Is a Pipeline in Our National Interests? Is Colonialism in Montana’s?

by jhwygirl

Don Brown in a landowner near Fort Peck who will be directly affected by the proposed KeystoneXL pipeline. He’s been a vocal opponent to the Keystone XL pipeline since early on. He’s criticized Max Baucus’s attempts at circumventing legal process for the pipeline, and more recently, he signed a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama that included signature of affected landowners in 5 states.

Keystone XL pipeline will utilized eminent domain to obtain the land this Canadian company needs to transport its Athabasca tar sand oil from Canada across the State of Montana and down to Texas.

This weekend Don Brown asks Montanans whether this pipeline is in our national interests. I ask whether it is in Montana’s:

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and President Barack Obama have a decision to make soon — whether TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline is in the “national interest.”
As a landowner along the route who has much to lose when this pipeline comes through, I hope that our decision-makers are absolutely clear about whether this pipeline is in the national interest when it is permitted, but I think there are questions that still haven’t been answered.
Since TransCanada is a foreign corporation, is this pipeline in the national interest? Since this pipeline goes to a port on the Gulf Coast, and they already have a pipeline going to a refinery in Illinois (Keystone I pipeline), that would lead me to believe they plan on exporting the product carried on the Keystone XL. Is that in the national interest? And tar sands, which Keystone XL is going to be carrying, are especially corrosive, and the Keystone I pipeline has already had 14 leaks in about a year of operation — is that in our national Interest?
Should we just be the nation where the pipe crosses, potentially with leaks, en route from one foreign country to another? Is that in our national interest?

  1. Ingemar Johansson

    Don Brown obviously has read Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal”.

    In the book it states the last holdouts, or squeaky wheels get the best settlement.

    Reminds me of the rail-spur to ship coal thru Mussleshell/Yellowstone County. The last to negotiate was some of the original members of the NPRC.

    Those ranchers were the last to agree, put up the biggest fuss, and eventually got a cents per ton contract of the coal that passed thru their property.

    Trump would’ve been proud.

  2. JayByrd

    Given the growing opposition by Republican ranchers, it looks like the multi-national oil companies are already working on a Plan B:
    Shipping Alberta oil to the east coast using existing pipelines (some built during World War II to avoid U-boats) would cut Texas refineries out of the profit stream, so it’s probably dead in the water.

  3. This article makes a compelling case that the pipeline is not in our national interest. Better solution? Maybe a pipeline to refineries in Montana.

  4. Chuck

    Rev… are you advocating for oil production and jobs for Montana? If so, thank you.

  5. Matthew Koehler

    Related to the tar sands/Keystone pipeline issue:

    Britain told to pull out of ‘oil orgy’ as protesters stage saucy protest

    For a great picture of the action, check out Oil Change International’s facebook page:

    Now that’s what I call “dancing on tables.”

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    […] The Keystone pipeline has local consequences, as jhwygirl highlighted in this post. […]

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