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By Pete Talbot

Topsy-turvey city council election. Disappointed by the Ward 2 Walzer/Hertz results but I’ll wait for the recount.

More on the council races later. Right now, I’m celebrating the landslide referendum outcome. Seventy-five freakin’ percent! Reminds me why I live here.

An American Insurgency?

by lizard

Most readers of this blog probably remember how frustrated some of us were in January of this year when Jon Tester labeled those on the left who disagreed with his Forest Jobs and Recreation Act as extremists. Here is the exact wording he used in the Missoulian article:

“The work doesn’t get done on the far left and it doesn’t get done on the far right,” Tester said during a meeting with the Missoulian editorial board on Monday. “It gets done in the middle. If you look at the folks opposing this bill, they’re the extremes. Quite frankly, extremists are extremists and I don’t really care. If they’re willing to become less ideologues and more realists, then come on board.”

It was pointed out at the time that using the term “extremists” was not just counterproductive rhetoric from our junior senator, but dangerous as well, considering what our nation does to radicalized islamic extremists in our ever-expanding WAR AGAINST TERROR.

Today I ran across a really disturbing article from Mother Jones, titled Next Frontier in Natural Gas Wars: Psy Ops. According to the article, at a recent conference, industry insiders discussed how best to deal with local opposition to fracking. Check out these two chilling statements featured in the MJ article:

Here’s the direct quote from Range Resources communications director Matt Pitzarella, from a from session titled “Designing a Media Relations Strategy To Overcome Concerns Surrounding Hydraulic Fracturing”:

“We have several former psy ops folks that work for us at Range because they’re very comfortable in dealing with localized issues and local governments,” Pitzarella said. “Really all they do is spend most of their time helping folks develop local ordinances and things like that. But very much having that understanding of psy ops in the Army and in the Middle East has applied very helpfully here for us in Pennsylvania.”

And here’s Matt Carmichael, the manager of external affairs for Anadarko Petroleum:

“Download the U.S. Army-slash-Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Manual, because we are dealing with an insurgency,” Carmichael said. “There’s a lot of good lessons in there and coming from a military background, I found the insight in that extremely remarkable.”

There it is, clear as day. American citizens who oppose their drinking water getting so polluted that their tap water becomes flammable are being casually labeled as insurgents who warrant a militarized counterinsurgency strategy to be deployed against them.

What’s next? Predator drone strikes in Pennsylvania? Ten years ago that would have sounded ridiculous. Now, it seems almost inevitable.

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