United States Of Hypocrisy

by lizard

There appears to be no bottom to the depths of hypocrisy American officials like Hillary Clinton exemplify when criticizing other nations:

Issuing new warnings to two U.S. partners Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Russia for a parliamentary election she called rigged and said election gains by Islamist parties must not set back Egypt’s push toward democracy after the fall of autocrat Hosni Mubarak this year.

She acknowledged the success of Islamist parties in Egyptian parliamentary voting that the U.S. has praised as fair. But many of the winners are not friendly to the United States or U.S. ally Israel, and some secular political activists in Egypt are worried that their revolution is being hijacked. Islamist parties are among the better-known and better-organized in Egypt, and while they were expected to do well in last week’s first round voting, a hardline bloc scored surprisingly large gains.

Clinton addressed head-on the fear that the hard-liners will crimp human and women’s rights.

“Transitions require fair and inclusive elections, but they also demand the embrace of democratic norms and rules,” she said. “We expect all democratic actors to uphold universal human rights, including women’s rights, to allow free religious practice.”

Man, is this shit getting old. Hillary Clinton needs to STFU and listen to how the domestic crackdown against Occupy encampments makes anything she says to countries like Egypt and Russia about “Democracy” and “Human Rights” worth as much as the toilet paper I wipe my ass with. She could start with what a U.N. envoy recently said:

The United Nations envoy for freedom of expression is drafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to know why federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy demonstrators whose protests are being disbanded — sometimes violently — by local authorities.

Frank La Rue, who serves as the U.N. “special rapporteur” for the protection of free expression, told HuffPost in an interview that the crackdowns against Occupy protesters appear to be violating their human and constitutional rights.

“I believe in city ordinances and I believe in maintaining urban order,” he said Thursday. “But on the other hand I also believe that the state — in this case the federal state — has an obligation to protect and promote human rights.”

“If I were going to pit a city ordinance against human rights, I would always take human rights,” he continued.

Nah, fuck human rights. They only matter when used as leverage on the geopolitical stage.

Speaking of ass wiping…


it appears poop and the subsequent toilet paper is a major reason for Missoula’s county commissioners recent decision to shift from wait-it-out to eviction of Occupy Missoula:

“If they want to go every day and have a protest on the courthouse lawn, we think that’s a legitimate use of free speech and assembly,” said Dale Bickell, the county’s chief administrative officer. “Having 24/7 occupancy, where it’s putting our staff into a position of having to clean up after them – you know, maybe not.”

Those cleaning efforts have led to “increased exposure of county staff to pathogens,” the commissioners’ letter said. The county has fielded dozens of complaints about the occupation of the courthouse lawn from citizens, and county employees have spent “countless hours” monitoring and communicating with the oft-changing faces of the protest movement.

There are lots of details that would be interesting to know, like how many hours have been expended? At what specific cost? Who is tasked with picking up poop? Were there any issues before OM established their encampment with unsanitary activities on the courthouse lawn? What kind of “monitoring” is being used?

Those details, though, would alter the intent of this Lee Enterprises article, which is to uncritically regurgitate official spin when it aligns with its implied pro-business credo.

Here’s the (probably) more accurate intent of county commissioners, which of course can’t be overtly articulated: this occupation created a space that was shared with the courthouse lawn’s previous occupants, the undesirables who get lumped under the “transient” label so loved by the Missoulian, which then caused the usual suspects downtown to complain loud enough, resulting in the previous position of “patience” by commissioners to finally run out.

To show what a difference a few weeks can make, here is how the Missoula Independent framed the County’s position:

It’s been about two months since the first tents bloomed outside Missoula’s courthouse. County officials have had plenty of reason to boot the squatters, yet there they are, fewer in number but perhaps stronger in resolve, braving early winter to champion a cause whose message is at once revolutionary and confusing.

“It’s a difficult position for the county,” says chief financial officer Andrew Czorny. “We recognize their First Amendment rights to assemble, so we’re trying to observe those as best we can and maintain communication with the Occupy movement.”

Czorny isn’t sure what the protesters are asking for, but he does know that their presence has jeopardized county workers. The Occupy encampment port-a-potties were removed in early November and the county noted feces and urine on the courthouse lawn shortly after. Staff had to be inoculated following their cleanup work, Czorny says. So the county supplied the protesters with a port-a-potty to ensure the safety of county workers.

Missoula County is aware that, through public complaints or additional Occupation mishaps, they may reach a tipping point with the protesters. But Czorny adds that they’re watching the national news and learning that patience is probably key.

“The protesters would almost like to see the heavy hand used, to gain more media attention,” he says. “We just don’t want to give that to them.”

I guess we’ll see what County officials decide to “give” the folks on the courthouse lawn. If it’s eviction, that would be a real bah-humbug.

And for those occupiers who may not have the choice of living inside, they can just relocate to one of several homeless encampments around town. Out of sight, out of headlines.

  1. d.g.

    Dear Hillary, when running for president, also said she would “obliterate” Iran. Missoula’s self-proclaimed voice of the people, Pat Williams, went on to support her candidacy anyway.

  2. Chuck

    I think you would be fine taking the camp down and cleaning up. Might even gain some supporters amongst the 99%.

    • lizard19

      I don’t disagree Chuck, and I think that’s what we’re seeing with the meme’d shift to phase 2, which as far as I can tell is a more mobile, versatile, creative scattershot of approaches, like occupying foreclosed homes, #squidding, and shutting down ports, while sort of letting the camps thrive or fizzle on their own.

  3. lizard19

    I am waiting for Hillary’s condemnation of Saudi Arabia for beheading a woman convicted of practicing sorcery.

  4. Chuck

    I think the county needs to pass the Missoula camp issue off to Engen and the city council and quit spending a single penny of county taxpayer money on them. If the camp is violating city ordinances the Mayor and his city council should handle it.

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