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University of Montana President Engstrom attended a forum this afternoon on the recent assaults at the university and continued to defend his actions, stating that the university “did everything right.”

You can read a re-hashing (along with links) of his malfeasance here.

This guy has had a couple of nights to sleep on it, and yet he’s still out there defending his actions, which led to the assailant’s escape back to his home country.

Unreal. Has he talked to the victim’s parents? What do they have to say about Engstrom’s self-perceived success?

Extremely annoying to me is that he’s continuing to whine about the media – like he did on Friday – regarding their 7-day lag time to notify the students of the assault. And to be clear here, there are many legitimate criticisms regarding whether they went far enough notifying students.

In tonight’s Montana Kaimin article, Engstrom more specifically defends this position by stating that the first assault wasn’t reported as a sexual assault (though the victim has stated to the paper that “the man grabbed her and forced her to kiss him after she was made to drink something which made her sick and caused her to have trouble moving.”) That he didn’t find out about the second assault until the 17th – that one being reported as rape.

Now, let’s state a few seemingly obvious things:
Assault is assault. Apparently Engstrom didn’t find anything too distressing about a woman reporting that someone held her against her will and poured alcohol down her throat, after which she threw up.

Second: Rohypnol anyone? Does that first “assault” not reek of rohypnol? Please.

Third: UMontana had the assailants name from date of the incident, albeit about 12 hours later, on February 10th. They had the assailants name.

Forth: Again, assault is assault. This is where, I think, Engstrom is trying to split hairs, justifying his 7-day delay in doing anything at all (except facilitate the rapist’s escape.) It doesn’t fly for me…

Which is where I come back to the headline: Engstrom? If the “media” has it wrong – if the Missoulian has it wrong, if the Kaimin has it wrong – call for a retraction. Because your lame excuses aren’t working.

Not only that – he’s gotten caught in his web of lies with his timeline during today’s press conference, someone having pointed out to him that President’s day was on the 20th, not the 13th (which is part of his excuse – that 3-day weekend – to the delay in getting news out of the assaults.)

His reply? That he’s going to have to “reexamine the timeline.”

Boy – you’d think he’d of had his story straight by now.

Wednesday brings another press conference, this one jointly held, at Missoula City Hall, with President Engstrom, ASUM President Gursky and Missoula Mayor John Engen. It begins at 11 a.m. Wednesday at City Hall and will speak to issues regarding campus and city responsibilities in sexual assault cases.


Since all Muslims are potential threats to America, the NYPD has been doing their patriotic duty to find out where these people eat their strange food, and have been closely monitoring the terrorist breeding grounds known as “mosques,” where these people bow to Mecca like 14 times a day.

Interestingly, some of the money to fund this unconventional use of the NYPD came from High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area funds. I know what you’re thinking: Obama is helping police spy on his own people! Crazy, right?

While I’m very glad the NYPD is doing this (and kicking Jersey in the shins just for fun), I think the FBI has been doing a fantastic job busting the terrorist plots they help concoct.

Keep it up, boys. And as you trap those non-threatening lone wolves, and up here in Montana, we’ll keep doing our darnedest to kill some real wolves, even if we gotta put a bounty on their predatory asses.

What was I saying? The thought of dead wolves just got me really excited. Oh yeah, terrorists.

The real threat of course is the big nesting ground known as Iran. As Obama invites the destruction of America with his weakness (the Bin Laden hit was just a PR stunt), Israel is gonna do what it has to do. They can’t wait around for Obama to give another speech, and I’m sure he’ll be doing his craven best before AIPAC on March 4th.

Nope, speeches won’t do it. It looks like the real warrior nation, Israel, a country that always fights honorably, must once again wage war to protect what God has promised them (unlike Obama, God keeps His promises), and they have finally told Obama—and I’m paraphrasing here—“WE AIN’T GONNA TELL YOU SHIT BEFORE WE START BLOWIN’ MECCA STRAIGHT TO HELL“.

Then, when gas gets BIG TIME expensive, Obama will lose the election, and Rick Santorum will reclaim America.

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