I’m Guessing U Montana President Engstrom is Patting Himself on the Back…

by jhwygirl

The University of Montana has released its rape investigation report. At least I can say that President Engstrom is finally sounding sincere:

“We have had a serious issue with sexual assault and we have to take bold and decisive measures to move toward the elimination of sexual assault,” he said in a telephone interview. “It is a new time for the university with respect to sexual assault. We are as serious as we can possibly be about this matter.”

The university’s legal counsel David Aronofsky had input to the university’s rape scandal report with a memo (which Engstrom makes reference to in the Engstrom’s 4-page report (which doesn’t appear to be online,) saying that the university shouldn’t be assisting athletes in finding legal council.

Not because it’s a conflict of interest or anything, given that the University oversees this fabulous Student Code of Conduct they repeatedly refer to – but because of the appearance of impropriety of treating one class of students (athletes) different from the rest.

Oh – and also because it might open the U to an NCAA violation.

Engstrom’s 4-page comprehensive report on UMontana’s ongoing rape and sexual assault scandals references the fact that 5 students are no longer with the University after they completed their investigations into reported assaults. He would not – because of that fabulous Student Code of Conduct – say whether they had graduated, dropped out or been expelled. Three more cases were dismissed for lack of evidence, while in 3 more cases, the students are appealing sanctions that resulted out of the investigation.

Missoulians and the victims probably feel oh-so-safe knowing that President Engstrom and his lawyers have investigated and sanctioned 3 students while 5 more are gone.

Gone where? From the registrars roles? Have they moved into my neighborhood? Are they here in the community?

Did they head down the road to MSU in Bozeman? Or perhaps Montana Tech over there in Butte?

And what about the University’s obligation to not obstruct the law. Pretty sure they can’t write a Code of Conduct for anyone – even President Engstrom – that says you can have knowledge of a crime such as assault and not have to report it (along with the evidence) to law enforcement officers.

Otherwise, that’s really pretty much a civil rights violation, regardless of whether the victim reported the crime to the proper (THE POLICE) authorities.

Which brings me again to say – If you are on campus, your 911 call is going to the university cops. Take that advice for what its worth.

City Police 24 hour number is 552-6300.

I’m not joking when I say this – but there needs to be an investigation. An investigation into the very (un)timely homeland return by a Saudi Arabian student accused of two incidents involving rape and sexual assault. An investigation into whether the University has knowledge of a crime or crimes and isn’t turning over that information to the City of Missoula police.

Will even ONE legislator speak up about the University system hiding behind this Student Code of Conduct? Do we need changes to the law?

Surely there’s a law that requires people with knowledge and or evidence (such as investigations) of criminal activity to report it?

I give Engstrom’s “report” a D+.

You know? There’s an ongoing pattern here of perpetrators of sexual assault being removed from campus, one way or another and clearly with the assistance of evidence of sexual assault or rape.

Who’s protecting whom here, I have to ask?

What kind of Student Code of Conduct does this University have that perpetrators of sexual assault are afforded protection from their crimes?

  1. It’s simply astonishing–and unconscionable–that the University has failed to respond to the ongoing threat against its students and the community as a whole.

    Each step of the way, President Engstrom has chosen the wrong response, morally and legally. He hasn’t even succeeded at what was clearly his priority, public relations.

  2. Swede Johansson

    I wondering if the victim or victims had pulled or used a gun in self defense if their a$$es would be on the line now.

    • JC

      You think that someone who has been drugged should be pulling a gun in self defense? You’re crazy.

      Or maybe you don’t understand how rapists with rohypnol, the rape drug, work.

      Go google it up and tell me that someone under the influence of a rape drug can defend themselves with a gun. They’d as well shoot themselves or a bystander, or get their weapon taken from them and then get raped at gunpoint.

      Maybe all women should be mandated to wear chastity belts until marriage. That would work, too.

      • Swede Johansson

        Predators place themselves in in ripe environments.

        Columbine, V.T. Ft Hood and Norway.

        Nice to know when seconds count campus police are minutes away.

        • JC

          Blame the victim. That’s all you got today. Heartless.

          • Swede Johansson

            Quite the opposite.

            I’m pulling for the rights of potential victims.

            • JC

              “Ripe environment”. Sounds like you’re blaming people for being in the wrong (according to you) place.

              How’s a gun going to keep someone from slipping something into your drink? How’s a gun going to help you when you’re drugged into a hypnotic state? Or shouldn’t women be in places where people are drinking?

              Women with guns are not the solution for rape.

              • Swede Johansson

                “Ripe environment”=defenseless gun free zones.

              • JC

                I don’t think I want to live in a world where women can only feel safe if they carry, and only frequent “safe zones” where everybody packs heat.

      • Chuck

        JC ,
        I thought the authorities nor Barz could find any evidence of Rohypnol? Other than that, hang em all.

        • JC

          You have to have a urine test supervised by police within 48-72 hours. And as we know, several victims did not get proper attention by the authorities to get tested.

  3. Zero Tolerance

    Oh, dear, another bogus issue. Worse, this one is so yesterday no adult would take it seriously.

    OK, here we go again: College girls are being “raped” in vast numbers and no one cares. They are being “forced” to drink alcohol or take drugs, and then have sex. Sometimes, they go up to a boys room, have a glass of wine, and fall asleep on his bed. When they wake up, they discover they are having sexual intercourse!

    To save some effort on this absurd subject, I reprint what I have already written on the latest U of M rape hysteria.


    I think [these stories] of alleged sexual assault [are] just more of the same nonsense and hysteria we have been flooded with over the last decade or so: A college girl has a drink or two, gets frisky, and regrets it the next day or the next week or the next month, usually when the guy will not talk to her anymore, or when everyone is talking about her.

    Then a dysfunctional legal systems allows her to convert her lapse in moral judgment into a crime, and she is instantly relieved of any self-doubt about what she has done. What happened is simply not her fault anymore. Indeed, she is now an innocent “victim” and another statistic to be added to the mountain of bogus statistics.

    Sorry, I have heard too much of this crap. Real cases of “sexual assault” are rare. Real cases of college girls drinking and having sex are commonplace. We need to stop straining to convert the latter into the former. And the only way to stop that process is to (1) stop granting total anonymity to the purported “victims”; and (2) start holding young women, including teenagers, responsible for their own actions.

    It was just a matter of time before the feminists turned the University of Montana into a modern version of Salem Massachusetts: An agent of Satan, who appears and disappears, is using alcohol and drugs to cast spells on young girls, causing them to forsake God and all His moral laws and fall into mindless fornication.


    But this was my favorite part in jhwygirl’s post: “Did they [the rapists] head down the road to MSU in Bozeman?” Let’s check that out, according to the Bozeman Chronicle last week.

    The MSU Campus Police Chief Robert Putzke is quoted as saying, “If you look at rape, you think of a stranger jumping out of the bushes. We’ve only had one report ever and that was six years ago.”

    Well, that is not exactly a “rape” crime wave. So where are all these “rape” stories coming from?

    The Chronicle says in all of 2011 there were two “forcible rapes” and six “fondlings” on the MSU campus. That would be eight “sexual offense reports” for all you statistic lovers out there. And here is another: MSU Bozeman has over 14,000 students, about half of which are females.

    I have only a rough idea of what “fondlings” are, but my guess is there are more than six a day on the New York City subways and probably sixty-thousand a day in Italy. But what about these two “forcible rapes” the Chronicle mentioned? Those are “acquaintance or date rapes, and most of the time both the victim and suspect are intoxicated.”

    Well, that’s college life for you. No need to get alarmed.

    — Max Bucks

    • JC

      ‘Real cases of “sexual assault” are rare.’

      You are a sick man if you truly believe this.

      As to MSU, there was another attack reported today. And as to the statistics, those are what have been reported, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

      And how about all of the other sexual abuse that occurs to children that never gets reported? Do you count those as “sexual assaults” or is that just part of growing up?

  4. Chuck

    I’m hearing that none of the backup Quarterbacks are looking good in the first week of practice. I expect Johnson to play in the scrimmage tomorrow night.

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