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by lizard

Before I took my little 7 day break, someone speculated how I would spin Obama’s announcement that combat troops were leaving Iraq, and would be gone by the end of this year (Bush’s timeline). I think maybe this person was making the still-common mistake of believing the words being delivered from our president’s mouth, this time about “ending the war”. Here is the comment:

I can hardly wait for your spin on Obama’s announcement that we’re pulling our troops out of Iraq at the end of the year.

Let’s see. Maybe he was too slow pulling them out? Maybe it’s just so he can redeploy them against Iran or against the OWS folks?

But I know you’ll manage to come up with some argument, pallatable to at least a few of your friends, to tear him down.

The glaring inaccuracy contained within this comment is the idea that it was the choice of this administration to pull out the troops from Iraq. I don’t need to spin what’s already being spun, and what this commenter has already uncritically internalized. To un-spin this inaccuracy, George Ochenski’s latest column describes the reality of the situation being played up as Obama delivering on a campaign promise:

It turns out that those who opposed the war from its beginning were right: It’s come to an ignoble end. Obama has done his best to spin this, to make it look as though it was his call, but really, he had no choice. This was his Vietnam. We’ve been kicked out. All that’s missing are Iraq embassy workers on the rooftop clinging to a helicopter.

Those who have paid attention to the high-level discussions between Iraq and the U.S. in the last year will recall that as recently as last month, the official U.S. position was that we would be leaving tens of thousands of troops in Iraq to train Iraqi troops and police forces and provide security for diplomatic missions.

But that has not been the position of the Iraqis, who long ago tired of the killing and destruction visited on their cities, businesses, homes and families by U.S. forces, and the atrocities committed by the mercenaries we hired through discredited firms such as Blackwater (now Xe).

I don’t fault the president for trying to brighten the narrative for our public consumption and his electoral prospects. Bush’s team of war criminals destroyed Iraq, US corporations fleeced the American public to “rebuild” it, and now the military/industrial beast is looking elsewhere for opportunities. That’s a total bummer. Much better to believe Obama is finally doing the right thing, and just in time for the holidays. Continue Reading »

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