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Military Malfeasance

by jhwygirl

It’s the military brass that should go on trial for the massacre of innocents in Afghanistan. I am not making excuses for the hell that Staff Sargent from Fort Lewis Washington reigned down on the people of Afghanistan – let me be clear about that.

Lizard is right – we need to get out. Now. The US has done nothing but inflict illegal war-criminal murder over and over in that nation – I don’t know how you “fix” that. Ever.

But a military that sends a guy on 3 tours such that he is away from his home and family 50% of the time…and declares him fit for duty after a traumatic brain injury needs to stand trial for its malfeasance.

They don’t want to reinstate the draft. They pay these men and women crap. They don’t provide them with adequate training or medical care, and they try to renege on the promises to these people who sacrifice so much.

Hate the mission, not the soldier.

Fort Lewis? Remember Billings Montana Staff Sargent Calvin Gibbs? He was sentenced to life in the last year or so for killing for fun – tossing grenades at Afghani farm kids and then cutting off body parts for trophies.

He, too, with multiple tours.

The real people responsible for this will never be held accountable – from the President who put us there, to the one who has kept us there…to the Senators and congressional Representatives that continue to fund the damn thing (while cutting soldier benefits and pay) while they bellyache about withdrawal proposals which are too fast.

Then we’ve got officers in the line of authority that are making decisions that put these guys out there in the field with a gun in their hand. All from their cozy desks at the Pentagon, which they arrive at after a nice 45 minute commute on the beltway.

How many more shooters are out there? I mean, really?

Listen to this Afghani relay his thoughts on the shooting.

If we’re there for some chivalrous ideal of Democracy, someone needs to check themselves. Democracy by the end of a gun isn’t Democracy. From the Afghani’s perspective, we’re the terrorists, and I can’t blame them at all for believing that.

They’re living it.

by lizard

On September 11th, 2001, America was attacked by terrorists. Most of those alleged terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, but instead of retaliating against the Saudis, America’s cowboy-in-chief launched wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq. Wars like that, waged “preemptively” against countries that posed no imminent threat, is the kind of stuff Nazi leaders were hung for.

America’s military might wasn’t unleashed against Saudi Arabia because they are our friends, almost as special as our Israeli friends. Remember, when every single commercial plane across American airspace was grounded after 9-11, America’s special Saudi friends were allowed to fly home.

Considering that kind of privilege, I was kind of surprised when the Saudi Arabian role in the 9-11 attacks became New York Times news a few weeks ago. Here’s the lead in:

For more than a decade, questions have lingered about the possible role of the Saudi government in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, even as the royal kingdom has made itself a crucial counterterrorism partner in the eyes of American diplomats.

Now, in sworn statements that seem likely to reignite the debate, two former senators who were privy to top secret information on the Saudis’ activities say they believe that the Saudi government might have played a direct role in the terrorist attacks.

“I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia,” former Senator Bob Graham, Democrat of Florida, said in an affidavit filed as part of a lawsuit brought against the Saudi government and dozens of institutions in the country by families of Sept. 11 victims and others. Mr. Graham led a joint 2002 Congressional inquiry into the attacks.

Who thinks this story has legs? Probably just extortion for campaign donations.

Meanwhile, the campaign for hearts and minds in Afghanistan has been effectively slaughtered.

16 dead civilians, 9 of then children, bodies burned. Varying accounts of how many soldiers involved, but the “official” story is one soldier, in custody.

maybe this would be a good time to say STOP THIS STUPID FUCKING WAR RIGHT NOW GODDAMN IT!

But no, even 2014 is too soon for some assholes.

What should US soldiers—who it must be noted are NOT all psychotic maniacs—do for the next two years, after the images of pissing on corpses, burning the Koran, and now a Haditha-like massacre incites more violence? Get them the fuck out of there, Mr. President. This is your Tet (says PJ Crowley).

Too bad it’s an election year, and Obama’s brand features bad-ass, terrorist-killing foreign policy chops. Can’t confuse the consumers voters this close to the used-by date in November.

But honestly, how the hell can anyone justify continued boots on the ground to 2014? Can’t we just shift to total remote control killing from air-conditioned cubicles in Nevada?

Keeping US soldiers in Afghanistan for political purposes is dereliction of duty. It never made sense to begin with, and now things are really going to go to shit.

It’s time to end the war in Afghanistan as soon as logistically possible.

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