A Public Thank You to Gwen Florio & the Missoulian

by jhwygirl

I thought I had calmed down enough this morning to write about President Engstrom and the University of Montana’s utter malfeasance over the most recent assault and rape incidents, but I had to go read the paper this morning.

So until I can gather those thoughts cohesively, I do want to take the time to offer a public Thank You to the Missoulian’s crime and courts reporter Gwen Florio. An accompanying Thank You goes out to the editorial team that stood by Florio’s reporting, making what was probably a pretty hard decision to go forth and publish the first story that exposed the massive failure of the University of Montana in its treatment of rape and sexual assault.

Florio and the Missoulian took quite a bit of criticism from loyal Griz fans and University alumni when that first story went out – and some of it occurred here, also, in the comments on this blog’s pages.

Florio and her editors did this community, the students of the University and the taxpayers of Montana a huge service if you ask me, and I hope that Gwen and the Missoulian receive their due professional recognition for taking a story that many would have walked away from due to any number of perceived issues and putting it front page.

Especially when it involved so many sacred cows (like Griz football and the University of Montana – Missoula’s during-football-season $4 million-a-weekend cash cow.

Her excellent reporting continues, and I really hope that this story reaches the national attention it deserves. At this point now, it’s clear the University of Montana is protecting itself and itself only. There is no concern there for the victims of assault. None.

Engstrom’s acts are criminal – let’s be clear, his hands are all over this recent malfeasance which occurred while the University of Montana was under a microscope with regards to how it handles sexual assault. His hastily called late Friday afternoon press conference was only done to defend his and the University’s actions, with him explaining how he’d solved the issue (because the criminal has left the campus and the state.)


In addition to seeking extradition of the Saudi student who was identified by two victims as committing at least two assaults, including one criminal (and probably two acts of kidnapping or whatever it is called when you take someone and force alcohol and possibly drugs on them for the purposes of controlling and assaulting them,) Engstrom should be canned for facilitating this students escape back to his home country.

Gwen Florio and the news editors at the Missoulian? This reader and Montana taxpayer thanks you.

  1. Refreshing, at the least, when a paper stands up for what is right and a reporter does it justice.

  2. Dean Moriarity

    I can’t add anything to this thread that I didn’t say on lizard’s. Just that transparency means working with the media.

    Also, don’t calm down. Only if the townspeople, their representatives on the council, the students and their ASUM representatives get to yelling about this will there be any accountability, imnsho.

  3. Gwen has received actual death threats because she is committed to the public’s right to know. few people can appreciate how much antagonism a reporter must endure to get at the heart of a story which takes as much courage as the UM rape scandal. the powers that be at the University of Montana are defensive about their blunders and will stoop to almost any level to protect their very exposed derriere’s now.

    it is called forting up. and gwen is just the reporter to penetrate their fortress to get at the truth of just how committed the administration is to protecting our wives, mothers, and daughters who work and go to school on that campus.

    unless something is done over there quick to protect women instead of themselves, the University of Montana will see the largest exodus of women in collegiate history, then we will see how fun it is to sing “up with montana boys.” all by themselves.

    i have three granddaughters who will not be getting my recommendation for going to this school unless the priorities at the UM campus are not straightened out soon.

  4. Buzz Feedback

    CoHE Clayton Christian thinks President Engstrom is doing an exemplary job on this issue. Good to see the $280k+ Club closing ranks.

  5. wearemontana

    I disagree with anything Gwen Florio writes or publishes. She may offer the view of the public’s right to know, but she needs to get her facts straight when it comes to reporting and learn a little bit of ethical standards along the way.

    • If her facts were ever incorrect, the University never asked for a retraction – so quit smacking bullshit.

      As for her ethics, she writes for a newspaper, under her own name. Who are you to question her ethical standards?

  6. Bubba

    Gwen needs to leave Montana.

  7. justin

    HAHAHAHAHAH! Who’s next in line for the witch hunt?

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