Blessing the Super Pac While Messina Assuages Wall Street

by jhwygirl

Just a quick hit on this one: I’m sure everyone’s heard the news earlier this week that President Obama has blessed his very own Super Pac, something he had rejected in the past.

Of course, he’s still cleaner, somehow. This, from Jay Carney, White House spokesperson:

He said Obama still refuses lobbyist and PAC money in his campaign account, “which distinguishes him from any of his potential … general-election opponents.”

Who’s out calming the bankers? Montana’s very own Jim Messina headed to Wall Street on Tuesday to let them know who Obama doesn’t have a problem with:

At the members-only Core Club in Manhattan, Messina provided a campaign briefing last night for some of the president’s top donors, including Ralph Schlosstein, chief executive officer at Evercore Partners Inc., and his wife, Jane Hartley, co-founder of the economic and political advisory firm Observatory Group LLC; Eric Mindich, founder of Eton Park Capital Management LP; and Ron Blaylock, co-founder of GenNx360 Capital Partners…..

In response to a question, Messina told the group of Wall Street donors that the president plans to run against Romney, not the industry that made the former governor of Massachusetts millions, according to one of the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private meeting.

Does this cause me some burn? You betcha. Messina – Obama’s campaign manager – justifies his actions by saying “We can’t allow for two sets of rules in this election whereby the Republican nominee is the beneficiary of unlimited spending and Democrats unilaterally disarm.”

Well..there’s certainly an element of truth to what he says – but it’s also a two-wrongs-make-a-right defense, imo. I don’t know that it makes it OK.

At the very least, it’s a trench on a high hill that has now been ceded by Obama.

  1. Turner

    As you yourself pointed out, there is “an element of truth” to the idea that you can’t disarm unilaterally and expect to win. I don’t know what those objecting to Obama acting on this simple truth expect him to do.

    Do they want him to lose in 2012 and praise him afterwards for having had a pure heart?

    • So we don’t lament out discuss there ethics of it just because the other side is doing it?

      Democrats paying lipservice to this stinky dirty hippy’s distaste got Citizen’s United and we should just say ho-hum?

      We should accept the premise that our elected officials – the highest office in the land – is bought & paid by anonymous money?

      Cool. I missed the memo, but I guess it’s one less thing to worry about.

      • Turner

        Please answer the question without descending into sarcasm. Do you think it would be better for Obama to forsake PAC money and lose than to take it and win?

        • If I were being smarmy Turner, so were you.

          In my mind, I was askinga serious question- do we acquiesce to the rape of our representative institutions by lobbyist, secret money and Citizen’s United? Or do we say no?


          • Turner

            If I’m a politician running against opponents with nearly unlimited money, you bet I say yes to big money supporting me. It would be insane to do otherwise.

          • Rob Kailey

            Fortunately (or not), it still boils down to the people we elect. However it is difficult to assume that the promise opf future money will have that much of a pull on a guy who is term limited out. This is Obama’s last race. If SuperPac money get’s him elected, he owes not one damned thing to those who gave. What are they gonna do if he opposes their agenda? Buy his Kenyon birth certificate? Pay to Impeach him? Oh wait …

            It’s easy to assume that money buys representation, but the vote is still up to the people. Call me an optimist, but I don’t think the people are as stupid as many claim. Some who claim that will also speak of how money of a different sort will sway the election. People will vote the economy. That’s improving and the SuperPacs can’t do thing one about that, except lie in the media. Those lies are looking hollow, and the best evidence is that the wingers have escalated the culture war.

            I agree with Turner, but for different reasons. Obama will be reelected, and only the most insane of Republicants are denying that. By using SuperPac money, the President is drawing funds away from those who would use them to buy the MA Senate seat, or those who would buy the MT Senate seat. That may be a distasteful strategy, but it’s likely the only chance we really have to overturn CU.

  2. Buzz Feedback

    Seeing as how Obama opted out of the public financing system last time around (and in effect killed it off) I can’t really say I’m surprised. Low expectations and all.

    That said, can we stop referring to Messina as “Montana’s own?” Boise is on the other side of the mountains.

    • Pete Talbot

      True, Buzz, but he spent his formative years in Missoula. I believe some of his first campaigns were: Frank Morrison for governor (lost in the Demo primary), Dan Kemmis for Missoula Mayor (won) and, get this, Craig Sweet for city council (won).

  3. Turner,

    You asked a legitimate question but one unlikely to get answered here. This blog tends more toward the irrational hyperbole rather than reality.

    That said, I will attempt to answer your question. In simple terms, no, it would not be better. Obama needs the cash if he is going to win – especially in light of the CU decision which has allowed an unfettered war zone to be wages with no limit in sight. He (and other candidates) will continue to take cash from whereever they can to win. That is the gole, BTW, winning the election. It is the same goal on the other side of the aisle too, in case people forgot. Whining about the money means nothing in this field because it is now cluttered with undocumented corporate hit funds.

    It would have been nice to see someone attempt what Tester did, though.

    • lizard19

      yes, he needs the cash to drive his empty rhetoric in the form of advertising deep into the muddled brains of Americans.

    • Mark Miwertz

      “This blog tends more toward the irrational hyperbole rather than reality.”

      Really? Because the blogs that allows mental danger Larry to post forty times a day seem to encourage normal conversation?

      • Rob Kailey

        Maybe you’ve missed it, Mark, but at times, Larry still posts here. He just doesn’t do so in a manner that you find icky.

  4. “Obama will be reelected, and only the most insane of Republicants are denying that”

    Call me insane Rob, but unless something drastically changes, Obama loses, and loses huge – with Mondale-type numbers.

    Zogby has 33% of people thinking the country is going in the right direction.

    Rasmussen has 29% of people thinking the country is headed in the right direction.

    Rasmussen also has 77% of people who know somebody out of work who is looking for a job.

    26% of voters strongly approve of the way Obama is doing his job, 37% strongly disapprove.

    The GOP doesn’t have a candidate yet, and as soon as we come up with one, expect a double-digit leat in the polls over Obama the next week.

    It’s going to be an even better election cycle than it was in 2010, all hail Obama The most Merciful !

    BTW Rob – I remember similar predictions you made in 2010 – how’d that work out for you – LOL – when I pointed out your fallacies on your blog you threw a real hissy fit – I look forward to doing it again.

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