happened to the concept of Innocent Until Proven Guilty? However, just like the pointed finger and cry of “Hate!” whenever Pastor Himes is near, reason has not entered into the equation. Hmmm, the Pastor’s hatred. What a convenient red herring the author has used in the cover-up her own hatred. How foolish it makes her look! Pastor Himes, in the tradition of the prophets and religious leaders, is merely pointing out and warning his people of a sin which has plagued this nation for entirely too long. There is nothing there but genuine concern for the people he loves. He never stoops to name-calling, and is ever compassionate to the other side. It seems to me that the real hatred comes from someone who would say “his ugliness.” How childish! You have acted just like an 8-year old whose father told her she couldn’t do just exactly what she wanted to do. Do the tears and temper tantrum come next?

    O.k. As long as you are hating, here, Ma’am, go ahead and dislike me, too. I agree with the Pastor’s interpretation of Leviticus, and will go so far as to bring up Scripture of my own to back the view. Read Romans 1:23-32. I don’t think God’s position could be any more clear. Homosexuality is unnatural, a sin, an abomination. As long as we as a nation support such a thing, God will not bless us. Actually, he will curse us, and with good cause. Look at our failing economy. You can’t blame that on a Republican President any longer. God is withdrawing His favor from a disobedient land. So, I say, “Right on, Pastor.” Keep up the good work, and I’ll support you in court.

  5. mr benson

    “Pastor Himes, in the tradition of the prophets and religious leaders…”

    Yeah, the traditions of Paul Hill, Fred Phelps, and the puritans who hanged witches, and those who used the Bible in the middle of the last century to fight equal rights for women or the rights of black americans.

    Your demands for sharia like religious establishment has no respected tradition in post colonial United States of America and there is no place for it today.

  6. kristen- you laugh when a hypocrite preacher who espouses hate flim-flams a guy out of his inheritance? you fully support a confidence man who was caught red-handed embezzling another man’s money?

    ……….strange religion you have there, it certainly bears no resemblance to any version of what jesus christ talked about…..
    Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said:…………………

    ‘This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me; in vain do they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.'” (Matthew 15:1-9 RSV)

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