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The Age Of Mistrust

by lizard

I’m afraid we’ve entered the age of mistrust, where nothing is certain, and everything is suspect. Let me try to explain.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of trust lately, and it wasn’t until my response to the professor that those thoughts finally started crystallizing.

While I think Rob Natelson is cynically exploiting the Obama-as-Marxist meme (for a paycheck?), it would be unfair of me (and hypocritical?) to just dismiss the fact that lots of people believe what the Professor is peddling, that Obama is a secret “closet” Marxist.

What I think may be happening is this: we are experiencing a slowly worsening crisis of trust, and it’s permeating more and more aspects of our daily lives. People don’t trust vaccines, the food supply, the money supply, government, science, corporations, and they sure as hell don’t trust politicians, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this trust deficit makes fertile ground for conspiracies of all colors.

In order for us to operate in this increasingly dysfunctional system of late capitalism, it has become necessary for us to choose which conspiracy to believe in. Lot’s of religious folks choose the conspiracy of evil, believing Satan and his legion conspire to fill the realm of hell with the souls of the damned. Leftists choose the conspiracy of capital. Rightwingers partake of different dishes, like communist conspiracies, radical islamist conspiracies, and homosexual conspiracies.

The vein of conspiracies I choose to entertain circulate around the notion of a global elite and resource scarcity, but I don’t go all the way down the rabbit hole. For example, I believe in tactics like false flag attacks and fake “color” revolutions, but I don’t believe in “the illuminati”.

Macro trends fascinate me, and this crisis of trust seems like a big one. Or maybe I’m totally wrong. In any case, expect more inquiries along these lines as 2012 progresses.

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