10-4 WeWantMore (People)! OccupyMissoula Starts Tonight


OccupyMissoula had its first meeting in downtown Missoula yesterday and was a great success bringing folks together to identify local support and resources and planning how to move forward. Today, October 4th is the kickoff public event. Look for much more information as we get this puppy moving, and get our website up and running.

From OccupyMontana:

Join us for 10-4 WeWantMore (People)! an initial planning event at the U of M Tuesday 7pm between the UC and Library, rain or shine. Saturday at the Fish Sculptures at Caras Park Missoula Farmer’s Market near the XXXs, starting at 10AM, will be a practice run at General Assembly. These events are in solidarity with #OWS.

  1. Ryan Emmett Morton

    Yes! I raise my glass to you from Helena! Look forward to seeing the website.

    How can folks outside of Missoula be a part of this?

    • They have that facebook page and are starting up a wordpress blog. They gave out the address tonight – it’s http://occupymissoula.wordpress.com

      Come to the XXX’s on Saturday. That’s the 1st General Assembly which will be the first group discussion and group vote on issues people bring up.

      I’m sure someone will do minutes, so that those that can’t attend can read them. Video, too – I’m assuming all this because that’s what I’m seeing with other #occupy sites.

  2. excellent – the movement that will not quit comes to missoula! enough with rewarding crooks and punishing victims. it is time our government unplugged from corporate corruption and started listening to people again.

    the corporate owned main stream media can no longer ignore this.it simply will not go away. people are fed up with the corruption between wall street and washington dc.

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    Maybe you can get Tester to show up.

    • lizard19

      this isn’t about politicians, but i wouldn’t expect you to be able to grasp that.

      • Ingemar Johansson

        You don’t seem to be grasping things either.

      • Pogo Possum

        Thank goodness. For a minute there I thought you guys were going to criticize politicians during the Occupation.

        • lizard19

          you want some criticism of politicians? okay, pogo. is Obama pushing for new free trade agreements with Korea, Columbia, and Panama because it’s going to be good for the majority of Americans, or because it’s going to be good for Wall Street?

          but you’re in good company hoping to score political points for your party; there’s gonna be all sorts of attempts to fit this into the blue/red binary.

          some on the right played up the hippie/anarchist/burning-man demographic problem, and i’m sure many will jeer at the unions who are marching in solidarity tomorrow.

          some of those on the left actually did the same thing, initially. they criticized age, lack of focus, small numbers, clothes, etc.

          then tonight on the ED show i saw the predictable (and understandable) attempt to harness the energy to inflate the flaccid balloon of the DNC.

          whatever. watching party politics try to ride this tiger is boring.

          another world is possible.

  4. lizard19

    it will be absolutely crucial these occupations remain peaceful.

    in planning this local #occupy and the ones across the globe, pay close attention to anyone who tries to nudge the conversation toward violence. agent provocateur-ing is a very popular tool, used to both discredit movements/protests (the image of “anarchists” smashing windows is a staple in corporate media’s reporting of protests like the ones against the G20) and justify the police state crackdown.

    the general assembly in NYC should be given credit for understanding the breath that’s given life to this US opposition to the accumulation (and institutional corruption) of global capital—Tahrir Square—had the impact it did because those brave Egyptians persevered through the initial attempts to depict them as looting thugs by using social media to force attention on their struggle. their peaceful, persistent occupation of actual space provided a stark contrast to the state’s violent response.

    these occupations must fight this fight without broken windows and torched cruisers.

    • Pogo Possum

      Provocateurs? Looting thugs? Violence? broken windows? torched cruisers?

      A tad bit of hyperbole don’t ya’ think?

      When is the last time Missoula had a demonstration, march etc. with provocateurs, looting thugs, violence, broken windows and torched cruisers?

      • Ingemar Johansson

        A torched cruiser would be nice.

      • lizard19

        Missoula had its little flirtation with the police state in 2000. remember how many out-of-state cops it took to make sure the Hells Angels didn’t go berserk and destroy the town?

        instead, from what i remember, after a rowdy Friday (which had nothing to do with the Hells Angels), a large crowd of Missoulians occupied Front and Higgins the following Saturday night, and it wasn’t a provocateur that set in motion the crack down, it was a girl who fell off the back of the truck and hit her head, causing 9-1-1 to be called.

        that’s when cops rolled in from the south side of Higgins bridge, knocked a few people around, and tried to snatch footage from people filming the melee.

        • Pogo Possum

          I was there Liz. And it reinforces my previous comment……..It was a peaceful crowd and none of the participants were looting thugs, did violence, broke windows or torched cruisers.

          • Pogo Possum

            Even though they were there to give support to one of the largest crime organizations in the nation.

            • lizard19

              if that’s the case, then why has a similar police presence not been duplicated in subsequent Hell’s Angels visits?

            • JC

              You’re talking about the police supporting the government, right? Because the police riots in Missoula were nothing more than a training ground for the police to try out tactics to use on WTO-style protests.

          • lizard19

            please, reread my comment. i was citing protests like the G20 and the inaccurate depiction of the occupation of Tahrir Square.

            and who cares if your impression of the crowd that night was that it was peaceful? all it would have taken is one or two acts of property destruction by a few members of the “crowd”, then repeated endlessly by the media, to taint public opinion.

            ask mr. benson about it, he got suckered by the initial negative framing of the Egyptian uprising by the media reports of looting. turned out those looters were functionaries of the state.

            it’s not hyperbolic to imagine the possibility of intentional provocation by state actors, even in Missoula. just look at how the FBI thwarts its own terrorist plots.

            because it hasn’t happened here, doesn’t mean it won’t.

            • Pogo Possum

              My apologies. I forgot you are prone to conspiracy theories.

              • lizard19

                and i didn’t forget that’s your fallback swipe when you’re on the ropes.

                anyway, gotta work early tomorrow to pay those taxes big corporations don’t pay.

                nighty night.

              • Pogo Possum

                Interestingly, you usually end the conversation when it comes up. Wonder why?

                Now I need to get some sleep so I can get up early and pay for your Obama Care.

              • lizard19

                no need to wonder. i see no point in continuing a conversation with someone who has shifted from discussing the message to trying to discredit the messenger.

                and please, it’s not “my” obama care. the individual mandate was bad when it was a republican idea, and it’s still bad. no one should be forced to feed the for-profit insurance parasites.

    • Having attending, I don’t think anyone should assume that there will be a physical #occupy. it is likely going to be a matter discussed at the 1st General Assembly, but certainly not a guarantee that people are going to #occupy any part of Missoula.

      Let alone smash windows or anything.

      The goal is to increase messaging and show solidarity. At least that’s what I think it is.

      People have a lot of issues. America has a lot of issues. the #occupy movement is sorting those out and prioritizing just like any other new organization.

    • JC

      Had a long talk with one of the organizers yesterday and I focused a lot on security and nonviolent CD principles and trainings. There’s a lot of folks in MIssoula with serious direct action skills, and they will be part of OccupyMissoula.

      As to the 2000 Missoula police riots, I too was there, and my wife was one of the people arrested. Got a lot to say about it, but not here right now. I’ve asked the woman who did a documentary on it too dredge up the footage and post it up to youtube so that folks can remember the past, if only to not repeat it.

  5. Most people supportive of #occupywallstreet movement are disgusted by both parties. It is the beginning of the end for them.

    • They said the same thing about the Tea party. It is unlikely at best. Personally, I would be surprised if this #occupy movement doesn’t end up being seen as “Democrat” the same way the tea party is being seen as “Republican”. Only time will tell. I do hope that the #occupy folks have better luck keeping out the crazies then the tea party did.

      • JC

        The only crazies being kept out are the 1% who aren’t invited to the party.

        Tell me Moorcat, how is the issue of wall street and government corruption a political party issue? The occupy movement is going to transcend traditional party politics in many ways that the tea party never could.

        • Rob Kailey

          “The … movement is going to transcend traditional party politics”

          Funny that. That’s precisely what many tea-party supporters said initially, and have continued to say, regardless of the view that the “tea party is being seen as “Republican”. Moorcat was talking about appearance and presentation. In truth, I think he’s probably spot on, especially if the Democrats are as corporately owned as so many seem to argue.

  6. JC

    OccupyMissoula planning session thursday at Break Expresso

    Via Mary Huddle @FB:

    Missoula activists and family–please meet at Break Expresso, 4pm this Thursday. We need your creative minds to prepare for a General Assembly in Missoula. The invite is including everyone–artists, veterans, writers, politicians, freedom-fighters, journalists, concerned parents, houseless, legislators–if you feel you have something to contribute to a Missoula General Assembly and wished to be involved in the planning of such…get thee forthwith–to the Break. If you are a seasoned activist, trained facilitator or legal expert–we would like to leverage your experience, as well, although you would only be a person with an opinion.

  7. petetalbot

    This is great news and please keep us posted.

    And local mainstream media — you know who you are — are you going to do a story on any of this? Take a break from the tea party and cover a real grass roots movement.

    I can’t do this Saturday’s event but will gladly commit to any other upcoming actions. Keep up the good work.

    • JC

      Missoulian posted a story. Shows a lack of understanding of the movement, but at least it’s a start.


      • lizard19

        yeah, Chelsi screws it up with the first sentence: Protests against corporate profits—greed, in the eyes of protesters—are beginning to reverberate across the country…

        no Chelsi, that’s not it at all. how about unpacking how those profits have been extracted? like maybe mentioning corruption, fraud, financial trickery…and how it was all propped up with the absolute looting of the public coffers; biggest transfer of wealth in this nation’s history.

        without their bailout on the backs of the 99%, those failures who consider themselves masters of the universe would be part of the massive unemployment that’s paralyzed our economy. instead they got bonuses.

        • I’m glad Chelsi was there to report on it. No news station was there..I don’t know that the Indy was there..and besides that,this gathering had very little noticing. So for the Missoulian to have someone there – in the chill and rain – was pretty righteous.

          Chelsi, for her part, was writting pretty furiously and talking one-on-one with a number of people

          • while greed is definitely more illustrative of the behavior of corporate thieves in washington, i recognize that we on this blog have much more freedom to express ourselves. there are AP style rules which don’t really allow the use of a strong adjective like greed to describe something in a daily newspaper. i think chelsi did a good job here.

          • lizard19

            inaccurate framing of a movement in its infancy could be very damaging. if i owned a business in Missoula, didn’t know much about the OWS stuff going on, and read an article that declared these spreading protests were about corporate profits, i probably wouldn’t be very receptive to the 99% scope the OWS protest is trying to establish.

            • She can only report on what she heard and saw.

              If she was writing an editorial, that’s one thing…but she wasn’t.

              • lizard19

                then where did the word “profit” come from? it didn’t come from who she interviewed, and it didn’t come from the “about” page of OccupyMissoula.

              • the floor was given around the circle of attendees. more than half spoke. Did several people say that they were disgusted by obscene profits. Absolutely. Did others add “greed”? Yep.

                PB pegs it right – they do have to follow an ap style. She can’t conjecture. She could have reported that people “decried the greed of corporations” or she could have said “people were disgusted by corporate profit,” – both would have been accurate. She put it together as accurately as she could.

                The one thing I’m not going to do with this movement is say, definitively, what it is about and what it isn’t about. It can be a very individual thing – and I have faith it will coalesce. I don’t disagree what you say it means for you..it means the same for me. Plus more.

                What I’m saying is that I was there and Chelsi did report it accurately and I”m glad she was there and that is it. She had very limited time – and possibly limited space – to get that piece done. I left around 8:15. Some people went inside to talk – Chelsi might have gone in there, I don’t know..but at 8 pm., the paper’s got to be heading to the presses shortly.

                It’s not like she had time to do multiple interviews for an indepth analysis. She was reporting on an live event while gathering side interviews with a looming deadline. On an event that had little press so it was lucky to have anyone there covering it.

                The Kaimin, btw, did a large front page piece. I’ve yet to read it, but I hear it was pretty good too.

              • Pogo Possum

                Google the phrases “occupy wall street” “corporate profits” and you get 29,500 hits.

              • lizard19

                points taken.

  8. Turner

    I wholly support the Occupy Missoula people. I also happen to be a committed anti-Republican and a lukewarm Democrat. These two mindsets aren’t in conflict as some like to claim.

    We need to stop the broadside attacks against both major political parties and make our critiques of politicians more specific. All Republicans and maybe half of the Democrats are full-fledged corporatists who need to be called out for specific instances of betraying the American people.

    Barack Obama’s hands are dirty, but he’s not head-to-toe filth like Mitt Romney is (or Mary Landrieu is, or Max Baucus is). I can support him and simultaneously attack his crony capitalist connections because these connections do not define him as a politician – they’re a “needs to improve” part of his report card.

    If a street demonstration is planned in Missoula, I’lbe there. It’s a longish drive from Dillon, but I want to be there.

    • rawr

      “All Republicans and maybe half of the Democrats are full-fledged corporatists who need to be called out for specific instances of betraying the American people.”

      Denny Rehberg voted against TARP. Ron Paul voted against TARP. How about your Democrat buddies? How did they vote?

      Those are simply examples to disprove you. 95% of politicians are pawn of big business and the distribution does not change with political party.

      • Steve W

        TARP isn’t what pisses people off, though rawr. What pisses people off is the growing gulf between rich and poor.

        What pisses people off is privatization of what should be the public sphere and we see the corporations are trying to control what were formally public spaces.

        What pisses people off is that around the world we see the security state growing, funded, and fat while people are hurting really bad.

        This isn’t about TARP, rawr, it’s about justice.

        • There’s lots to be pissed about. Lots.

        • rawr

          I assume that since you’ve become so excited about this movement, a movement ironically funded and organized in part by BILLIONAIRE George Soros, you don’t have a very good grasp of the subject at hand. The Federal Reserve is the problem! Raising taxes on the wealthy or expanding social programs doesn’t address the real problem. The ultra wealthy are gaming the system with the Fed, funneling money to the top, and screwing the people. TARP should have people outraged. It was a full blown theft from the middle class to the ultra rich under the guise of “saving us from financial collapse.” That’s exactly what this is about. You have to see that this is not capitalism and it’s not socialism, it’s fascism. A giant private bank who manipulates currency for the US and prints money at will. They use inflation to fuck the people. Democrats and Republicans are funded by the same billionaires and multinational banks. They win no matter who is in office, and they keep you distracted over a couple of percentage points in the top tax tier or a few healthcare mandates. The only way to get corporations and big money OUT of government is to ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE and restore sound currency. The Fed builds the casino, the banks make the rules, and the people wander in looking for a way to feed their families….and we all know how it ends.

          • i don’t know anyone here who wasn’t against the tarp, rawr. i advocated letting those criminals too big to fail go ahead and fail and throw the ceo’s in jail to boot but bush and his zombie secty of the treasury from goldman sachs were the ones who pushed it through congress. of course the treasury is in bed with the fed reserve, which is in bed with big banks, who bribe our representatives to vote for their team and against the people. that is actually what all of us have been saying here rawr. the whole stinking mess is corrupt.

            so you think sitting on our hands is going to fix it? i think it is time to say enough is enough to these scoundrels. partisan crap bores the hell out of me. people are sick of political parties and the bickering which as you say (and all of us have said it a thousand times here) keeps us peasants occupied watching the pathetic main stream media theme of the week palin/teaparty/obama punch and judy show. of course this is just laying down cover so that the aristocrats can rob us of anything that isn’t nailed down.

            so what are you saying? that the 99% of the people who need to work for a living should just stay home and stare at the wall until the corrupt system takes away everything, including our freedom?

            you can do that if you want. or join pogo in derailing and decrying people who are trying to make things better. it’s a free country, for a little while longer. but it won’t be much longer if nihilists and pessimists like you two continue poisoning the well by sapping the energy of those who want to make america better.

            • rawr

              It’s just ironic that it’s now being pushed by big money (moveon.org, George Soros, etc). I’m all for the protests, but they need to get on track! They need to #occupythefed not #occupywallstreet. Wall Street is just a symptom. Address the real problem. Most Americans don’t even know what the Fed is or does.

          • You do realize that the Federal Reserve is actually a private corporation? Banks are “shareholder” of the reserve while the public functions that it preforms are essentially required as part of its charter. So, like any private corporation it’s first obligation is to it’s shareholders (the banking industry) and not to the American people. In that sense the wealthy aren’t gaming the Federal Reserve System, its working exactly as it was designed to.

    • JC

      No, there needs to be some sexual assault charges filed against the police. Anybody who gets a chuckle out of a “Looks like she likes it ” abusive stance is sick.

  9. ladybug

    Creating political space for alternatives to the duopoly will immediately lift spirits and minds that have been caged for way too long. The Missoulian — great defenders of the feudal status quo that they are — should not go unnoticed.

  10. Missoula initial GA moved to Caras Park Fish Sculptures @10am.

    From OccupyMissoula:

    To clarify how this came about. The initial planners who are just trying to get things moving initially picked the xxxx’s because of the high visibility on what is the main street of town. We are very happy that it is likely that will be too small of a space for everyone. and the goal is in no way to obstruct the circle square market. SO, the 99% won’t fit at the xxxx’s, and perhaps it is inappropriate in general. We hear that, and will be moving the GA to fish sculpture next to the river market, so we won’t interfere with traffic by overflowing into the streets. Again I want to stress that these decision was only made to get the ball rolling and get everyone in one place so we could reach consensus on a Occupy Missoula location. Please bring your ideas to the general assembly and they will be heard.

  11. lizard19

    during the ED show tonight, as he continues to try and harness the energy of OWS for his MSNBC-sanctioned populist brand, a member of the crowd shouted loudly, over and over again, GO HOME ED!

    resisting the co-opting impulses of corporate media will be difficult, but this movement doesn’t need to rely on conventional media to spread awareness.

  12. Pogo Possum

    “The … movement is going to transcend traditional party politics”
    “Most people supportive of #occupywallstreet movement are disgusted by both parties.”
    “this isn’t about politicians”

    Seems the OWS site disagrees with you fellas.

    Check this out:


    Occupy Wall Street ‘Stands In Solidarity’ With Obama Front Group

    “Fears expressed by some that the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement is being hijacked by the Democratic Party establishment have intensified after the official OWS website announced that it “stands in solidarity” with MoveOn.org, a lobbying group for the Wall Street-backed Obama administration.”

    • lizard19

      are you seriously linking to Alex Jones’ Prison Planet? for someone who has repeatedly tried to smear me as a conspiracy theorist, that’s a pretty idiotic move Pogo. do you even know the kind of shit Alex Jones spouts?

      • Pogo Possum

        “for someone who has repeatedly tried to smear me as a conspiracy theorist. . . ”

        Not “tried” Lizard…….”confirmed” you were a conspiracy theorist. Are you backing down on your previous pronouncements? I can print the list again if you want…….you have a lot of conspiracy theories to remember. I thought you took pride in your conspiracy theories. What’s happened?

    • Steve W

      Popo, you are smelling very desperate and it’s stinking up the place. Please go fart elsewhere. Info wars? Is that your kind of a web site? You are an Alex Jones guy eh? Figures.

      I’m not surprised that you rely on Jones for your philosophy and your news. That figures.

  13. Pogo Possum

    you bet i know who he is. He is another conspiracy theorist……just like you.

    • lizard19

      how often do you check-in on Alex Jones? or was that link just useful to try and derail this thread?

      • Pogo Possum

        I am not a fan of conspiracy web sites and you seem to be the one derailing the thread. Get some thicker skin if you want to be a revolutionary.

        • lizard19

          then let’s get back on track. what i want is to live in an equitable society that values the health and education of its citizens over naked short selling and credit default swaps.

          • Pogo Possum

            That’s not a solution that’s a bumper sticker.

            Be specific.

            • i for one am sick of listening to you give orders around here, pogo. your methodology of nihilistic gainsaying here is transparently partisan, childish and is therefore boring as hell. why don’t you be specific about the dog you have in this fight? or maybe you could be specific about how you suggest the 99% of people in this country who work for a living should deal with the corruption in our government by both parties which serves the interests of multinational corporations who are more than happy to sap this country dry for the sake of short term profit?

              (next will come the whining about being treated rudely.)

  14. Can you please tell me what font you are using for the Occupy logo?

  15. Turner

    The bickering here has me scratching my head. I don’t think we should fighting over who’s more ideologically pure. All who want to join Occupy Montana should be welcome. That includes partisan hacks like me and even teabaggers, I suppose.

    And don’t worry about provocateurs. They’re easy to spot.

    • JC

      Oh, quitcher bickerin’. JK.

      It takes time for people to adjust to a new scene. I’d call it displacement behavior–folks aren’t quite sure what to do yet, so they do what they know. But I’m sure the bickering will get amplified as soon as some folks feel that their comfort zones are being challenged, or their take on the world isn’t validated. Or they’re part of the 1% that is under attack…

  16. mr benson

    Today’s news from MSU job fair is good: “Many employers are hiring, especially engineering, business and computer science majors.”

    Of course, many of those jobs will be in an office, and some employers will require ties. I know that’s an unacceptable requirement to a couple of the contributors here. Better to go have a public movement than suffer the ignominious tie.

    • lizard19

      way to try and play up the tie/no-tie division, mr. b. that’s really constructive.

    • JC

      Oooh, the conformist among us speaks up. The voice of the establishment, and Very Serious People. And how would you know that ties are and “unacceptable requirement”? fwiw, I’ve got a nice assortment of ties. Even wear them occasionally, and not always when needed. Might wear one and a suit to the GA tomorrow. That’ll confuse ’em. Speaking of which, the guy sitting next to me at the planning meeting last night was wearing a suit.

      So what’s your real point? Besides keepin’ on with the culture wars and sidelong dfh referrals?

      • mr benson

        I think ties are just fine. It’s the post by those here to which I refer, scorning the evil doers who wear ties and work in tall buildings.

        What’s your “real point” ? I don’t see one, just a burning man party on wall street. Hey, rally at the park, bring your (modern equivalent of) love beads and guitar.

        My “real point”, on the other hand, is that employers are hiring at the hiring fair at MSU, that college seniors in engineering and computer science and business and nursing and other in demand skills are getting jobs, that responsible adults are acting like it; contributing to our economy and country with their toil and brains. They’re not asking for something for nothing.

        Partisan politics? Over the years I’ve commented here, only jhwygirl among writers stands out as someone who has occasionally eschewed partisan politics. Jay Stephens bipartisan? Nonsense. You, Lizard or you, JC? Laughable.

        Commenters like me and pogo and scoop are the ones you constantly invite to leave. You’re not interested in abandoning ideology and finding solutions.

        I don’t need to party in Missoula. I did that last week.

        • JC

          Short version (yelled out of the window of a car speeding down the road): GET A JOB!

          Well, all of us here have one, thank you very much. And ideology? Even the most strident centrist can have one. Otherwise you wouldn’t come here and bitch that we don’t follow yours.

          Solutions? You don’t hear them from the left, because you’re a Very Serious Person, and solutions can’t come from the left.

          And MSU? Funny that. I graduated from there many, many years ago into a fine job. Point?

          Better, what’s your solution to the corruption in our government, and widening inequity in wealth in america? Name one solution from a leftist you’d agree with.

          • mr benson

            From the Chronicle: “Many employers are hiring, especially engineering, business and computer science majors.

            That’s encouraging news for the 1,850 MSU students who came, many dressed in suits and ties or high heels, looking for internships and after-graduation jobs.”

            Suits and ties and high heels, oh my, the evil corporatists! They’re not shouting from the car, because they’re getting a job.

            As for “one solution from a leftist I’d agree with” I guess I could pick the problem, then? Problem, too much dependence on foreign oil. Leftist Solution, increase gas taxes and rebate that increase, develop domestic energy sources like wind, solar and nuclear (suggested by our leftist president). Use incentives to guide people to buy smaller more fuel efficient cars, and manufacturers to build them.

            I’m a centrist, not a communist or a Bircher, so I’m not going to agree with their radical agenda or agree with your solutions. “Bipartisan” isn’t getting constitutionalists and communist radicals to agree, it’s getting the center to refute the extremes.

            • what is radical about wanting to eliminate bribery from our government? everyone i talk to is for that.

              tell me mr b. since you are so sensitive that you insult those who choose to participate in an attempt to bring democracy back from the brink of corporate ownership……do centrists like yourself prefer a government purchased by the highest bidder?

          • mr benson

            Seriously, corruption in the government will always be with us. we see voters return corrupt politicians to office even after they’ve been caught. Many times that happens in poor districts. I do think changes to primaries and the way we vote could help. I can’t see that term limits did any good, but I really don’t agree with any of your opinions of the Senators or President, just as I don’t agree with the their bashers from the right.

            As for “the widening inequity of wealth” if i saw that as a problem, I’d offer a solution, or listen to a leftist offer a solution. But I don’t see it that way. And I see #occupywallstreet as just the philosophical first step to #occupymyhouse and I’m not joining Madame DeFarge’s knitting circle either as a knitter or one of those getting the close shave.

            • so you disagree with it. i get that. you don’t have to attend. what i don’t get is that you seem to come over here slinging insults at those who do choose to do something about the bribery of our representatives without expecting retaliation from me. of course i take umbrage when you insult those who try to do something for this country besides protect their own assets.

        • i think #occupyamerica is getting bigger than that mr b…..

          i think this is wisconsin times 50 just getting started.

          #occupymissoula gives people who have felt helpless while both parties have failed us the chance to voice frustrations that are growing out there in all aspects of our society…

          small businesses are denied loans to hire while big corporations rake in record profits. i am glad that you see a ray of hope in bozeman with a few hires but the majority of people in this country who work hard for less and less are seeing the american dream disappear for them and their kids while 1% transfer the wealth of america overseas….. and to insult the majority of us who work for a living and who want to take america back from the bribers with your blanket dismissal tells me all i need to know about your solidarity with the 1% who are trying to steal it.


          99% of america differs with your view of this as a party. in fact the last thing this country needs right now is anything to do with both of the corrupt parties who are selling out america while we sit here and stare at the white of this page.

          i doubt if families who have been laid off, bankrupted by health costs and lost their homes think of anything about the past three years of this bush crash as much of a party. the people have suffered enough. we have rewarded those who caused this enough. it is time that our government listened to those 99% who have paid for this party for the 1%

          it is finally time that the 1% stand accountable and help us to pay for it. it is just that simple.

          • mr benson

            I didn’t have to read any more than “bush crash”, pb. Yeah, leave behind that partisanship, sure, you bet.

  17. Sounds like some who depend on partisan politics divide and conquer strategies are worried that #occupyamerica might be picking up steam ……

    If you are tired of partisan politics come join us at caras park tomorrow and help we the people take our government back from corporate bribes.

  18. mr benson

    and with that, the spouse is calling my name to get off the effing internet, truly. It’s entertaining talking to you or I wouldn’t come here. Have a great time this weekend and remember, you better be diggin it while it’s happning, because it just might be a one shot deal.

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