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by lizard

A resolution to address the violence in Syria has failed, vetoed by Russia and China. My twitter feed is buzzing with outrage. Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton are buzzing with outrage. Russia and China are now complicit in whatever violence follows, they say.

And without any sense of irony, Susan Rice called Russia’s opposition to the resolution a “cheap ruse by those who would rather sell arms to the Syrian regime than stand with the Syrian people.” (ahem, Bahrain?!)

All week, there has been wrangling over the language of the resolution. This is a direct consequence of the US and its western allies exploiting the UN resolution to establish a no-fly zone in Libya for the real motive of imposing regime change. This from the link:

The resolution referred to “targeted measures” – instead of sanctions – if the clampdown in Syria continued.

But Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said that draft was based on “the philosophy of confrontation”.

He said the threat of an ultimatum of sanctions against the Syrian authorities was “unacceptable” and that the approach went “against the principle of a peaceful settlement of a crisis on the basis of a full Syrian national dialogue”.

He repeated Moscow’s concerns that a resolution could lead to a Libyan-style foreign military intervention in Syria and said pressure should also be put on the Syrian opposition movement to refrain from violence and disassociate itself from “extremists”.

But Mr Churkin added that Moscow would like the Syrian regime to be “quicker with implementing the promised changes”.

China’s UN ambassador Li Baodong said that Beijing opposed the idea of “interference in (Syria’s) internal affairs.”

He added that “sanction or threat of sanction does not help resolve the question of Syria” but “may further complicate the situation”.

Do Russia and China give a shit about dead Syrians? Of course not. But neither does the US. This is geopolitics, and the US is getting its my-way-or-the-highway attitude rebuffed because of past deceits.

It’s also incredibly difficult to determine what’s actually happening on the ground in Syria. Initial reports of 200 dead from last night’s attack are already being revised.

And the opposition to the Assad regime is NOT comprised of relatively non-violent civilians occupying some square. It’s an armed insurrection comprised of military defectors, who call themselves the Free Syria Army. This piece looks at how, in recent months, the Free Syria Army have turned to guerilla tactics against the regular army.

After more than ten months of a deadly crackdown on anti-government protests in Syria, members of the Free Syrian Army – out-armed and out-numbered by Syrian military forces – are now engaging in a classic military manoeuvre by drawing their enemy into urban areas they know well. In neighbourhoods where the population is on their side, fighting in the streets works to their advantage, as they can easily hide inside homes.

Yeah, civilians are going to be getting killed in Syria, just like they’re getting killed across the Middle East. Sometimes, when it serves US interests, those deaths get amplified, and sometimes they get conveniently omitted.

10 years ago Syria was declared to be part of the Axis of Evil by the Bush regime. That hasn’t changed.

And here’s something else that hasn’t changed: Geopolitics is a deadly game played by the leaders of Nations, and civilians are just pawns. In death, civilian body counts can be used as leverage to pressure certain outcomes. That’s what I think is happening here with this UN posturing, and that is what I find to be truly disgusting.

by jhwygirl

As always – please consider this an open thread.

Kevin Hamm has a new project: PoliticktickBOOM. It’s a podcast on politics. I’m looking forward to an issued-based audioblogpodcast for here in Montana. Hamm (if his blog stuff is any indicator) will be doing it right.

Crazy amount of money pouring/poured from Jackson Hole Wyoming residents into GOP pacs for Santorum and Huntsman. This story from the Jackson Hole News & Guide also illustrates the absolute stripping of any election funding limits that result from PAC’s. Sickening.

Reminds me that I probably should go poking around looking at where Montana’s money is coming and going….

From two of the best this week, George Ochenski over at the Missoula Independent points out the similarities in Obama’s “Blueprint for an America Built to Last,” to nearly every conservative’s favorite, President Ronald Reagan. That ‘built to last thing’ is described by the White House as “President Obama’s Blueprint to Make The Most of America’s Energy Resources.”

Supermontanareporter John S. Adams, of the Great Falls Tribune, was back from furnication this week with the real scoop on who Governor Schweitzer has in mind for that (what I’m thinking now is a) ridiculous office of the Commissioner of the Office of Political Practices.

First there were 16, then there were 4…And somewhere in between there a secret email about a secret Republican.

I don’t know why this is kicking in here, but did anyone notice the <a href = ""Psycho boyfriend burns lovers car" story? At least that's what the headline should have read. The "Man burns former lover's car" has a bit of a bias, if you asked me. Lover? Really?

Seriously..anyone notice that?

Montana’s beloved Rep. Denny Rehberg was out with a gaff this week – but what do you expect from a mulit-millionaire subdivision farmer? Don Pogreba over at Intelligent Discontent kicks up that story which has a lot of people talking.

Speaking of….James Conner, of the Flathead Memo scores a “10” with his piece this week on Whitefish’s Big Mountain’s Jesus. Perfect weave of words on the absurdity of truth. Don’t miss it.

Jack over at The Western Word gave his take on the political scene here in Montana this week. (Hint? “Money Money Money”)

And that’s about all I got…Happy weekend everyone!

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