Sen. Greg Hinkle Won’t Be Running for Re-Election

by jhwygirl

But shhhh…no one’s supposed to know. He has a plan.

Out on the far right of the state (can’t get any further west Senate District 7) Greg Hinkle – a favorite around these parts for years – has decided that he’s not going to run for a second term.

Even though Hinkle won by about 1000 votes over Democrat Paul Clark in 2008 (5555 to 4581), incumbents have an advantage and Hinkle knows that. So no one’s supposed to know that Greg doesn’t plan to file.

Why? The Tea Party (of which Hinkle is part of) has two good reasons for this: One is that Mark French is planning a run for that seat, and Hinkle wants to see him run unopposed.

French, if you recall, made a run for the chair of the Montana GOP last year after losing his congressional run (25K to Denny’s 96K) in the GOP primary in 2010. After that miserable loss, he then a run for the GOP chairmanship in 2011.

He failed there, too, to Missoula’s most refined and civilized Will Deschamps.

The second reason no one’s supposed to know that Hinkle isn’t going to file for SD7? Back in 2010, the Sanders County GOP had a bit of a split in their ranks, things having gone haywire after the Tea Party tried to take over. The details are foggy to me right now (why oh why didn’t I write about it then???) but the county group split, then later regrouped with the Tea Party triumphant.

In between, Judy Stang, a Republican and former county commissioner in Mineral County then began a write-in campaign for SD7, but eventually withdrew due to Montana GOP harassment, throwing her support to Democrat Paul Clark.

Yeah – things got a little crazy. There are still a lot of pissed of Republicans up there, and the incidents of 2010 have yet to dissolve from the memory for many.

Republicans, though – older ones, especially – still abide by that ‘speak no evil’ rule – which is where Hinkle’s incumbency shines. He knows no one is going to challenge him and that means something.

And so will his endorsement.

So when Hinkle doesn’t file, but Mark French does just a few days before the filing deadline, Hinkle is planning on endorsing Mark French.

Delightful plan, huh?

Incidentally – Hinkle made nationwide news last year with his spears-for-hunting bill, which died in standing committee.

It might sound crazy to some – and he tried to legitimize it as taking up a cause of the poor persecuted spear hunters of Montana thing – but it is symbolic of the Tea Party: Wanting to take Montana back to the day of the Cro-magnon man.

Have I dastardly foiled the Hinkle/French/Tea Party plans for Senate District 7? Who knows. But will Republicans and Democrats and Fake Republicans and Fake Democrats be considering a run for that seat now?

If they read this, they just may. Especially the ones that are calling themselves the “real Republicans” after this last eminent domain-enabling, more-government-intrusion legislative session.

  1. French is a real piece of work. In Montana, he portrayed himself as having respect for the environment. However in Ketchikan, Alaska, he and his wife fronted for the polluiting pulp mill that left the town with a Superfund site. The best thing you could say about him is that he may not have been quite as terrible as Denny Rehberg.

  2. Matthew Koehler

    Minor Correction: Stang was with the Dem party. Here’s more info from something Pete wrote back when.

    • Stang was a fake Democrat, hugely supported by Republican contributions to damage or defeat Paul Clark in the primary.

      After losing the primary, Stang filed as a write-in independent candidacy, again to help elect Hinkle, though she eventually withdrew and endorsed Clark. However her earlier efforts to destroy him may have eventually cost him the general election.

      Here’s a great piece on Greenmail opposition piece against Clark in the primary.

  3. Mark Miwertz

    Emblematic of his campaign for congress, was Mark French wandering around restaurants on Bozeman’s Main Street scaring the patrons and pissing them off. People found him flat out offensive.

    There’s more in the water than Trout up in those parts of the world.

    And this line is especially funny, “But will Republicans and Democrats and Fake Republicans and Fake Democrats be considering a run for that seat now?” because the political waters are being roiled all over with these kinds of games.

    Makes me wish for one good Independent making a statewide case for sanity.

    Good scoop.

    • This fake/fake crap is emblematic of the disrespect people have for the election process; for politics; for government.

      That neither party is out in front blasting this is also emblematic of the problems we face.

      I WISH someone would dare to run Independent. Adherence to the corruption that is Montana political parties is the hugest issue that most people are (unfortunately) blissfully unaware.

      What goes on behind-the-scenes is despicable.

      • Mark Miwertz

        First, we need to change the rules so that an Independent can get on the ballot more easily.

        Second we need open, one ballot primaries, with the top THREE moving on to the general.

        Three on the general leaves room for all kinds of ideas.

        • Jim Greaves

          Best way to change the rules is to take PARTY nominations OUT of the public arena and return them to their own private party meetings. When they have selected (elected) their person for a position on the NOVEMBER (general) ballot, then submit them to the County clerks. Until then, I do not want to be paying for “throw-away” ballots at my precinct (we have to print up an equal number of Democrat and Republican ballots, the number of each required to cover the total registration in the precinct. The Open Ballot idea is a DEMOCRAT (communist) party idea to subvert real choice in general elections. Again, do some reading before blaming Greg Hinkle for doing his job! Stop wasting our money nominating party hacks (for any party, if this name fits, wear it). The ONLY election that matters that we, the people, should fund, is the general election that decides who will serve the state, county, city, or nation. The rest should not be on the public dole.

      • Steve W

        You are correct about the disdain, disrespect, and outright contempt of elections and of involving people into the process of their own governance, jhwegirl.

        It’s truly a problem all over. For instance, Missoula’s own Missoula Downtown Association has an official policy of being against registering people to vote because it is isn’t part of being happy, according to the Missoula Downtown Association.

        I’m sickened and appalled at what they are telling my kids and everyone else with their policy.

        The same goes for Hinckle. He’s setting a very bad example for all of us. It’s anti-democracy and it’s anti-participation in our democratic republic. It’s legal, but it’s sending a message that can’t lead to anything good.

        • Jim Greaves

          We are not a democracy. We are a republic. Read both the US and Montana constitutions. At least in the former, you will not find ANY derivations of the word “democrat” or “democracy”.

      • Jim Greaves

        What goes on behind the scenes should be kept within the political parties private meetings! Political parties are NOT the government.

    • Jim Greaves

      “Good scoop”? What pooper tool did you use to dig this up? Have you noticed ANY challengers on DEMOCRAT primary ballots lately? Few and far between, if any. The purpose for THAT deception is so Democrats can vote Republican tickets and pervert the system, to “select” RINOs whom most of us do not want. But, this is not surprising, given that the Democrat Party is generally favored by most perverts.

  4. lizard19

    great post j-girl.

  5. petetalbot

    Sure hope Paul Clark runs for this seat again. He was a great representative in this district in previous sessions.

    Not sure I agree with Pancho’s comment, though. While I’m no fan of Rehberg (a vast understatement), French is lunatic fringe.

  6. Mark Miwertz

    While this is something of an “open thread” comment, just thought I’d once again thank you for the authenticity of the posts on 4&20 by jhwygirl.

    It’s a sharp contrast to what’s going on with some sites in the Montana blog scene.

    Blatant mouthpieces for either one politician, or one political party seem to be dominating the scene these days. It’s so transparently (and cynically) a communication from the daddyship or the mothership.

    Now I mostly don’t agree with what is expressed in the posts on this blog, either. But, especially with jhwygirl, I read genuine content and conversation on the Montana political scene. It seems like risky behavior in today’s world of electronic assassins, but, for taking it on, in a word…


  7. Mark Miwertz

    Oh, and I sent Jim Lynch fifty bucks. NOT just because of the hate campaign directed at him by the mouthpiece websites.

    But it didn’t hurt his case, either. The games being played in the primaries are just as obvious in the interscene, too. Why would the Ds care so much about an obviously distant challenger in the republican primary?

  8. I think Hinkle’s face is still red from having to sit on his spear instead of throwing it. Jump-starting French’s legislative career is a face saving way to retire.

    • LChad

      You have no idea about the ‘spear’ Hinkle’s bill included…

      You have no idea about what is in Greg Hinkle’s mind – a vast storehouse of knowledge and deep respect of Freedom and LIberty – something the libtards here at 4&20 have no concept about.

  9. MikeH

    It’s not Mark French that Greg Hinkle is promoting, it’s Clark Fork Valley Tea Party nutcase Chuck Woolley. He and his wife and a few other cronies were responsible for making conservative political life in Sanders County unbearable to the point the local party disbanded. Then the nutcases decided to host their own convention and start their own local party. And unfortunately, the state GOP, who established the rules for the convention, didn’t enforce their own rules and allowed the charade to stand. That was last April. Then in October, the whole “new” group imploded with the Woolleys and others quiting because their new chairman was a tyrant (direct quote from a Chuck Woolley email). And good old Greg is goose stepping in lock step with the extreme right. He’s done more damage to local politics than anyone ever with his “it’s my way or I won’t vote for it.” Good riddance to a damn poor senator.

    • jackruby

      Chuck Woolery is running? I guess he hasnt really had a new game show gig in a while. Is he in favor of legalized spear chucking?

    • Bob Pierson

      I for one am very sorry to hear this!! Senator Hinkle is one of the most FREEDOM minded Senators we have in Montana. Lots of people use the spear hunting issue as a signal that he was a loose cannon. I disagree. He was interested in people having the freedom to live life their way, not the government’s way. He carried 6 bills during the last session, every one of which was a bill that would have given people more freedom in their lives here in Montana!!
      I believe that Mike H. is a retread democrat who believes that big brother (government) can do a better job of taking care of you than you can, because you don’t have the brains to manage your own life. It is the same mental set that most politicians have. I found it rather interesting to observe Mr. H’s version of the SCRCC for the year before he stepped down. He twice voiced his leadership credentials by stating that he was the ‘dictator’ in the meetings, and no one could speak unless HE gave them permission.
      Sounds like an organization for, of and by the people, right??? I say it was good riddance to a damn poor central committee chairman.

      • Ron R Plains

        Well said Bob. Thank you. Senator Hinkle is one of the finest men I have EVER met. Mike didn’t say anything about the Senators voting record did he? Senator Hinkle had the most conservative record in the Montana Legislature . And he goes and writes this crap ?
        And Mike calls himself a republican , give me a brake !

      • LChad

        I think you are right Bob – Mike H IS a democrat mole.

    • LChad

      Mike H is full of cr@P. This lame post is his attempt to influence the good and true citizens of Sanders Co. who trust in the tenants of American Republicanism. He is washed up here. The only reason he still has his job as Fair Manager is that Carol Brooker [Democrat] our County Commissioner [15 years] needs him to keep the good citizens of Sanders Co. confused on important local issues like – Federal Regulations that have destroyed the local economy – and implementation of ICLEI [UN] policies. I have never met a long term local resident here in Sanders Co. that has any good words to say aout Mike H, in fact most wish he would go back to where he came from.

      • ShruggingMT

        I am a lifelong conservative and founding tea party member and i found your low down skunk like attacks on Mike to be a disgrace. Please crawl back under the rock you emerged from i bet you are just some dem trying to make republicans look crazy.

        • LChad

          Tea Party – really – which one? So low down skunk attacks from Mike are okay, but reality check from people who suffer his presence is not?

          • ShruggingMT

            Your anonymous and petty internet attacks on Mike H demean the tea party and the republicans. It seems to me you are the democrat mole. Please leave my country if you cant stop doing such cowardly damage to the party I love.

            • Jim Greaves

              There is no “THE” tea party. What world did you sprout from, ShruggingMT… Or is that just “emp-ty”?

        • Jim Greaves

          How do YOU spell stupid, whoever the hell YOU are? Crawl back into your cave, cro magnon. It’s safe and warm there, out of the reality of nature. If you’re a conservative, you must be one who is trying to conserve Democrat tyranny.

  10. Paul

    Has anybody seen this Tea Bagged site? A friend emailed me a link. It’s like 10 pages of crazy teabag social media posts. Funny as hell.

    • LChad

      G 2 H#77 Paul

    • MT Voter

      I LOL when I saw myself on that dumb site. I stand behind what I say no matter the forum. I actually appreciate the sites help spreading the word. Only a pinko libturd would find offense in any of the postings.

  11. D.A. Shkursky

    I fear that poor JihadGurl has been smoking her medical weed again. She has as little a clue to real life as the bloated RHINO Mike “Budda” Hashisaki.
    When I work with him at the 2010 Republican Platform I was shocked that such a large man had not an oz ( Not a drug reference JihadGurl) of character to match the pounds he dragged around.
    So the only scoop here is the ice cream Budda & Jihad share on their munchie run. Stop hiding Mike H. We can see your mass.

  12. Jim Greaves

    Mike H was a member of the US military. As such, HE swore the same oath that Greg Hinkle lived. However, it appears to me that Mike H’s oath had a time certain termination on it, probably about the time he started getting his government pension, and now bloated paycheck from Sanders County. If his oath to defend the US Constitution (the same one Greg took) is of no value to Mike H, then we can be CERTAIN every other word he utters is a lie as well. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Go gently into the night Mike, and may the chains sit lightly upon you as we forget you were once a fellow countryman (paraphrase Sam Adams) – Yes use my name but don’t waste your vanity on it, Mike — Jim Greaves, Thompson Falls

  13. Jim Greaves

    Hey jhwygirl – if anyone wants to take Montana “back to the day of Cro Magnon man” it is that disgusting lot calling themselves Democrats, who are doing everything in their power to remove humans from the landscape of Montana, even going so far as to promote laws that require home gardeners be licensed by some well-intentioned fascistic social tyrants. We used to call them playground monitors. Alas, though they grew up (physically), few ever matured (mentally). Now they’re in government at all levels, blogging around the internet looking for “supporters”, and trying to push us all around. Cro Magnon days, huh? Try turning off the computer jhwygirl and see how much more enjoyable you can make your life – hell, turn off all your “energy suckers” and see if Cro Magnon comes a calling. Probably only a sickly wolf or grizzly would bother with someone of your puny mind.

  14. ladybug

    Have you seen the saucers?

    • Jim Greaves

      Saw one following Mike H the other day, but it had little props on the sides, kind of resembling the drones “the one” plans to deploy more widely. Guess he wants to keep track of his “boys” during the run-up to his incarceration for the fraud perpetrated by Democrats that Ethiopian and Indonesian citizens are allowed to be our president…

  15. ladybug

    My point exactly.

  16. ShruggingMT

    Mike H. is an outstanding Republican, conservative and a TRUE leader of men. This backstabbing from the likes of Greaves and others is sickening. I think Greaves is the one doing the dirty work of the lieberal dems trying to make all republicans look like nutjobs. I stand with Mike H. and the REAL teaparty and REAL Sanders County conservatives against the fakes like Greaves and his possee of pretenders.

    • Jim Greaves

      Mike H, and you, don’t act like republicans, when you seek to destroy one of the BEST Senators Montana Legislature has had the honor of having in its chambers. Go ahead and call us names, ANONYMOUS COWARDS. At least we sign our names and you can find us if you really think you have the balls to do anything other than fart out loud your stupid invectives.

      • ShruggingMT

        Some of us TRUE conservatives Jim dont like being made fools of by the illiterate inbreds trying to take over our party. That does not make you MORE conservative it makes you a fool. Take the birther and spear hurling nonsense and form a third party and bring it down in flames before you take us all down with you!

        • Jim Greaves

          Do you even understand the difference between conservative and republican? Communist leaders of the Soviet Union were “conservatives”. Republicans favor limited government and “power OF the people”. Liberal-democrats in the USA like “power TO the people” – like that which comes from the barrel of a gun. Mike H prefers dictatorship. You figure it out, then crawl out from under the rock that stunned you.

        • Jim Greaves

          Why don’t YOU and Mike H form a tird party? You are the ones who fail to understand government is supposed to be limited, and that political parties are the death of the US, not its salvation.

          • ShruggingMT

            If parties are the death of the US than I invite you to back up your words and leave the republican party. Go ahead…take your looney conspiracy theory driven fakes with you and leave my republican party. We will be much better off without you. Go out into the woods, build a shelter and wait for the armageddon and start prepping. But please do no more harm to us REAL republicans.

            • Jim Greaves

              You’re crazy. You are as “real” republican (in the true sense of the word) as a rock. It is not YOUR party, or mine. It is just “a” party. It is a private club. Mike H sought to bring down that club in Sanders County. If you think him “heroic” for that effort, then you are as stupid as a rock.

    • LChad

      ShruggingMT – you are doing the job you accuse of Greaves – making TEA patriots look like fools. TEA supports people of principle not party. AND who pray tell in Sanders Co. do you consider the REAL teaparty conservatives?

    • D.A. Shkursky

      Dearest Shrugging,
      You are either a friend of mike or beind taken in by him. In 2010 at the Republican Platform Convention there was a dinner held for the County Chairs. Mike was there and had nothing good to say about the Tea Party or those Tea Party precinct leaders just elected to his Central Committee. Ask him about it. There were many there who heard him. Don’t believe his reinvention story. He isn’t any more from the Tea Party than he is a Conservative or even a Republican. Don’t swallow that hook.

    • Subia

      Define Conservative.

  17. Jim Greaves

    Fascinating that those who support Democrats and Mike H are all somehow “shrugging” Montana. Apparently, they only came here to “shrug” Montana into oblivion under the Obama juggernaut and Agenda 21. Notice how they “shrug” and refuse to address, straight-on, the factual nature of the internationalist attempt to destroy the United States, instead preferring to hide behind “democracy” and other failed notions of equity?

    • LChad

      I am wundering why Mike H and Shrugging MT, IF they are supposed to be such great ‘conservative’ Republicans are doing posting to this liberal blog anyway?

      • ShruggingMT

        I was informed that some lowlife fake teapartiers were slandering the good name of a REAL republican on this liberal rag site. Whats your excuse?? Seems to me you were put up to it, probably by some LIEberals to try and make real conservatives look like lunatics.

        • LChad

          I know who the fake teapartier is – and it is You Shrug. Like I said before you are just a Mike H cheelearder from his PAC.

  18. ShruggingMT

    I just want to say not all of us Sanders country republicans are raving looney tunes and dont like what is happening . Its about true conservtive values not the wack job stuff these wannabe rambo rejects pontificate about. Greaves and LChad are going to make Obamanation a permanent majority. I care about the real conservative values of freedom, God and low taxes. I dont want to hear about and neither do real, normal, sane people want to hear about your wack job conspiracy theories and nutty birth certficiate hunts. Please stop embarassing us all you do is help Obamanation.

    • LChad

      So – now you say you are a Sanders Co resident… But earlier you calimed to be a founder of a TEA Party… well buddy, I know better. You are just a Mike H cheerleader from the PAC he and Zimmerman formed to destroy the local Reppublican Central Committee. Why you may even be Mike himself.

    • LChad

      Skunk attack

    • LChad

      At our May 16th 2009 TEA gathering on the green strip along the main drag in Plains, Greg Hinkle was our guest speaker. But the Fair Manager, Mike H. tried to shut us down. We all stood and re-stated the oath of allegiance to US Constitution. If you are such staunch conservative republican and TEA founder where were you? Why do you support Mike H and his friend Zimmerman shutting down the Sanders Co Republican Central Committee? Where are you now? Who are you?

      • MT Voter

        Republicans have to be fearful these days what patriot group they let speak at their events because far to often in recent years it will get over run with people claiming to be Tea Party Patriots but it turns out that they are really have some sort of white supremacy under tone. I fear that’s what happened at the May 16th 2009 Tea gathering in Plains. That will not help us buck the current communist ruling class.

        • Jack ruby

          Oh Derek Skees was there?

        • LChad

          Were you at that small May 16th gathering in Plains?
          ‘Republicans’ should be fearful these days that they are not beng led around by the nose by a bunch of Neo-Con Internationalists [who are in league with the Global Socialists] that don’t give a hoot about National Sovereignty, State Sovereignty or American Economic Solvancy.
          What on earth are you suggesting with the “white supremacy” inference? OFF the wall!
          I have been to countless TEA, and Republican, and Freedom Action, and Constitutionalist, rallies and meetings and have NEVER heard any such topic presented by any speaker or guest presenter.
          Are you a member of the Human Rights Nutwork? or the Southern Poverty Lawless Center?

          • larry kurtz

            Where are you earth haters on the Cebull scandal?

          • MT Voter

            I have been to 4 in the last 3 years that the patriot group turned out to have a “white promise land” agenda.

            • Jim Greaves

              Will you do us the honor of posting the places and dates of those 4 locations? Or are you just another Obama useful idiot?

            • LChad

              Where? When? Who? Uh I think you are making this up.

              • MT Voter

                Granted 3 of the events were in the Flathead so maybe that does not count since there seems to be an attempted take over and some of the legislators and candidates are clearly part of the succession movement.area and one was in Stillwater county.

              • LChad

                MTVoter, Still vague on things eh. I still think you are making things up.

        • ShruggingMT

          The ‘Northwest Knights’ have been actively recruiting in the area from what ive heard. They find fertile ground in the angry and gullible like Jim Greeves. Polluting the Republican party.

          • Jim Greaves

            never heard of them, and they wouldn’t be welcome around my sphere of alleged influence, since you have heard of them. Probably your hill-billy cousins.

          • MT Voter

            It is a major problem. These racist groups even state they have like minded legislators elected in the Northwest with a “liberty” agenda because the first step into creating a white paradise is succession from the federal gov. It’s makes use real patriots look like dopes

          • Jim Greaves

            Not a single principle of “republican government” has been offered by ShruggingMT or MT Voter during all their attacks on the few of us willing to stand against Mike H. Only invective and “liberal talking points”, and invoking names of obscure allegedly racist groups, even jbs is denigrated. Why? If you were “REAL republicans” as you claim, you would celebrate the jbs’ efforts to educate the people of this once-great nation to the dangers of socialism. But, instead, you continue to question our veracity, and denigrate anyone who disputes the greatness of Mike H. If he is such a staunch “republican” as you claim, then why did he try to kill its function in Sanders County? You can’t answer that, because you are frauds.

            • Steve W

              i doubt any real Republicans would read, let alone post, to a site like 4&20 Blackbirds JG.

              Only the plastic Republicans show up here.

              We try to discourage them/you, but you know what you/they are like…

              On the other hand we do get the “Not Republican” Tea Party people. But they are members of the Tea Party. Not the Republican Party.

              So when they try to pretend that they belong to both parties at the same time we just laugh and roll our eyes.

              • Jim Greaves

                Thanks Steve. That elucidated it. Republican principles are found in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution – among other “founding” documents. But those claiming to be “true conservatives” and “real republicans” who have recently commented here refuse to ascribe or promote any of them, instead promoting persons over principles. Whether or not one is of “both” TEA and Republican bents is not relevent. One can hold to republican principles of OUR Union of 50 states and be a TEA member who wants to see government reigned in to where it is supposed to be: protecting the Constitution – that “thing” which creates and sustains “the united states”, without which the USA would not exist “as we know it”. Still waiting to hear what ShruggingMT and MT Voter – who claim to be “republican” – have to say, and hopefully have them put their acronyms to the principles they “say” they support. But, they will likely crawl away quietly, to surface the next time someone has something to say negative about another good republican (like Mike H started with his rag on Hinkle). Who paid Hinkle to serve a couple of terms ON OUR BEHALF? NO ONE. Who pays Mike H to continue to act like a bully tyrant – his “conservative PAC” and the county of Sanders MT, without which income Mike H would be just another poor retired vet.

  19. Jack ruby

    I don’t mean to butt in on this intellectual intra-teaparty discussion, but could someone explain what this argument is even about?

  20. MT Voter

    Personally I like to surf the libturd blogs. I call it opposition research. As for Shrugging MT I do knot know what tea party group he is a founding member in but as a dues paying member of the Big Sky Tea Party I think Mike H is an out standing conservative and this type of in fighting only hurts our cause. Mike has done nothing to earn the level of slander that my patriots friends are throwing around. Petty grievances should be left at the door and we should strive to rally behind the best candidate or soon we will be forced to walk lock step with secular progressives as the disarm us of our guns and or religion.

    • LChad

      MT Voter in Helena only knows Mike’s public persona. Intimate understanding of the ‘man’ comes from close dealings here at home in Sanders Co. MT Voter really can’t say “Mike has done nothing to earn the level of slander” with full verosity because MTVoter doesn’t LIVE in Sanders Co. It would be more honest of MT Voter to claim support of Mike H as a member of the Montana GOP [Republican Party]. But, because Mike H holds ALL TEA Party in distain, it is embarassing for MTVoter to name drop Big Sky TEA Party and lend Mike H support in the same paragraph.

      • MT Voter

        I have nothing to be ashamed about. I am a member of the Big Sky Tea Party and i think Mike H is as good a candidate. I support defeating the secular left in this next election so at this point I support the most electable Republican candidates. I’m sorry if that offends you but I doubt Mike is the tyrant you want us to believe.

        I see my friend Jim Greaves has decided that since he has no facts to produce he has decided to attack the messenger. Dear Sir, I think you are a troll trying to make Tea Patriots look like idiots.

        • ShruggingMT

          I said the same thing, he and Lchad have to be either complete dupes of the libs or they are just in sheep’s clothing trying to make us all look bad. But i think i have heard of this guy’s name before, reputation precedes him as a lowdown varmint that offends the heck out of most patriots but they dont want to say it to his face but they think he is a disgrace to the republican party and patriot movement.

        • LChad

          Mike H is NOT a candidate… or has he announced since this thread began?

        • LChad

          MT Voter – Supporting ‘the most electable’ candidate falls way short of standing on republican principles. It is a weak and sorry position. If your only issue is defeating ‘secular’ candidates you are FAR from the Principles of Liberty.

          • larry kurtz

            ‘Principles of Liberty:’ sounds like a recipe for Kool-Aid, right, fat boy?

            • Jim Greaves

              Larry — Which part(s) of the Declaration of Independence’s line items, which we call “Principles of Liberty” do you NOT support? Please elucidate for our benefits. You are a nothing but smug, so far, with your clever retorts – sound and fury signifying nothing, all heat but no light. Which parts of the US Constitution offend you? The Bill of Rights? Principles of Liberty as outlined in the limitations on states and Congress? You are showing your true libtard bent here.

              • larry kurtz

                Cue the drumroll:

                The reading of the Declaration of Independence by members of the reporting staff at NPR gets me every time. Past on-air personalities, some now correspondents at the pearly gates, also read for this decades-old feature. The tears stream down my face right up to the line that begins, ” He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare…”

                That’s when it hits me right between the eyes.

                When those words were being written, thousands of cultures inhabited a continent that seemed to keep growing huge ripe plums just waiting for Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton and the rest to pick and pick and pick and pick. Already, the Chesapeake Bay estuary had been mostly denuded of native vegetation, not to mention of its former human inhabitants. Slaves tilled the fields and built the infrastructure, the ancestors of the Lakota and other Siouan groups that had been forced westward out of North Carolina generations earlier, traded with the Spanish and French while forging their own alliances (and marriages) with other indigenous peoples.

                So, we’ve come a long way, init?

                The United States Constitution is the finest instrument ever created by the human hand. The Preamble is the body, the Bill of Rights is the neck, the Amendments are the strings. It is a fluid universal execution of human and civil rights.

                While the Palestinian homeland looks like holes in the slice of Swiss cheese analogous to the illegal Israeli state, progress toward resolutions of Native trust disputes would have far more political traction after tribes secede from the States in which they reside and then be ratified to form one State, the 51st, sans contiguous borders with two Senators and two House members as there are an estimated 2.5 million indigenous.

                It’s time for all Americans to enjoy the protection of law by being part of one nation: erase the artificial borders and grant Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to all the people of North America…Mexico, Central America, Canada, even the Caribbean if they’ll have us.

                ip is not a New World Order guy, does not support the North American Union (god bless you. please, mr. roddenberry) and believes that the US Constitution is a big enough canvas in order to paint a more perfect masterpiece, a big enough score for all to sing. No violence. No more drug wars.

                Read Alaska’s constitution some time. The last states ratified are the most egalitarian. Let’s debate it and draft a dream referendum to be delivered by and for the people of Mexico to dissolve their constitution and petition for Statehood as our 52nd State. Quebec could be the 53rd and Cuba, the 54th.

                Let’s do it.

              • Jim Greaves

                I know. Let’s annex the rest of Central America and take over all of the Western Hemisphere, including Greenland. Why stop there? Let’s “empire build” our way through Europe and the rest of the world. I’m afraid that was NOT a principle outlined in the Declaration of Independence, any more than it envisioned 53 or more “states”. Your intention is to make everyone a US citizen? Good luck with that, with over a billion each Chinese and Islamic peoples out to end US.

              • larry kurtz

                Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin,’ boy.

              • larry kurtz

                we can only grow our way past China: the Constitution demands it.

              • Jim Greaves

                “we can only grow our way past China: the Constitution demands it.”

                Larry — I don’t see any such “demand” in my copy of the Constitution!

              • Jim Greaves

                “we can only grow our way past China: the Constitution demands it.”

                Good thing this isn’t a court of law! You’d be admonished by the judge for being “non-responsive”. Typical liberal trick: change the subject when you don’t have an answer.

                Of which County Republican Party are you a member?

              • Jim Greaves

                And here it is. Larry’s true self, another political tourist, rooting for Palestinians and those anti-semitic Jew-haters, better known as USA leftists: “the Palestinian homeland looks like holes in the slice of Swiss cheese analogous to the illegal Israeli state”. Larry, you need to get a life, and it isn’t in some political party or another, but surely off the web! Why, I could put you in touch with my leftist brother, who spends his “concern for downtrodden people” money paying rich boat owners to “invade” the Gaza strip periodically. Or, you could go help your neighbors feed their live stock.

            • Subia

              Larry – here is a little video for you to enjoy:
              Philosophy of Liberty

    • Jim Greaves

      I think you, a liberal, like to surf libturd sites so you can jump all over anyone who disagrees with the cant of the blog-owner. It is obvious you know nothing about conservative politics or you wouldn’t extoll anyone who makes such a self-aggrandizing claim. If by conservative you mean uprooting and destroying a once-functional group, then I guess I never learned English. Mike H must have a lot of libturd friends, such as yourself.

    • LChad

      Ur point is?
      SPLC suggests that Willim F. Buckley should deserve some respect? Mr. #1 Neo-Con.
      SPLC suggests that flouride [the main ingredient in Prozac and a poisonous by product is good for you?
      I have searched the New American for an article by Bob Adelmann and have not found the article the SPLC [failed to link] alluded to
      As far as I’m concerned the SPLC is the #1 hate group in the USA

      • ShruggingMT

        Uh oh this exactly what i mean, get these Northwest Front guy’s talking about their conspiracy theories and watch our party go up in flames.

      • larry kurtz

        Don’t hold back, earth hater: we’re all friends here.

        • Ryan Morton

          What’s an earth hater? I know what the words mean, but I don’t know how one is identified as earth hater?

          Also, liberals are patriots too. Even I feel patriotic. I’m not a nationalist though.


          • larry kurtz

            All Republicans are earth haters.

          • Jim Greaves

            So, Ryan. To whom do you swear your allegiance? The IMF, the Bilderbergs, “party” hacks and politicians? Or simply your ID? Who YOU gonna call when they come for YOU?

          • LChad

            A Liberal is what?
            Democrats believe what?
            A Nationalist is who?
            A Constitutional republican is just that, someone who respects the Constitution of this Republic, a Union of these Several Sovereign States in America.
            I guess Earth Haters are from, where, Mars, or Uranus?

  21. Ah the spear-chucker leaves and hopes to replace his seat with an Up-Chuckler! Oh will the fun ever end???

    • Paul

      That’s a rather racist comment!! Spear-chucker was slang for a black person when I was growing up. I knew there were racists on the left! Oh my!

  22. Ryan Morton

    Um, wow.

  23. LChad

    The very fact that Mike H wrote what he did and poste it on this blog is evidence that he is an operative of the left and not a Republican – unless that is how Republicans want to be perceived.

  24. larry kurtz

    Sovereigns line up here.

  25. larry kurtz

    Montana is the last best place: you right wingers should all self-deport to Idaho or South Dakota.

  26. petetalbot

    Wow! What a thread! Like this comment:

    “i bet you are just some dem trying to make republicans look crazy.”

    I don’t think you guys need any help in that department.

    • larry kurtz

      The good news is they use real guns on each other. Wonder which one is holed up in Great Falls right now.

      • Jim Greaves

        Larry wrote, showing his ignorance: “Wonder which one is holed up in Great Falls right now.” The gun control freaks, Larry, without any guns. Waiting for Obama’s new world odor thugs to come take them to Hardin Prison for “resisting” the one’s directives to bow to all kings.

  27. Jim Greaves

    As an aside to the great repostes posted here, it seems to me that, other than myself, not one of the others has even deigned to enunciate what they mean when they call themselves republican. Even Mike H, who started all this nonsensical stuff with his slander/libel of Greg Hinkle, has NEVER stated what he means when he says he is a “republican”.
    Chirp chirp chirp….. still waiting.

    • larry kurtz

      What possible action could you take to avert an insurmountable opponent like, Homeland Security, Jim?

      • Jim Greaves

        Ooo. I guess I would entrust the DNC and RNC to save me.

        • larry kurtz

          You can’t stop the Feds, Jim.

          So, how do you feel about Limbaugh’s RNC-orchestrated diversion from Judge Cebull who forwarded another nauseating example of Republican testosteronyism?

          • Jim Greaves

            Oh. You mean like Clinton’s rape of an intern, right after signing a bill that made his behavior a crime? Or, had you not heard of the law against sexual harassment in the work place? Where were YOU when Monica, Paula, and others of Bill’s conquests were being again raped by the media?

            Oh that’s right. You probably believed him when he said “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinski”. He should have been impeached on that statement alone. But, impeached on his LYING to a Grand Jury in the Paula Jones case was what got the case to the Senate, where they folded like limp napkins at a retirement home.

  28. Jim Greaves

    Phonies like Larry can be found at Montana Cow Girl, another liberal site, designed to distract us from reality. Too bad you’ve been found out.

    Still waiting to hear from Larry, MT Voter, and ShruggingMT on what parts of the Declaration and Constitution they find offensive, so we know where they REALLY stand on national and state sovereignty.

    Shills. Liars. Deceivers. Too bad. This could have evolved into something a bit more instructive than Larry shedding tears over things that no one can correct, while simultaneously advocating the CONQUERING of our neighbors to the north and south so we can have a “nicer world” with them incorporated (ooh, evil) into some mythological utopian “state”, balkanized by language barriers aided and abetted by tyrannical politicians demanding that we print every thing in 100 tongues. Talk about “speaking in tongues”! Out both sides of their mouths and every other orifice.

    • larry kurtz

      I admit it. Now go tell your captors how you got your sovereign ass whipped by a 7ft. fourth world queer who works for the DCCC.

      • Jim Greaves

        What a putz. You wouldn’t recognize integrity if it hit you in the eyes. At least some of us here were willing to be honest and straight-forward. Go back to your hovel and pray someone feeds you tonight. Your time will come.

  29. larry kurtz

    christian/anarchist militias are threats to US civil order.

    @billmaher: “guys named Vern and Earl expect to take on FBI and Homeland Security.”

    Think: Katrina, where armed white gunmen killed innocents because of a different skin color.

  1. 1 Montana Blog Roundup 19 February 2012

    […] has a great scoop up about Senator Hinkle’s (R-Spear Hunting) plan to bow out of his Senate race to get Mark French […]

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