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by lizard

By next Wednesday we should know who will be Missoula’s ward 2 representative on City Council. Adam Hertz holds a slim three vote edge over Pam Walzer. And tonight I just realized two of those pro-Hertz votes came from my parents.

We were dining out with the family when my Dad broke this little bombshell. I sat there and literally kicked myself for not realizing what ward they were in. When my little outburst subsided, I asked my Dad how he came to make his decision, and his answer seemed to reinforce something the Indy observed when describing Pam’s “flagging enthusiasm”.

For a little context, my parents have only lived in Missoula for a little under 3 years, and because my Dad is more politically involved than my Mom, it’s usually his decision that determines who they both vote for. That said, my Dad is no ideologue, and recently I’ve witnessed surprising diatribes against the GOP I never expected to see, considering his voting record. So obviously I was very curious about how he came to darken the box for Hertz.

It came down to effort, both physical and online. Adam knocked on my parents door, and didn’t push too hard when my Dad name-dropped a recent councilman who is a friend of mine, and proud member of the opposing political team. Pam did not knock.

After the door-knock encounter, my Dad went online and compared websites, where Adam apparently came off as smart and engaged, while Pam came off as, well, not even trying. His decision, he told me, was more a product of being totally unimpressed with Pam’s online presence than it was being totally excited to put a young, fiscal conservative in the hot seat of our progressive-dominant city council.

In the Etc. section of the Indy this week (a section that creates a sometimes obnoxious space for editorial snarkiness) the increasing importance of using web-presence for 21st century political campaigns via social media was highlighted. My Dad’s anecdotal evidence seems to back that up. Too bad the only fragment of commentary taken from the post I put up calling attention to the alleged concern we Missoulians should have regarding a progressive super-majority was a colorful description of Hertz from a former employee of the non-profit Hertz has made public (and ignorant) issue with.

Anyway, whoever wins, best of luck. And if it’s you, Adam, welcome to the minefield of Missoula politics.

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