White Supremacist Threatens Montana Human Rights Network

by jhwygirl

I haven’t seen this – nor have I been able to find anything – in any newspaper in the state (if I’ve missed it, please let me know) – but apparently former leader of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nation group Karl Gharst has sent the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) a letter saying that they were a “Jewish criminal organization working with other Jewish organized crime networks,” and that “These organizations are well known to commit crimes against lawful citizens through intimidation, destruction of property, violence and assassination.”

Gharst continues: “As a lawful citizen I am giving you proper notice that I am now exercising my duty that I will do all in my power and the power of the State of Montana to see that all MHRN members will stand trial by the lawful citizens of the State of Montana for crimes against the State, and justice returned to lawful citizens.”

Stand trial where? What is this guy talking about?

According to the story, reported in the Southern Poverty Law Center blog a little over a week ago, Travis McAdam, director of MHRN, has reported the matter to law enforcement.

Karl Gharst, as the SPLC blog post notes, was sent to jail in 2004 for threatening to kill a child protective services worker in Montana. More recently – prior to threatening MHRN most recently – Gharst screened movies which denied the existence of the Holocaust in Kalispell and tangled with other neo-Nazi groups in the area (likely drawn to the area because of people like Gharst calling NW Montana “home”.

I’m not sure why the Montana media hasn’t covered this. Here’s a Montana neo-Nazi who’s not afraid to speak to the press, who’s been convicted and jailed for threatening people in the past, who’s now emailing a threat to the Montana Human Rights Network threatening them with a grand jury of some unknown justice system. That’s not newsworthy?
A search of “supremacist” in the Billings Gazette brings up this list, many of those stories have a direct connect to Montana.

Let’s hope the press isn’t waiting until some “real crime” has been committed.

  1. lizard19

    if this dangerous dude was a MM smoking transient, the Missoulian would be all over it.

  2. Pogo Possum

    Making outrageous and inflammatory statements to attract evening news and front page coverage is a common strategy of hate groups. Give them attention and it emboldens them, helps spread their message of hate and helps them recruit. Ignore them and it denies them the publicity they seek but fails to let the general public know of their intent. Therein lies the rub jhwyGirl.

    • Point taken, Pogo. It is a rub, isn’t it. I think I thought that when I first caught this a week or so..but today apparently I’ve got a burr in my shoe.

      Leaves me thinking that messaging diversity is all the more important.

      • Pogo Possum

        I have run into some of these hate groups in the past.

        Back in the late 1980’s (if I remember my time period correctly) John Trochmann, the founder of the Montana Militia a white supremist group, showed up at one of the GOP public forums in Missoula. Not many people knew who he was at the time and he was playing it pretty coy but it only took a few minutes to figure out what he was up to. It took a number of direct orders not to come back before he finally stopped.

        I knew a number of the local folks in Jordan who had to deal with the Freemen back in the earl 1990s. They gave me a lot of insight about how crazy and dangerous some of these folks were. They told me that one of the reasons the Feds finally came in to help afterlong months of delay was that the locals were in the process of forming their own group to go in and “take out” the Freemen.

      • Pogo Possum

        “, , , messaging diversity is all the more important.”

        Messaging is important, but there are times when you have to call a spade a spade and let people know what is happening. Of course that can be a hard call.

        Here is a good example of where publishing and publicly countering hate groups worked well. This is when the community of Billings stood up to defend their Jewish neighbors in 1993.

        Menorahs in December: How the people of
        Billings, MT rejected religious hatred in 1993


  3. lizard19

    i just talked to a woman at OM who said she thinks Gharst may have been casing out the occupation yesterday during general assembly. he was in a green minivan. eyes open.

  4. d.g.

    yaaaawn………hyperbolic reaction to psychopaths over whom we have no control. Why all the time spent on this “sky is falling” issue? Again, Mutual of Omaha marched in and got front page coverage and not one person on this blog gave a damn.

    • JC

      why don’t you go start your own blog and write about what you want and quit telling us what to do here? None of us here care that you don’t think we’re catering to you and your issue. you’re really close to ending up as just a spammer.

  5. All society suffers when criminals get their way. MHRN has bullied and slandered too many of our good citizens for their beliefs and the color of their skin. They stand everyday for the death of White Chrstendom. They are, by all our laws – an Enemy of the State!

  6. I have turned off comments to this post.

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