Scary Progressive Majority On Missoula’s City Council Looms Large

by lizard

The Indy came out with it’s endorsements for city council last week, and apparently there is reason for concern:

The way we’re reading the wind, the conservative bloc should expect to lose two seats. Meanwhile, a Copple victory would give progressives unprecedented control of city government. For some, that’s an exciting prospect. But perhaps they should be concerned. The last time the left had the Missoula Council locked down, back in the mid-’90s under the banner of the New Party, they handled it so badly that within a few short years the group’s label had become political poison and it disbanded.

The Indy’s endorsement for Adam Hertz in Ward 2 appears to be the prescribed antidote for this “unprecedented control.” Adam, who is trying to unseat Pam Walzer, is a 26 year-old mortgage broker and retail-pricing analyst for <a href="a mortgage broker and retail-pricing analyst for Moody’s market. Hmmm, should that pedigree be concerning at all? I wonder what Adam thinks about the housing crisis that blew up our economy three years ago (he was 23), and the role of rating agencies calling shit sandwiches prime rib.

Well, that wasn’t one of the questions Adam got in this KECI story, but here’s a question and response I found very illuminating—about, ironically (because he’s a mortgage broker and Moody’s analyst) homelessness:


Where the Poverello Center should relocate or rebuild is not the city’s decision. The decision ultimately lies with the Pov’s Board of Directors. If the Pov decides to move into the Westside neighborhood, I would not support the move and I would vote against any TIF funding for the project. Urban renewal funds are meant for neighborhood revitalization, not for the degradation of property values and neighborhood safety. In their desire to appease the Mayor and the Missoula Downtown Association, current Ward 2 representation has failed to stand up for the Westside.

If ending homelessness is truly the goal of the Poverello Center, their desire for expansion suggests that the organization is not meeting its goal. Homelessness is a serious issue, especially in difficult economic times. Missoula would be best served by a community organization that addresses the homelessness of locals, especially families, and works to give the homeless a hand up rather than a hand out. Catering to transients takes much needed resources away from our local homeless population and will only result in a growing transient population and crime in our community.

If Adam Hertz thinks homelessness is a serious issue, then he needs to educate himself a bit about the services he’s criticizing. I would suggest he start with the 2010 needs assessment looking at homelessness and housing instability in Missoula

Now, go vote Missoula!

***correction: I implied Adam Hertz worked at the ratings agency Moody’s, which was incorrect. The link has been updated with the correct Moody’s Market that employed Adam, which is his father’s Grocery Store.

  1. What a truly ignorant notion of what the Pov is, does, and can do.

    As most folks here know, I used to work at that fine organization. For three years I worked alongside some great people with a passion to serve for the better of humanity– particularly in the service of those that most people look away from and don’t care about.

    You call them homeless; I know their names and since moving I’ve missed some of them and shed real tears when one of them passed away recently.

    What we did at the Pov, and, I assume, they still do, is try our best to get the homeless of Missoula fed (because no one should be hungry in a community with so much), clothed, and directed to services that can help them get back on their feet (VA, Social Security, and more). Sometimes it works wonderfully and we see the exact result we want–a person back on their feet and succeeding. Other times… well other times all you can do is sigh and hope for better luck the next go-round.

    When I read things like, “Urban renewal funds are meant for neighborhood revitalization, not for the degradation of property values and neighborhood safety,” I want to scream. Portland is booming, beautiful and a joy to visit and I’m sure live in, and there are homeless people all over the downtown area (one told me a really stupid joke just last week while I was there; he was a nice guy).

    When I read this from Hertz:

    “If ending homelessness is truly the goal of the Poverello Center, their desire for expansion suggests that the organization is not meeting its goal…Missoula would be best served by a community organization that addresses the homelessness of locals, especially families, and works to give the homeless a hand up rather than a hand out. Catering to transients takes much needed resources away from our local homeless population and will only result in a growing transient population and crime in our community.”

    I feel vomit in my mouth. What a myopic little shitweasel. I’d like to take this guy through that facility and show them how many “transients” stay there (not many) and how many of the consumers at the Pov (oh no! He used a social work term!) are people getting “hand outs” (not many).

    If you want to know what causes so many “transients” (that term is not the blanket idea Adam Hertz thinks it is, but rather than educate him I’ll just use his word) to congregate around businesses and the DT corridor it’s the free market man. You’ve got a guy who puts his hand out, literally, and someone puts money in it, literally. That’s just the market at work people. There’s a guy asking for money, there’s an idiot giving it to him.

    That same guy asking for money comes to the Pov? Well, he won’t get money from the Pov. If he follows some simple guidelines however, well, he’ll get some free meals and a warm place to sleep. And if he’d like they’ll work their asses off to get him help with his issues.

    The Pov doesn’t create, nor does it maintain, homelessness. It helps. And damnit it does good work and I am thankful every day that I had a part in that organization. Because I saw first hand what human decency can do.

    If that’s a problem with you Adam, then you lack basic humanity and you don’t deserve to serve in political office.

    Learn about the Pov and its mission. Hell volunteer during the holidays or just call and ask to go on a tour sometime.

    • carfreestupidity

      I would say that you have the Missoulian to thank for the high praise the general public feels towards the pov.

      • It’s no particular news outlet’s fault. Homelessness in and of itself has a bad rap from people who in the “Get a job” crew and elsewhere. Of course coverage of the Pov hasn’t been highlighting its virtues, but to be fair many of the stories over the years have. The Indy and KECI have both done extremely kind stories as has KPAX. Even the Missoulian has written favorably about the Pov in editorials and one story I remember in particular because it featured a giant photo of me.

        And believe me, I’ve been angered by some stories but those stories are not to blame for human ignorance.

  2. Sorry Liz for writing a comment as long as your post. I was obviously quite pissed.

  3. d.g.

    Hell, Hellegaard is that rare “conservative” who is actually more “liberal” than the pretenders she sits with on Missoula City Council. Would Rye look Engen in the (shifty) eye and demand access to the entire city checkbook? No! Would Strohmaier buck MFCU and say “No” to the Baseball Boondoggle? No! Would the badly dressed Wiener explain his absurd non-sequitur about ashtrays in submarines? No! Lyn Hellegaard is more “liberal” than all three of these actors combined. So sad that bloggers D. Gregory Smith and others are caught up in the Equality Ordinance and actually have never noted that Hellegaard is more independent of monetary influence than ABSOLUTELY ANYONE ON THE ENTIRE COUNCIL.

    • Hey now. Disagree with his politics all you’d like but don’t insult Jason’s attire. That man’s sweaters kick ass.

    • Ryan Emmett Morton

      I typically found Lyn to just be more angry than others and not “liberal” (which I take your meaning to be “free”). Lyn regularly voted against development projects, sued the city over the zoning rewrite, criticized the budget without useful solutions, and spent more time calling things “stupid” or “crap” (than Dick Haines). It sort of seems she hates her job – not including the fact that she suggested she would quit if John Hendrickson didn’t win in 2009 (didn’t follow through, obviously).

      To be fair, if she directed her “passion” into constructive criticism and useful solutions (and referrals), she’d be better suited to providing a respectable, conservative perspective (yes, I actually DO think conservatives can have respectable perspectives and wish I saw more of them).

      Also, I saw Jason wearing a western shirt that was exactly the same as the one I bought at Secret Seconds – and dressing like a gay man like myself is always a good sign.

  4. Ryan Emmett Morton

    Working under the (ridiculous and unfounded) belief that the Pov breeds more homelessness is a very sad state of affairs. While Mr. Hertz should be criticized as a public figure for his stance, that finger also has to be pointed at a surprisingly large and/or vocal portion of our community. Strangely, a part of me hopes that he’s just pandering to a voting base and doesn’t actually believe those things about the Pov and its clients…not because that’s better, but because I find it so hard to believe rational people think that way.

  5. carfreestupidity

    I think the joke here is that progressives have no brains to eat.

    Zing… Sorry Ingy, did I steal your line?

  6. Pete Talbot

    I was so disappointed in a couple of the Indy’s more important endorsements.

    Afraid that the progressive council members will cater to “their idealistic enablers” and advance legislation that isn’t confined to fixing potholes and plowing streets, the Indy calls for the election of an unknown conservative from Ward 2.

    The Hertz endorsement was basically a well, we’ve endorsed mostly progressives here so we need to throw the conservatives a bone. Never mind that Pam Walzer has done an excellent job on Council and that her challenger will align himself with “Council’s weakest members” (that’s what the Indy calls Renee Mitchell and Lyn Hellegaard). We don’t know much about Hertz but his misrepresentation of the Poverello and the homeless, as Lizard and Duganz point out, speaks volumes.

    The Indy also “thinks democracy works best when many divergent perspectives come together … we’re endorsing him.”

    Yeah, that bipartisanship has worked so well at the state and national level. The left proposes moderate economic, environmental and social reform and the right says no, no and no, and no negotiating or compromise.

    And I can’t believe the Indy baited its readers with the time-honored, right-wing analysis of the New Party: “it was their insufferably high-handed approach to political process” that the New Party “became political poison and it disbanded.”

    Not true. It disbanded because the Supreme Court ruled against a Minnesota election case based on fusion voting. Fusion was the cornerstone of the New Party’s strategy. While it was here, though, it invigorated local politics.

    But what the heck, let’s compare the current progressive council with a past progressive council that was vilified by the good ol’ boy council at the time because it rocked the boat.

    By the way, while the New Party never had a majority on council, it was able to pass some milestone legislation in the areas of zoning and growth management, with the help of moderate members on council.

    As for the Indy’s recommendation for a no vote on the city’s referendum — a more specious opinion would be hard to find.

    By not allowing corporations to spend millions to influence elections, our own individual right of free speech is eroded — as is our freedom of assembly and the press — the Indy suggests. (It might effect how much money trickles down to the press in the form of campaign advertising, but that’s a different story.)

    This is a convoluted argument at best.

    “The whole idea’s plain wrong, and clearly intended to strip speech rights from groups with disagreeable policy positions,” says the Indy. Again, no. It’s intended to keep multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations from buying our elections. If individuals within these corporations want to donate to campaigns, just like you and I do, fine.

    There’s no correlation between corporate personhood, and freedom of the press or free speech for people or even nonprofits or unions …

    And please, Indy, explain to me how a corporation is a person.

    • Steve W

      The Missoula Independent has a very short memory, indeed.

      It seems just like yesterday when our own Independent was writing mostly positive stories about the New Party, writing mostly positive articles on New Party elected officials, and writing mostly positive stories about what the New Party helped accomplish in terms of public policy.

      Is it Alzheimer’s or is that the newer owner of the Independent has a very different agenda than the former owners?

      I vote for the “very different agenda,” option although the results are the same regardless of the cause.

      IMHO it’s a shame. The old Independent certainly criticized The New Party when and if it disagreed on issues, but they didn’t write like they didn’t know a damn thing, like the current Independent attempts to pull off.

      People interested in learning about Missoula’s recent history would do better to read old issues of the Independent than to read the current incarnation of the newspaper.

      The old Independent was crisp, sharp, and smart. The new Independent is kind of mushy-headed.

    • JC

      Pete, look at Matt Gibson’s (the Indy’s “President”) comments on my post about the City Council Resolution. They’ll answer your question, and much, much more…

      If I thought Gibson would post a rebuttal to his endorsement, I’d write it out. I might have to do it here at 4&20, if I can find the time…

      • Pete Talbot

        I took a look at it earlier, JC. As a matter of fact, he and I have traded a few emails over the subject and have agreed to disagree.

        One line in the Independent’s opposition to the referendum, which dealt with freedom of the press, was: “What’s the real distinction between Microsoft stumping for lower corporate taxes and hiring Rachel Maddow to talk about tax reform on MSNBC? Darned if we can tell.”

        I’d say there’s a rather large distiction between Microsoft directly spending millions of dollars to influence elections and MSNBC hiring Rachel Maddow to talk about tax reform, however, and I see that’s what this referendum is all about.

        • JC

          I agree with you, with one addition: Microsoft is the corporate voice of one of the richest man in america, and second richest in the world, Chairman Bill Gates. ANd his lobbying is for the behalf of himself and his company’s bottom lines. Rachel Maddow, however is but a lowly cable news pundit often with opinions at odds with her parent company GE, and at odds with her own personal financial situation.

          Um, oh yeah, that 59 billion dollars of worth of Gates? That puts him in the top .00000033%… all by hisself.

  7. d.g.

    One supposes Peter Talbot was both-feet-in-favor of seeing 3.2 million gifted to seven wealthy white men who speculated on a baseball stadium and then got scared they couldn’t afford Snowbowl season passes so they passed the hat to the Missoula community. Wiener: Yes. Walzer: Yes. Rye: Yes. Strohmaier: Yes…and on and on and on. Hellegaard stated openly that this level of financial gifting should have been put before the voters. So, Peter, don’t tell me that this cast of liberal fools (feeding off the council stipend and holding jobs at other non-profits) is the preferred platform. “Progressive” “Democratic” “Liberal” are just terms for sale to the highest bidder these days. Look at Hellegaard’s record. See who has challenged our acting mayor to hold himself accountable to something besides the wine-tasting fund raisers and rubbing bellies with the board of directors of Missoula Federal Credit Union. At least the “Indy” thinks critically. Corporations are not persons. And a baseball stadium is sure as hell not “redevelopment” or the greatest good for the greatest number. Sycophants all.

    • Pete Talbot

      I didn’t support the initial Osprey stadium financing or its subsequent refinancing(s). That’s just me though. A number of people whom I respect did support it, so there you go. I probably wouldn’t have voted for it had I been on council.

      I don’t always agree with every vote cast by the progressives on council but think by-and-large they’ve done a good job for the city.

      It does look like you and I agree on one thing, d.g., if I’m reading your comment correctly: corporations are not people.

      • d.g.

        So, where were you the night only five brave people stood up to the packed house (orchestrated by publicity wizard Wes Spiker)? “By and large” such a vague term, Peter. Either you do believe that the baseball stadium was worth the 3.2. million or you don’t. May we know of the “number of people whom” you respect? Do you respect the poor who never get to an Osprey game? Or do you bow to Mae Nan Ellingson? Ellen Buchanan? Gerald Muehler? 3.2 would build one hell of a youth center. 3.2 would do a lot for this community 12 months of the year…not just baseball season. Oh, it;s the fear of losing the “river corridor” to a hypothetical future buyer who decides to close the gates and make all trail users mount patched inner tubes to get down stream? Gods in the heavens, sad old Mr. Simmons even drug Hal Fraser out of the grave to sell this boondoggle. Even though Mr. Fraser’s widow was left with a loan to this fool’s dream, I continue to believe that the man himself would have, in a moment of deep thought, have voted to let that money go to the greater good. Who are you, Peter? For what do you really stand (up)?

  8. Poetskick

    So this guy works for Moody’s Market–you mean the company owned by his daddy, Greg Hertz?

  9. Chuck

    Does Lizard think Hertz works for Moody’s , the rating agency?
    Your killin me guys.

    • lizard19

      I just realized my mistake this morning, Chuck. When the Indy’s endorsement said he was a retail-pricing analyst for Moody’s Market, i didn’t think grocery store.

  10. Chuck

    No problem Sir. I should have been less snarky.
    In your defense, that interpretation may have been what Hertz was looking for when he wrote the job title.

  11. Adam

    Pretty pathetic slam article lizard.

    I don’t work at Moody’s. I work at Moody’s Market, Inc. We own and operate grocery stores in Montana and Idaho, employ nearly 250 people (with benefits like health insurance, 401(k)’s, health savings accounts, and an awesome wellness program), contribute millions to local economies yearly, and have a great track record of donating to the communities we operate in. I work as a “mortgage broker” (actually loan consultant) on a part-time basis. I run our reverse mortgage program, where I’ve helped save seniors from foreclosure and rising housing expenses that they simply can’t keep up with. Despite objecting to our central banking system, I work within it. I didn’t have much of a choice when I found myself unemployed and in need of a job 2 1/2 years ago, and now I’ve come to enjoy my niche of helping seniors.

    The Indy’s endorsement of me was based on the Indy staff’s research and a very meaningful and open hour long conversation I had with them. I believe they recognized not only my financial talent, but also my ability to listen, learn and always keep an open mind. If my opinions sound rash or uncompassionate, I apologize. If anyone’s opinion differs from mine, I am ALWAYS happy to sit down, listen, and consider the facts. While a widely generalized categorization of me would pin me as a fiscal conservative and social libertarian, I do not carry a pre-fabricated political agenda that’s set in stone. I let my reality shape my politics rather than letting my politics shape my reality. Ward 2 will benefit from my work ethic, creativity, and ability to listen.

    Perhaps we don’t agree on the Pov relocation. I’d be happy to hear how you feel about it, rather than demoting the conversation to unfounded personal attacks. I’ve read “Homelessness and Housing Instability in Missoula.” Perhaps we need to be having two separate conversations – one about Missoula’s homeless population and one on transients. Everyone deserves to have a roof over their head and food in their stomaches. Our long-term goal as a community should be to provide the resources necessary so that people who aren’t able to provide themselves with food and shelter may have a chance at self-reliance and independence in the future. In the near term, organizations like the Pov and Missoula 3:16 are doing a great service. I simply hope to see them address the root of these problems rather than the symptoms. Rather than handing out sack lunches to folks who come knocking at the door of the Pov and turning them away for intoxication and drug use, we could encourage a system that gets these people not only a lunch, but counseling, training, encouragement, and a hand up. Perhaps in collaboration, we could develop a “flow” of sorts with steps from being completely dependent, to being semi-dependent with a final goal of becoming self-sufficient. I certainly didn’t mean to demean the Pov. I’ve just been frustrated by the lack of planning and collaboration our community has put behind the effort. Maybe Engen’s 10 year plan to end homelessness will be a step in the right direction.

    Anyway, thanks for the ink…no matter how unfactual or misguided it is.



    • Ryan Emmett Morton

      Adam, I think everything you said in the last long paragraph demonstrates a lack of knowledge about what the Pov actually does – as the entire organization AND the downtown facility.

      From the Pov itself:

      “The mission of the Poverello Center is to work collaboratively toward the prevention of homelessness and the creation of lasting solutions for homeless and at-risk families, children, and individuals throughout the State.

      “The Pov”, as we’re often called, advocates for and provides a continuum of housing and a variety of services to improve the health, well-being, and stability of those it serves.

      Since its founding almost 35 years ago, the organization has earned local and national recognition for its integrated healthcare, housing, and service programs.
      The Pov’s comprehensive approach addresses the causes of homelessness, as well as the consequences, offering critical assistance to over 5,000 individuals and families each year. ”

      Also, your philosophy regarding politics, I think it’s pretty naive to expect us to believe you don’t have preformed views that influence your understanding of reality. Most notably here with your “objection to our central banking system” rather than certain failed policies in light of years of providing economic stability despite boom and bust economic mindsets of business people and three decades of reduced regulations.

      (My own bias can be summed up with, “Elizabeth Warren is one of my heroes who helps me retain my belief in the goodness of human beings… that’s saying a lot considering most of my heroes have let me down in life.)

      But anyhoo, good luck and be careful about putting yourself out into the blogosphere like that. Few will thank you for it. :-)

  12. Will

    Ryan –

    Being you live in Helena – Missoula issues do not concern you. Please keep your nose where it belongs.

    Thanks much.

    • Ryan Emmett Morton

      LMAO! Will, tell that to Swede.

      Missoula issues do concern me as I bank there, hold a permanent address there, have family and friends there, ran for city council there, grew up there, worked there… I moved to Helena after being unemployed in Missoula 6 months. So… piss off. I say what I want and you can suck on it. Kisses!

  13. Will

    You don’t live in Missoula so who are you to judge? I have family all over the U.S. and my job is connected to various cities outside of Missoula. I still don’t see a reason why anyone should have a say on what happens in a city where they do not reside.

    You ran for city council? Interesting, I have never heard of you.

    • Ryan Emmett Morton

      What happens in Missoula affects me. I don’t take advice from uninformed, myopic strangers either.

    • Ryan Emmett Morton

      Actually, I’m sorry. I hadn’t realized you had piddled around Missoula marking your intellectual territory. I’ll refrain from exercising political speech.

      It’s also so CUTE you think you make the rules… on a blog…

  14. Will

    I have no desire to dictate the discussions on blogs. However, I find it funny you take them so seriously. This must be the only attention you receive.

    Blogs are for people who can’t afford anger management counseling. You are a classic example my friend as well as your buddy Lizard.

    • Ryan Emmett Morton

      Oh, I get so much attention on blogs. All those electrons just make feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

      Also, I don’t know lizard. Liz: do you know me?

      Could you recommend an anger management course? I assume you’re familiar.

      • lizard19

        no, i don’t know you outside of this lovely blogosphere, Ryan, but i’m sure we’ll run into each other one of these days :)

        as for anger management, my best suggestion is the delete key on the keyboard. it works.

    • Pete Talbot

      Ryan’s comments are well informed and are welcome here. You see, Will, we have all kinds of people from all over the place with all sorts of opinions commenting at 4&20. We even allow knotheads such as yourself a forum.

  15. lizard19

    thank you for the response, Adam.

    first, this “pathetic slam article” isn’t just about you, which you probably noticed. it’s more about the idea promoted by the Indy (MG) that a stronger progressive majority on city council is something to be concerned about. the reason provided for why this should be concerning is because of how the New Party’s reign in the 90’s was depicted in the article, a depiction that obviously a few people (as evidenced by some comments in this thread) disagree with.

    second, the only inaccuracy in my post is the mistake i made regarding your employment with Moody’s Market, which Chuck pointed out. it was sloppy on my part to assume the fancy title of “retail-pricing analyst” referred to a position with a powerful and corrupt ratings agency. instead it sounds like you help your father decide how much to charge customers for bananas. as a young, inexperienced politician, i can’t say i blame you for wanting to sex-up your work history.

    third, i think you have a lot to learn about available resources in this community when it comes to trying to address the very complicated issues of poverty, homelessness, mental illness, addiction, affordable housing, etc. i think maybe you are making a political calculation to come out strong against the Pov’s relocation because you think it will get you elected, and because you think it’s a weak point (which is debatable) for the incumbent you are trying to unseat.

    i don’t know how many doors you’ve knocked, so i have no way of getting a feel for how deep the hatred of homeless people actually runs in the westside neighborhood, but i read you parroting a lot of their fear-based misconceptions and misrepresentations about the issue.

    i’m glad you have read the needs assessment, Adam. next, i would suggest you take a tour of the facility you claim “caters to transients”. talk to people working there, talk to people living there, and let’s see if you can evolve the obvious ignorance you currently harbor, which is on full display when you say crap like this:

    Catering to transients takes much needed resources away from our local homeless population and will only result in a growing transient population and crime in our community.

    anyway, thanks again. and i would echo Ryan’s advice about being cautious about putting yourself out there in the blogosphere. hell, not even Pogie is safe from being unfairly characterized as a sexist by the cowgirl for telling Pam Bucy to grow up.

  16. d.g.

    Lyn Hellegaard should be our next mayor. Hell, she should be our current mayor, as we really have an opening there. I am about as liberal as a person can get….this woman impresses me with every vote she makes, including her vote on the token-esque “equality ordinance” (designed by Dave Strohmaier who, previous to running for U.S. Representative, would not have thought to let gays do much more than shape his over-sized hat.) Hellegaard is Barbara Evans with brains and a conscience. Can’t get much better than that.

    Read more:

  17. d.g.

    Peter Peter Peter…..The New Party got old in a few years. This newly stated hypocrisy becomes you. Hellegaard is simply a better candidate to balance the council than is her opponent,. Voters will confirm that. As a real-estate developer who writes about eminent domain in his (ample) spare time, you left your politico street-cred behind about two Patio Condominiums ago. The Independent got it right: Our shallow left has permanently damaged the perception of progressive thought and political action in Missoula. Strohmaier is distracting votes from a superior candidate in Wilmer. Wiener’s brew-pub constituency makes him just as absurd as the young woman with the finger-painted signs. Your shared bed with bankers is the only reason you support the baseball bailout. Roll over and go to sleep, please. The rest of us have work to do.

  18. petetalbot

    Speaking of no credibility, just keep hurling those uninformed, personal insults at me while hiding behind the anonymous initials of d.g. Quite manly of you.

    And if you actually read what I wrote above — I did NOT support the baseball bailout.

  19. lizard19

    so, it looks like the fiscal conservative reverse-mortgage grocery boy has squeaked by Pam. wonderful.

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