OccupyMissoula up and Running! First GA Saturday 10am @Caras Park Fish Sculptures


Well, somebody didn’t get any sleep last night, and OccupyMissoula has a new website up. It’s chock full of information, links and resources so go check it out!

And OccupyMissoula will be having its first GA on saturday. The GA has been moved to the fish sculptures at Caras Park, as the XXX’s at the Farmer’s Market was going to be too small, due to the anticipated large assembly. Here’s a note about the change:

To clarify how this came about. The initial planners who are just trying to get things moving initially picked the xxxx’s because of the high visibility on what is the main street of town. We are very happy that it is likely that will be too small of a space for everyone. and the goal is in no way to obstruct the circle square market. SO, the 99% won’t fit at the xxxx’s, and perhaps it is inappropriate in general. We hear that, and will be moving the GA to fish sculpture next to the river market, so we won’t interfere with traffic by overflowing into the streets. Again I want to stress that these decision was only made to get the ball rolling and get everyone in one place so we could reach consensus on a Occupy Missoula location. Please bring your ideas to the general assembly and they will be heard.

There also will be a planning meeting on thursday at 4pm at Break Expresso:

Missoula activists and family–please meet at Break Expresso, 4pm this Thursday. We need your creative minds to prepare for a General Assembly in Missoula. The invite is including everyone–artists, veterans, writers, politicians, freedom-fighters, journalists, concerned parents, houseless, legislators–if you feel you have something to contribute to a Missoula General Assembly and wished to be involved in the planning of such…get thee forthwith–to the Break. If you are a seasoned activist, trained facilitator or legal expert–we would like to leverage your experience, as well, although you would only be a person with an opinion.

 And how can we forget our NYC #OccupyWallStreet compatriots who are putting on a huge demonstration today? Thousands marched from Foley Square to the Financial District. The march represents the joining of over 40 union and community organizations in the movement. As material becomes available, I’ll post it up. Until then, join the LiveStream.

  1. bears don’t much care for crowds but this is important. thanks jc. i will be there. this is just too pivotal to the future of our country to ignore. even independent cusses like me realize that only through joining our voices and feet can we get the monolithic fusion of government and corporate corruption to pay attention. nothing else seems to work.

    congress only pays attention to those who bribe them. and those who bribe them are the 1% who are gutting the economy and stuffing their greedy faces at the expense of working folks who have poor or no health care, little chance of retiring with dignity, and the college students, twenty and thirty somethings are being told to work for a minimum wage set by the greedy ones.

    the middle class in this country is not just endangered. it is nearly extinct. the american dream is being smothered by a greedy few who have turned their back on 99% of the country.

    enough is enough america. it is time to stand up for economic justice.

  2. JC

    Hey, you guys got your clever/stupid signs too. Ease up.

    By the way, I hear there’s a new movement with a slogan that says

    “99% +1: Are You With Us Yet?”

    Maybe you should join?

  3. JC

    I guess we can’t call this a little unorganized protest anymore. This is yesterday at Foley Square. UPwards of 30,000 people joined in the action.

  4. JC

    Here’s Olbermann reading the letter released in conjunction with yesterday’s activities:

  5. mr benson

    “Paine and Pierce and Robespierre, Juarez and Danton,
    Luther, King and Lamumba dead but far from gone
    Lenin, Cleaver, Jesus too, outlaws in their nations,
    Revolutionaries all, dreamed of liberation

    Old man get some soldiers, keep them close at hand
    There`s a fire in the country, there`s a flame come to the land
    Seven thousand loyal troops, in ranks they stretch so far
    With seven thousand well armed men, no one can touch the czar.

    Louis watch the prisons, send the goons around
    Is that Paris burning, is the Bastille falling down?
    And where are all the mercenaries – paid for by the king?
    Have they joined the mob you say, doesn`t money mean anything?

    Old men get some soldiers, keep them close at hand,
    The seeds that were sown yesterday now flower in the land
    And guard yourself most carefully with military might.
    For plants that cannot bloom by day must flower in the night.”

    You say you want a revolution? Well, you know….

  6. Shorter: we’re going to be in the way at one market so let’s move it to the other one so we can be in the way there.

    • Steve W

      Have you been to the market at the river lately, Buzz? Last I checked it’s down in the parking lot adjacent to the carousel well to the West of the bridge. The Trout sculptures are on the East side of the bridge with plenty of space for everyone.

      So what’s the problema?

  7. mr benson

    “There’s a place.
    A wonderous place.
    Where Like minded individuals gather out on the playa.
    They subscribe to a whole new set of ideas.
    They represent a new found society Where creativity flows
    And parameters are as wide as the open terrain.
    That place. That wonderous place is called…..”

  8. Chuck

    Will this movement be taking on the hand that feeds them, i.e Max Baucus and his hedge fund buddies? If prominent mainstream Missoula progressives do that , at the risk of losing millions of dollars in their own funding than I am in.
    I’d like to hear from Rye, Wiener, Engen, Hill et al regarding Max.

  9. Chuck

    This proof of Max protecting his billionaire buddies should be a huge battle or platform for Occupy Wallstreet and Occupy Missoula and they should be screaming pissed about it. If so, where are the DUMP BAUCUS signs?

  10. Chuck

    Last one… gotta go eek out a living…
    Max is The problem with our country. He needs to be impeached before he gives control of the super committee to the people Occupy is fighting against. Montana needs to step up for the country…and Impeach Baucus.

  11. Chuck

    My mistake. Technically it’s “Recall” a US Senator.

  12. Recalling max baucus would be an excellent message to send our dysfunctional government….

    Start working for the people who elect you instead of the corporations who pay you or lose your job.

  13. Chuck

    Click to access Ethan_Penner_5-1-07.pdf

    This is an in depth article/interview with a business associate of Wesley Edens, who is a friend of Max’s. Edens, a former Montana wheeler dealer founded the Fortress Group, they were large players in the eventual melt down of the economy.
    The article is from 2006, at the height of the Balloon economy when everyone was getting filthy rich by creating fake money, fake mortgage securities and over leveraging. These people are huge contributors to Max. I wonder why the Obama Administration has not put anyone in jail.
    These greedy sleezeballs have ruined my children’s future and Max takes their money.

  14. Chuck

    Silvertip Apartments…6 million bucks to the banks and east coast developers. Occupy Missoula might want to know why these people were given 60 grand to build each apartment. How many Missoula homeowners have lost their houses this year and could have used just 600 dollars for a payment or 6,000 just to help them get by for a year?

  15. Chuck

    Hey Missoula Occupiers…don’t forget to get a city business lic, and any permits you might have to have. I fear the health department will be out checking for food service violations.

  16. mr benson

    All the attacks from left and right on Max. Seems to me he’s done a good job for the state over the years, and I’d guess far more than 1% agree with me.

  17. Ingemar Johansson

    I wonder if the OM crowd will clean up after they disband.


    Ya know, to save the planet.

  18. Wells fargo clean up their mess yet, pogo?

  19. Heard wells fargo might be sitting on a pile of robo-signed mortgage papers that won’t stand up in court?

    Pretty sloppy……

    But then I guess investor fraud doesn’t hold a candle to littering, eh boys?

  20. Wonder when wells fargo will come begging for taxpayers to bail them out of this next big mess of theirs?

    But of course we will only want to ask 1orking americans to pay for that. Wouldn’t want the ones who screwed up to pay anything.

  21. Hi ,

    I am a producer/booker for the Daily National http://www.dailynational.com a New York TV and radio news site. I enjoyed your piece I would love to talk to you about it. Would like to do a brief 3-5 minute TV or radio interview with you today or tomorrow via Skype or phone. Do you have time available today or tomorrow?

  22. http://www.occupymissoula.com — An open forum.
    *** WE ARE THE 99% ***

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