Exactly How Does Missoula Deal With Rape?

by jhwygirl

What exactly goes on in this town regarding rape? The University of Montana investigating crimes on its own campus with its own attorney/investigator? And not involving police? Are Universities their own political subdivision?

A woman goes to the police to inquire about rape and assault charges and they don’t immediately find her an advocate? A friggin’ possible rape victim who might be in shock goes to the police station to ask about assault and they don’t immediately try and seek medical attention for her?!

What goes on? Is anyone else even concerned? Bueller? Bueller?

Today we get a story of another rape victim who reported an assault and the police never filed charges. KECI reported tonight, with someone from Missoula PD saying that they didn’t pursue charges after speaking with 5 football players and their story didn’t corroborate that of the victims.

You don’t say?

If I were a parent of a young lady that resided here in the City of Missoula, I’d be mightily concerned. Picture a 22 year old woman concerned enough to head off to the police station to ask about assault or rape or any sort of crime. That said 22 year old woman has to talk first with someone who wants to know what she wants – and she could be standing out in the hallway at the front desk. With people standing in line. Then if she gets her guts up enough to get in the door she has to discuss assault – sexual or otherwise – with a stranger who doesn’t even seem to have the common sense to bring in a counselor or some sort of advocate. It’s a situation that I find very uncomfortable to think about.

Are female crime victims dismissed? Or ignored? I’ve heard a number of disturbing stories over the last 6 months or so – two being two separate trials related to domestic violence, unrelated, two juries, and two people, one one each jury – and disturbingly, both cases detailed a litany of lost paperwork and unfiled warrants – and even recorded police conversations where the police advised someone who had an order of protection against him that he could go over to his ex girlfriends if it was for the purpose of obtaining his property. Which, of course, resulted in the assault that put the victim in the hospital – and in that court for trial.

I’ll close (for now) with just one more observation – one more name that is all over this like flies on shit is Vice President Jim Foley. When it comes to thuggery, the taxpayers of Montana are sure getting their money’s worth. His salary has got to be in the 6-digit range.

Just what I want my tax dollars funding.

Hey Hey, Ho Ho – Jim Foley Has Got to Go!


  1. Chuck

    Post it if you think it will help. I don’t know if they are any good or not.

    • I’m questioning police protocol, Chuck. If a crime victim of assault comes into the police, an advocate should be appointed. Not only that – aren’t these cops informed enough to consider the possibility of drugging giving that (a) It’s Missoula, for gawd’s sake (b) it’s a university town where that type of crime is statistically pretty high and (c) the victim (both in this case, one this year, one last year) were saying the didn’t remember anything.

      I believe advocates here in town are asking the same questions…I would hope so.

      I hope the woman or women involved in this second alleged incident that occurred here just at the end of the semester have strong family support like the first girl appears to have had.

      The police appear to have not offered this advocate, which may have resulted in the loss of evidence and rise in rumors that clouded any investigation they after-the-fact attempted to make.

      it’s really quite pathetic given that this is a university town and it’s nearly 2012.

      • the demeanor of missoula’s police administration is reflected in the handling of this case. their mission is to have as little interaction with the public as possible, from the chief on down, the entire desk force seems hellbent on protecting themselves and to hell with the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve..

        i went to that building to seek justice there once over a simple burglary case involving a business i worked for and was treated like the criminal. one encounters a snide bureaucrat behind a bullet proof window which is smeared with all manner of dessicated spitttle and one is forced to speak into a voice hole which smells of urine and wine. i doubt if anyone who works there behind desks knows or cares about treating the public with decency leave alone any type of proper protocol.

        my suggestion if you are the victim of any crime is to call 911 and have the officer on patrol take care of it. never- i mean never take your legal business to those Kafkaesque drones in that office. they could care less about victims or the public.


        • Chuck

          Excellent points and I’m probably naive enough to have assumed that Missoula would have a female rape crises officer or counselor to walk a victim through the entire ordeal.
          Maybe the mayor should hire Barz to broaden the investigation.

  2. Unreal and very upsetting. The University of Montana’s reputation is becoming more tarnished by the minute. What do they plan to do about this mess? Will the UM leadership act with integrity or take cover and hope it all fades away? Will the Jim Foley “old boy network” protect him over the victims? This stinks.

    I think parents should cross UM off the potential college list for our children. It was our top choice for our son until the rape scandal. There’s a right way to handle a crisis like this, and a terribly sleazy, unethical way…

  3. mr benson

    Good to see the Missoula City Commission finally asking the same question jhwygirl asked so long ago. Isn’t this the same police chief who went off to undermine medical marijuana? But he doesn’t know how to treat rape victims?

    But it’s a bit late to complain about how rape victims are treated if you haven’t prioritized putting money into victim witness and police detectives. And by prioritize, I mean, fund it first, make it a topic of discussion first, and have cops worry about pot or cell phones or city councils worry about outsider fringe national political posturing…last.

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