GOP’s Ken Miller to Announce Billie Orr as His Lt. Governor Running Mate

by jhwygirl

Worthy sources are confirming GOP gubernatorial primary candidate Ken Miller – who’s hitting Rick Hill’s insurance big business connections pretty hard – will be announcing one of Bozeman’s newer residents Billie Orr as his Lieutenant Governor running mate soon.

Who is Billie Orr? From her Wikipedia page:

Billie J. Orr, Ed.D. is an advocate for education reform. She is the former president of the Education Leaders Council, and former deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of Arizona . She was the principal of Kiva School in Scottsdale, Arizona from 1994 to 1997.

She lives in Bozeman, Montana, is active in the Tea Party movement and is a Republican candidate for the Montana House of Representatives.

As Arizona Superintendent of Education Ms. Orr implemented the most vigorous charter school program in the country.

Makes me want to look at how education is doing down there in Arizona, considering her 20+ years of influence there….

I will say I ran into a guy at Costco a while back with a Ken Miller t-shirt on. When I stopped to ask him about “Ken Miller” he actually knew a good bit about the candidate (usually I find the opposite). We had a short pleasant chat, and about 25 minutes later he “found” me and provide me with some literature.

Miller’s got some enthusiastic supporters – that one being from Mineral County, as I recall. Now it looks like he’s got a Tea Party favorite for his running mate. Both, I’m sure, will serve him well as he fights Hill’s cash – which (on hand) is 88 times more than what Miller’s got earmarked for the primary.

Seems everyone’s fighting big money these days. Even the good old GOP candidates – Gingrich included.

America – and Montana – is now for sale to those able to purchase the best government they can afford.

  1. Mark Miwertz

    It’s a good fit for Miller, and will steal some of Hill’s support, across the board in Gallatin among traditional Rs and the TP, because Ms Orr is a tireless and effective worker and a genial and considerate personality. They both are, really, very engaging. That’s not to say, I’m sending them money or voting that way, but it strengthens Miller’s campaign significantly.

    Regarding the gubernatorial race, Jeff Essmann has bailed, ending a saga of non campaigning that began prematurely when highwaygirl broke the story a couple months before he announced.

  2. Rick

    Feed your sources to the HOGS !!!!! Your a fool to speak before it is anounced !!!!!!!!!

  3. I have known Ken for almost 30 years, and he would be an excellent Governor.

    I met him in 1983 when he was running his own roofing and construction business, and I was a young man working for Senco, and he did business with us.

    He worked hard, left home when it was dark, and got home when it was dark, and everybody he did jobs for thought highly of him.

    I gave him some primary money, and I hope he wins.

  4. Pogo Possum

    Don’t beat up on jhwyGirl. I am the source for the rumor on Ken Miller naming Billie Orr as his lieutenant governor. It came from someone inside the Miller organization (green shirt and all) I have known for years. My source was wrong and therefore I was wrong. Miller just announced Bill Gallagher as his LG.

    Makes me wonder what is going on in the Miller camp for some of their inside people to be confused about who Ken’s final pick will be. Mea Culpa to jhwyGirl.

    • Rick

      Oh, there is no confusion your source just hung you out that’s all. Shows me there are Loyal people to ken! Thanks for the retraction! Blessings to you all! It’s the truth that stes us free!!

    • jackruby

      Gallagher got tired of shining Molnar’s boots at the PSC? Interesting.

  5. Drill Baby Drill

    Looks like you have your facts wrong again- Miller announced Gallahger as his running mate. Not that I expect to find much in terms of the truth here.

  6. Mark Miwertz

    Hey, it made a lot of sense at the time. You’re batting .500 for this year on the candidate scoops.

    I don’t have to feel the least bit shy about voting for one of Miller’s primary opponents.

    Now, your penance is to answer the burning question, “Who is Larry Jent’s running mate? “

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