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by lizard

As I was listening to some NPR primary coverage last night, something struck me. The discussion was about exit polling, and the guy being interviewed said something about foreign policy being a non-existent concern for voters. The interviewer asked if it was an open question about which issues concerned voters, and the guy (representing PEW I think) said no, people were asked about specific issues, but the exit poll itself included no questions about foreign policy. The interviewer sort of laughed, and said something to the effect of, well, how do you know what voters think about it if you don’t ask them?

Brilliant question, right?

Ron Paul’s strong second place finish must be making establishment types nervous. I may be reading too much into an exit poll NOT asking about foreign policy, but I can’t help connecting that with the constant attacks against Paul, from the right, targeting his “isolationist” foreign policy ideas as being the crazy positions that make him unsuitable for office.

It’s very important, for the establishment types, to ensure terms like “anti-war” conjures up images of leftist commie hippies. But after a decade of imperial insanity, the painful reverberations of the human cost of war have been spreading among families of soldiers, and I would speculate that may have something to do with the fact Ron Paul’s foreign policy positions are apparently not deal breakers for over 20% of New Hampshire primary voters.

I have a hunch that cynicism, skepticism, and outright opposition to the bipartisan consensus of ever-expanding war is growing. And it’s growing beyond the crude characterizations of anti-war protestors reenforced by bitter culture warriors.

Ron Paul is playing an important role for those of us who think foreign policy is just as important an issue to discuss during this electoral process as the economy is. And I, for one, will continue to use Ron Paul’s candidacy as a tool to push the topic, despite the consternation of lesser-evil Democrats who refuse to see how dangerous Obama’s prosecution of the War on Terror has been, and will be, once he handily disposes of Mitt “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.” Romney in November.

Foreign policy has GOT to get more attention. Tensions with Iran continue to escalate, with another nuclear scientist getting assassinated (the link is Greenwald’s take, a must read). And in Pakistan, the lull of drone strikes after that whoops NATO air strike (which killed dozens of Pakistani soldiers) is over.

Maybe the media will start paying attention when Iran finally does something in retaliation to all the provocations it continues to endure. And maybe Americans will take the situation a little more seriously when a hot war breaks out, and gas at the pump skyrockets, flinging the economy into a flat out depression.

Until then, pass the popcorn, because watching conservatives try to rally behind a flip-flopping vulture-capitalist Massachusetts-governing Obamacare-originator Mormon, who has extended family living in Mexico (and even employs some of those *gasp* Mexicans) should be fun.


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