Congress’ Dysfunction, Rehberg’s Wilfull Ignorance

by jhwygirl

We all know congress is a mess. These guys are beyond any sense when they can’t keep the nation’s flood insurance program running on anything but rims. Congress has surpassed incompetence at this point – it’s malfeasance when you look at the purposeful will with which they make these decisions.

Montanans across the state might want to take note, given that La Nina is supposed to be hanging around here this winter (though little of her presence has been noted recently). If predictions hold true, last year’s flood season may only have been a practice for what we’ll see in 2012.

And if ice jams are an issue for you (Gallatin Gateway? Bitterooters?) you may want to make sure you’ve purchased your flood insurance before the program expires this Friday, for what is at least its 4th time this year. I got dizzy looking back at how that program’s been extended this year:

Back in June, during the deficit debacle, the National Flood Insurance Program expired – expired – June 1st, and wasn’t signed back into law until June 31st – and of course, it was retroactive to June 1st. The program was extended until September 30th.

On September 29th, the program was extended until October 4th.

5 days?!?!

On October 4th, it was extended until November 18th.

And on November 18th, the program was extended until December 16. That’s this Friday.

And get this – last Thursday, December 8th, HR3628 was introduced to extend the program through May 31st.

May 31st. Really?

Now – I didn’t go any further back than that expiration of the program on June 1st, but in 2010, the National Flood Insurance Program lapsed four times and flood coverage could not be purchased or renewed for a total of 53 days.

Wonder what that uncertainty in flood insurance is doing for the housing market?

Proposing an extension of a program that is needed for areas that cover huge populations of Americans – and significant investments in tax base – through May 31st is plain ridiculous.

The GOP wants to toss around the uncertainty of regulation and they guys can’t even propose a decent extension of a program that damn well know isn’t going to go away. Not only that, they propose an extension that sets it to expire just as the flood waters start rolling down the Missouri on its way to the Mississippi as spring starts to thaw out Montana and North and South Dakota.

Frankly, it’s pretty surprising, given that the industry has been asking for a 5-year extension.

Montanans would do well to call Denny Rehberg and tell him that maybe he should get to work and tell his colleagues that the National Flood Insurance Program is a pretty important thing here in Montana, and that proposing an extension that has the thing expiring in May of 2012 is just plain stupid. Time is running out…and this thing has to come out of the House, which is the worst of the mess we’ve got over there in D.C.

Right now Rehberg’s a little too busy proposing a federal land swap for a Jesus statue.

Of course, I’m betting a federal land swap, even if it is only 625 square feet, will keep a whole bunch of bureaucrats employed for at least a few years. Maybe that’s Rehberg’s jobs plan.

And the cost of that land swap is most certainly publicly funded – he wouldn’t want those Jesus statute advocates to have to pay the cost of administering that land swap, I’m sure.

Let Rehberg know that perhaps he should get to working on keeping the largest economic sector – housing – a little more stable. A lot of JOBS are at stake – something you’d think he’d realize. All of that aside from helping out a whole bunch of Montana taxpayers who rely on the flood insurance program to protect their private property.

Rehberg can be reached toll free at 1-888-232-2626 – or you can click this link and shoot him a quick email.

A quick note here, but it looks like the Republicans in the House have found a way around their own self-imposed earmarks ban. I wish I had the time, but hopefully someone will go poking around those committees that Rehberg is on – Appropriations? – and see if any hypocrisy is going on there. I highly doubt the GOP is only circumventing their own ban on earmarks in Armed Services.

  1. The Obama regimes plan to run against a do-nothing Congress is already falterig, and if you’re trying to help them out with posts like this you should probably go get a new playbook – LOL

  2. Turner

    My greatest fear is that the electorate have become so disinformed and vicious that they will elect out-and-out fascists. I wasn’t alive in the 30s, but what we’re experiencing today politically reminds me of what I’ve heard about that time.

    The GOP are promising a return to Norman Rockwell’s America. They’re appealing to a nostalgia for a golden age of protestant caucasian supremacy.

  3. Turner

    “Disfunction” is a peculiar word. The usual spelling is “dysfunction,” but even in this form it’s a sort of mongrel since the “function” part comes from Latin and the “dys” is from Greek.

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