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Obama The Closet Marxist

by lizard

Rob Natelson has a new post up at ECW, titled Is Obama A Closet Marxist?. It’s simply amazing.

The post stems from a comment Rob made on Budge’s post about why Libertarians should reject Ron Paul. When a commenter said the following:

“Quite honestly I have come to believe that whoever wins elections has very little effect on what happens to the general public”

Rob replied with this:

— that is generally, but not always, true. We need institutional change more than a change in particular politicians. But sometimes an outlier like Obama can effect significant change. So if the difference is between, say, a Kerry and a Bush it probably doesn’t matter hugely—Kerry would be more liberal, but the GOP would push back harder. But when you elect someone who, if not a closet Marxist certainly acts like one, that does make a difference. If we don’t get a new President in 2012, institutional change becomes that much more difficult.

Dumbfounded that a former university professor could make such a ridiculous claim about our president, I asked the professor what he based his assertion on. I didn’t really expect Rob to answer, but he proved me wrong and put up this list of evidence that Obama is a closet Marxist. Check it out:

* Nationalization of companies and functions (GM, student loans, etc.).
* Attempted government takeover of health care (and he wanted a socialized insurance company, the “public option,” as well).
* Heavy government “investment” in favored parts of the economy (Solyndra, for example).
* Expansion of federal spending to peacetime heights—with more requested.
* Huge expansion of the regulatory state.
* Campaigns as a classic anti-capitalist class warrior, railing against “Wall Street” and “the wealthy.”
* Seeks far more graduated income tax.
* Fixation on promoting labor unions as political as well as economic forces.
* After purportedly being against it, wants power to lock people up without habeas corpus.
* Father a genuine, professed Marxist.
* Admits in his bio being influenced by Marxists as a youth.
* Describes feeling during his brief time in the private sector as “a spy behind enemy lines.”
* Associates with Marxists like Bill Ayers and the “liberation theology” crowd.

I’m sort of at a loss how to respond. Luckily others aren’t, and there are already some good comments countering Rob’s assertion, especially Ryan Morton’s response.

Really, I think it’s sad that Rob is willing to contribute such slop to the political conversations raging across the country. These erroneously-spun Marxist tendencies supposedly exhibited by our President have more to do with crony capitalism, corporate welfare, and the revolving door between government and the private sector than “Marxism”.

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