Two Candidates Under Reporting Lobbyist Cash Campaign Contributions

by jhwygirl

If you aren’t reading James Conner’s Flathead Memo you are missing a whole lot of balanced political honest-to-goodness reporting and opinion on Montana politics.

James has been knocking it out this week (indications he has acquiesced to a caffeine addiction?), but most notably he’s pointed out – while Denny Rehberg is under reporting lobbyist cash – so is another candidate. A Democrat.

Diane Smith, a Kalispell resident seeking the Democratic nomination for Montana’s lone House of Representative seat – is also, too, under reporting lobbyist cash dollars.

Smith – ironically enough – is using the same tactic (failing to fill in the occupations on donors) – as our current House of Representative Denny Rehberg.

James point out that these things will happen, and social niceties and just plain old logistics often bring about situations where donations come in where that disclosure information isn’t always collected, “… but all campaigns have a legal and moral obligation to exercise due diligence. Cards should be followed by telephone calls.”

Conner, of course, is correct.

It’s excusable to miss one or two or even a few – but the extraordinary number of “information not provided” is not only a legal and moral obligation shirked, it’s laziness and failure to organize.

If Smith can’t run a primary campaign, why would any elector want her in Washington with those kinds of account skills and staff oversight?

(And that’s aside from Smith’s other issues, including the “Is she really a Democrat?” issue.)

  1. Mark Miwertz

    Well, with the Governor being ruled, “not legal” and the district court slapping down the PSC terror of the drive up window, now Rehberg and you point out Smith, and there comes a time when it needs to be said, if we want ethics, we have to make it a priority in our voting.

    So, candidates paying attention to the letter of the law, and not “sharpshooting” or finding the gray areas. And thinking accuracy of reporting and transparency are good for the whole process. And making decisions less about party and more about governance.

    Well, excuse my rant. Ethics have fallen by the wayside, and there are plenty on the blogosphere who are happy as can be about it, because it frees them up to do the websites they do. It’s all relative, and the wrong that blog does, and that party does, is all okay because the other blog and the other website did it too. I see that rationalization almost daily. I just don’t think the people who proffer it realize how putrid it makes them.

    And you know damn well, I’m not talkin about you, jh, I’m just sayin, it’s so common the press doesn’t even comment about it, and people don’t get upset with “Governor’s actions not legal” or “Rehberg fails to report” headlines. Ho hum, politicians doing illegal stuff. Who cares?

  2. Ingemar Johansson

    Of course Smith isn’t a Dem.

    If she was James C. wouldn’t be writing ’bout her.

    • The thinking behind that remark is as foggy as Ingo’s was after Floyd flattened him in the second fight. Flathead Memo is not a Democratic blog.

      • Ingemar Johansson

        Didn’t say it was. “Democrats” are and should be a more all encompassing term, conservative and liberal alike.

        Thankfully, picking on Diane’s bona fides does define you.

        Keep it up.

        You and others like you in the Flathead balance out the White Supremacists and Survivalists that bunker in the valley.

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    Be careful what you start James.

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