Rocky Mountain High

by lizard

The danger posed to our society by marijuana has been dealt another decisive blow. After this Flathead Valley landlord feels the hard fist of justice, others will think twice about renting space to the dark, criminal underbelly of Montana.

Thankfully, not everyone in this country is dedicated to stomping this societal scourge from existence. Two states—Colorado and Washington—have the opportunity to perform some legislative alchemy, transforming current criminals who use cannabis into law-abiding adults acting in accordance with state law. Of course that last part is the kicker, because no matter what the states do, the Feds still have the power to swoop in and seize everything.

How fiercely is the federal government willing to fight the building momentum to end cannabis prohibition?

What started as a propaganda campaign exploiting racial prejudices to cover for more economic reasons has dragged on for the better part of a century, justifying big federal expenditures and feeding the growing prison industry. It’s insane.

One thing we can probably bet on is the federal government taking over-zealous measures to control the uncontrollable recreational use of marijuana. Like, banning cardholders from buying guns.

Maybe the saner side of the 2nd amendment crusade and those who support ending cannabis prohibition can find common ground?

Whether or not I may be a little high right now is like totally immaterial. Sobriety is for Mitt Romney.

  1. evdebs

    The big problem is that POS Eric Holder. When he wasn’t greasing Clinton’s Marc Rich pardon in the ’90s, he was the chief prosecutor in the District of Columbia. As such, he waged an unprecedented war, for that jurisdiction, on dope smokers.

    Holder is the man who hasn’t seen that GI’s have been held accountable for atrocities, hasn’t seen that Wall Street banksters who looted the treasury were brought to account, hasn’t felt it necessary to see if charges should be brought against Bush, Cheney and the crew for their deliberate lies to promote the genocidal war on, and occupation of Iraq.

    He is the clown who brought grifter Stacia Hylton out of retirement to head the US Marshals service, when she might have belong inside a prison, instead of contracting with the for-profit operators of those disgusting and larcenous institutions. She took $112,500 from just one of them, GEO Group, in the four months after she “retired.”

    He’s the man who has launched and stoked the war on whistleblowers.

    There’s no one in Montana or California who should respect him after his pogroms against medical marijuana producers that were sanctioned by and complying fully with state laws.

    I can’t imagine he didn’t have a say in the appointment of the “Anthony Kennedy lite” hack, Justice Elena Kagan, where there were far better and confirmable jurists who could have come closer to the standards for honesty and speaking truth to power set by Justice John Paul Stevens,

    If Obama wants our support for his reelection, it should come with a price tag: Banishment of Holder from holding any government position and enforcement of the revolving door regulations so he doesn’t wind up at Goldman Sachs the day after leaving office.

  2. WordPress won’t let me link interested party to bbirds. Please forgive the copy and paste, liz.

    The Lee-owned Helena Independent Record has gone behind a paywall for frequent readers but AP writer, Matt Volz, brings the story anyway using the malapropism “pot” (Gerard O’Brien) in his piece to describe medicine:

    “…Chris Williams is stepping up his challenge of the federal operation that changed the face of the industry in the state. The March 2011 raids resulted in the prosecution of dozens of providers, shut down their businesses and caused many others to shut their doors out of fear that they would be next. Several other marijuana providers joined his lawsuit, as did the Montana Cannabis Industry Association, which also is suing to overturn the new restrictive state law and is backing a referendum asking voters to repeal the law in November’s election.”

    This interested party has voiced frustration with Democrat Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate, Steve Bullock, because of his public silence on the issue. My guess is that the plaintiffs will lose this case.

    New Mexico, on the other hand, has been virtually free from federal crackdowns. Considered the most restrictive medical cannabis law in the US, that state currently issues 21 permits per 100,000. New Mexico’s earth hater governor recently signed additional coverage for cannabis patients. The law was hammered out in legislative committee instead of being codified by the passing of a voter-written initiative.

    It has been fascinating watching the fascist right haranguing the President for what it calls his “regulatory tyranny stifling economic growth” while selectively ignoring the Obama administration erasing a promising industry and effectively chilling civil liberties.

    On what grounds would SCOTUS choose to hear an additional appeal of the Montana law if it gets that far, especially in light of the Court hearing testimony on provisions of health insurance reform?

  3. Adam

    “With more than 100 raids on pot dispensaries during his first three years, Obama is now on pace to exceed Bush’s record for medical-marijuana busts.”

    I’m not sure why anyone would expect Obama to uphold states’ rights when it comes to this issue. His every policy shows his affection for federal authoritarianism. He said one thing while running for office and did another when elected? What a shocker! At least dispensaries, growers, patients, and landlords knew what to expect under the Bush empire (that’s not an endorsement of Dubya – just an observation).

    Mittens has ducked this question time and time again. He sure talks a big game on states’ rights…pre Etch A Sketch, that is. Perhaps when he’s elected President he’d be willing to pull back on the Justice Department’s reins if it meant allowing venture capital into the marijuana market?

    • lizard19

      there were unreal expectations going into Obama’s presidency, and now a real desperation to believe a second term will be significantly different.

      this issue is just one example of the disparity between the administration’s rhetoric and its actions.

      • Adam

        Here’s an even better example…

        • lizard19

          slick stuff from American Crossroads. but it’s a yawner.

          the weird thing is you and I, Adam, may both hope to see SCOTUS gut Obamacare (especially of the individual mandate, which was A REPUBLICAN IDEA first)

          hoping for that, though, is pretty f*ed up, considering it means more pain and uncertainty for the tens of millions of uninsured citizens in this “great” country that spends a much higher percentage of GDP than other developed nations in order to financially engorge for-profit parasites who leech off sickness and misery.

          go to St. Pat’s ER and ask them how great they think the US health care system is, and how eager they are to see the meager gains of ACA get slashed by SCOTUS.

          • Adam

            It shouldn’t be a yawner. It should outrage every one of us. It’s just that we’ve grown complacent to a lack of integrity from our elected officials.

            I’m blown away that the Democrats had set their sights on universal healthcare and landed on this turd instead…and they’re proud of it! All while controlling the Presidency, the house, and the senate. Obamacare was a huge handout to the for profit healthcare industry that leaves the people high and dry. It’s not “f*ed up” to want it overturned when there are a number of healthcare policies that would be infinitely better than Obamacare.

            • lizard19

              no, what’s “f*ed up” is knowing what repeal will mean to actual people, and still hoping that’s what happens.

              as for the yawn, I was referring to your source material, the shit-propaganda dumped on us by Karl Rove.

              if I could operate a death panel, he’s one of ’em that deserves to be at the bottom of the list for vital organs.

              • Adam

                There are probably pieces of Obamacare worth keeping, but the individual mandate has to go. I find it hard to believe that you’re such an Obamacare lover for it’s positive effects on “actual people” are very, very minimal. Democrats should have been outraged at the passage of Obamacare and threatened to put up a good primary opponent if he didn’t support single payer. Isn’t that what you really believe in? Why sell yourself out for the reelection of someone who cares more about being President than achieving any real accomplishments? Obamacare is to healthcare what $38 billion in “cuts” were to the 2011 budget. Pretending that this supposed overhaul of the health industry is anything near real change is nothing more than political posturing. Republicans and Democrats need to get real, because right now both are failing big time.

              • lizard19

                Adam, I agree the mandate should be stripped, but doing so will effectively destroy the legislation. what’s going to replace it?

                the problem, as you indicated, is the lack of political will to actually fix the problem, and without a fix, the misery continues.

                did you know the #1 cause of foreclosures is illness?

                this may not hit home for someone who is financially insulated, but I see the problem first hand every day. and if Democrats like Baucus sold us out to the parasites in the health insurance industry, what are craven Republicans who hate the New Deal going to do?

  4. Chuck

    Every single reputable attorney I talked to stated that the pot growers and storefront dealers were engaged in an illegal enterprise and strongly advised against renting to them. In addition, commercial property insurance wont cover claims arising out of illegal enterprises . The greedy landlords knew these facts and rolled the dice in the hopes of scoring big. It had nothing to do with medicine.

    • lizard19

      Chuck, I agree the story I linked to had nothing to do with medicine. for landlords, it’s money and calculated risk, and a few of them lost.

      I tried to find an article I read a few months ago to include in this post criticizing the strategy of those who want full legalization piggy-backing on the “medicine” angle, and how the trojan horse model of foot-in-the-door cover for a wild west weed-fest was ultimately counterproductive.

      the big losers are those who really really need cannabis for legitimate medical reasons, instead of the chronic pain blanket people in Montana were sneaking in under with clowns like Jason Christ.

      Colorado is stating it more plainly. it’s still a state/fed issue that states will keep losing, but critical mass is building.

      it’s just a matter of time.

    • Steve W

      Chuck, it seems like a big waste of time and money, and it’s also playing right into the hands of the drug cartels.

      And it has nothing to do with public health, either.

      The Feds are insane because cannabis doesn’t meet the criteria of a schedule one drug, yet they try to pretend that it does. They have lost all respect from any thinking person.

      If the Feds would quit busting, the cost of cannabis would drop through the floor quick, and no one would grow it for money without some acres and machinery, just like corn or peppers.

      Chuck, should the feds also bust the greedy Home Depot and Northwestern Energy without whose professional help not many people would have been able to grow cannabis inside?

      I think that’s a stupid idea, by the way. But of course l also believe outlawing cannabis is stupid, wasteful, and counter productive.

  5. dbudge55

    I’m a member of the Drug Policy Alliance and you should be too.

  6. Adam

    I couldn’t reply to you up top liz.

    Believe me, I’m far from financially insulated. I’ve had no health insurance for the past 9 months. Between working 2-3 jobs and my wife working full time, we manage to live comfortably (not financially insulated) while trying to put a little aside every month hoping to be able to afford a few kids someday.

    Anyway, I’m not surprised to see that healthcare costs are the #1 cause of foreclosures. Obviously, we have a huge healthcare problem. Obama missed a golden opportunity to have a real conversation about single payer and instead made the Obamacare mess his landmark legislation. There was no consensus or compromise, which obviously put the legislation on the road to repeal. It wasn’t even an attempt at a real fix, it was all a political game. And you’re right, what will the Republicans do? Probably very little unless it means winning elections. That’s the climate we’re in as a result of the dumbing down and polarization of American politics. Anonomyous blogging has helped perpetuate that climate…I hope you’re proud. ;)

    The #1 cause of foreclosures that I’ve personally dealt with is Bank of America’s policy to drive people into foreclosure by convincing them that Obama’s HAMP is going to be their silver bullet. They stop making their payments when they’re told it will help them get a modification. Several months later, they’re told the modification didn’t work out, and voila, they’re months behind on their mortgage with absolutely no means to get caught up on the fees and back interest. More often than not, I’m told “We didn’t need a modification, we just thought we’d take advantage of it because they were offering the program.” The very government program meant to save people from foreclosure has likely led more people into it. Color me shocked.

    • lizard19

      you have taken a big step here by acknowledging Republicans will probably do very little unless it means winning elections. Democrats do the same. and since winning elections entails raising tens of millions of dollars, there was never any chance slobbering blue dogs like Max and ultimately Obama were going to snub the health care industry. it’s protect the profits, and fuck the people. welcome to the occupy movement, Adam ;)

      anyway, you have taken a step away from the polarization today, and for that I thank you. public service is a very under-appreciated position, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

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