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by jhwygirl

I’m getting a little sick of hearing Newt Gingrich whine about the negative campaigning of “Massachusetts liberal Mitt Romney.”

Isn’t that negative campaigning? Newt calling Mitt Romney a “Massachusetts liberal”? Isn’t the word “liberal” an insult in the GOP world?

And sometime we’re going to have to have a discussion about negative campaigning. When it’s factually true, and relevant to the campaign, is it negative campaigning? Or just facts that the candidate who is the objet d’affection of said campaign feels are negative?

Because there’s a difference between the two, don’t you think?

All of that being said, one of Newt’s complaints is that he doesn’t deserve to be “attacked” over his ethic charges when he was Speaker of the House. Nor his large fine. And nor his subsequent resignation. That’s because while the House had concluded that he violated Federal tax code, they left those charges up to the IRS, which eventually dropped the charges.

Based on that, Newt claims the ad is unfair. Clearly, Newt doesn’t understand ethics.

See – the way I understand it, an ethics violation occurs when there is even the implication of impropriety. That’s the thing about ethics – the law doesn’t actually have to have been broken – a reasonable suggestion or implication of impropriety that has people question….your ethics….is enough.

Lawyers, judges…government officials: These are the people you typically hear charges of ethics violations. Why is that? Well – who polices these people? Who knows the laws? Who is the law? Those charged with that task should be held higher.

Clearly Newt’s failed that test.

Is it proper to push the law to the outermost reaches of ethical boundary? By the very people who write and interpret and administer said law?

Gingrich needs to get himself a dictionary. For someone who treats everyone as if they are stupider than him, it’d be a start.

As for Newt Gingrich getting himself some ethics? The realm of that possibility departed back in the 90’s.

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