Plan B? Cheerleading and Boosterism Fail…


Don’t shoot the messenger, but this can’t end well for democrats:

The presages a nasty negative campaign from Obama as a last ditch effort to be the lesser of two evils. Which of course will depress turnout. And all those coattails in 2008? Gone.

Obviously, “Cut the Crap” style boosterism and attacks designed to shame wavering democrats (and whoever else party insiders deem worthy of guilting) back into the fold–and demonizing critics into outcast and scapegoat territory–isn’t working. Or so the polls seem to show that despite dems “best” efforts in the blogosphere and elsewhere the economic reality of our country is taking the presidency under. The drop in support among democrats is particularly telling.

Dems ready for 4 more years… of republican rule? Or are they ready to get a backbone and get to work on things like this? Political salvation lies only in constructing the 4th separation of powers. Of course, the man at the top would have to renounce his unholy corporate alliance to Wall Street, and start doing the people’s work. “Poll after poll has shown that Americans oppose Citizens United by about 4 to 1” (as Missoula’s referendum on Corporate Personhood victory recently showed).

What’s it going to be Mr. President? Abdicate to the republican wing of the corporate party? Or align yourself with the people?

  1. If it’s any consolation, I think Obama will have a good shot at winning the vote in the City of Missoula.

    • No Eric. They’ll be too busy camping out. Oh that’s right. They’re not doing that anymore. Whatever happened to Occupy Missoula, anyway?

      • Steve W

        What are you talking about Rob?

        • This comment removed due to personal attacks and off topic ranting.

          I’m only going to say this once Rob:

          1) I do not care about your opinion or what you think;
          2) I have no desire to answer your demands that I acknowledge you;
          3) You know nothing of me, or what I do, so quit making an ass out of yourself by assuming so with your personal attacks;
          4) I’m done with you. I have far better things to do in life than react to your petty, self-serving BS.

          • Steve W

            Rob, people have been camping out at Ocuppy Missoula since this started. They still are.

            I wouldn’t expect you to know that since you don’t seem to know much.

            But that’s the facts.

            Please check your facts before you spread false information.

            Please at least attempt to know what you are talking about.


  2. lizard19

    the circus that is the GOP field is sucking up all the oxygen as they try to out-crazy each other. hell, even relatively sane Republicans are wringing their hands about how nuts the clown show has become.

    I have a guilty pleasure: I wake up every workday at 4am, and watch Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough and Mika, and I have to admit I’ve started enjoying watching Joe’s incredulous jibes at soft targets like Newt.

    Imagine if there was primary heat like this on the Democrat side.

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    At last our long national nightmare is over. There is finally a President worse than Carter. Now, Carter can go away and stop banging on perfectly good walls and annoying the less fortunate among us.

    And the less fortunate among us being defined as anyone who has to be in the presence of Jimmah Carter.

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