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by lizard

Americans continue to be poorly served by corporate media when it comes to covering what’s happening around the world. It takes a significant amount of active engagement to seek out and read alternative interpretations of current events. Unfortunately too many people either don’t care, or don’t have the time or resources to put forth the effort to get informed.

The best blogging is an often thankless investment of time, processing material, assembling quotes, linking sources, and providing commentary. One of the best blogs I have encountered in my relatively short time of active online engagement is Moon of Alabama, hosted by a sharp German blogger, “b”.

b has been directly instrumental in countering the hyped claims of the recent IAEA report regarding Iran’s bogus nuclear weapons program with a look at Iran’s nanotechnology sector. Gareth Porter even cited b’s blog here:

Iran has an aggressive program to develop its nanotechnology sector, and it includes as one major focus nanodiamonds, as blogger Moon of Alabama has pointed out. That blog was the first source to call attention to Danilenko’s nanodiamond background.

In another post, b takes a critical look at how western media is largely failing to provide an accurate context in its reporting of Egyptians back in Tahrir square, getting killed. He also points the finger at the Obama administration, providing, as evidence, a line from this Times piece, which he aptly dissects in his post.

[T]he Obama administration considered [the military] a partner that it hoped would help secure American interests.

Breaking the spell Obama still holds on too many entrenched thinkers with metaphorical skin in the game takes work, and one of the best antidotes is the daily lineup at Counterpunch, where, for example, one can inform themselves about the Obama administration’s disgusting display of bald-faced bullshit regarding its embrace of a Honduran regime that forced itself into power (with US blessings), and has since been the alleged perpetrators of 59 political killings just this year.

And this paragraph cites Wikileaks and The Nation reporting on how the coup opened the door for an increase in drug trafficking US officials were aware of as far back as 2004:

Recent U.S. diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks show that U.S. officials have been aware since 2004 that Facussé has also been trafficking large quantities of cocaine. Dana Frank, a professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz who is an expert on Honduras,summed it up for The Nation last month: “U.S. ‘drug war’ funds and training, in other words, are being used to support a known drug trafficker’s war against campesinos.”

It’s difficult for me to reconcile how US foreign policy can support an illegitimate narco-state puppet regime like the one in Honduras, while all I have to do is look to our local rag to see how domestic drug policy featureshow the feds continue to roll after their boss issued duplicitous rhetoric about respecting state law and those operating within those laws.

To grapple with what’s going on takes work. To provide a good local example, I’m not sure, without posts like this one from Pogie, if I would even know about Neil Livingstone, not to mention how bizarre and inexplicably unreported his bid for Governor has been. Spats aside, I certainly appreciate the information.

To round out this meandering post, I’m going to try and articulate something about the Occupy movement that’s been recently bouncing around my head.

Along with the change of weather, I think there may be some grains of truth behind the media depictions of changing dynamics at encampments around the country, and it might be worth considering acknowledging and embracing why that’s happening.

The spaces opened up through the seeds of a protest movement have been joined by all sorts of previously displaced people with few-to-no-other options. Before #OWS, these kinds of make shift encampments were known as tent cities, and they too were shuffled out of sight, albeit with less media coverage and general concern.

I say that because I get the feeling some of the early organizers may be struggling with how to keep momentum moving forward while simultaneously in the midst of supporting physical spaces where the needs are considerable as winter rolls in, and every misdeed a headline the media will smear the whole movement with.

In conclusion, there are no guarantees when it comes to our atmosphere.

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