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Political Nihilism

by lizard

The Obama administration has me contemplating political nihilism.

According to one definition of nihilism, that means I’m wondering if conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility.

Supreme Court appointments. That’s one reason, I’ve been told, that reelecting president Obama is important.

But a recent SCOTUS ruling in favor of strip searching anyone arrested for anything, even minor offenses, and without just cause, was SUPPORTED by the administration, so based on that I’d say it’s doubtful any appointments from Obama 2.0 will inch the rightward drift back to the left.

It should also be pointed out that this ruling will send a clear message to the nastier elements of the police state that activists already getting their asses kicked can be subjected to borderline sexual assault for illegal camping, or whatever bullshit infraction “law enforcement” will invoke to jail those who dare address, with direct action, the obscene inequity late stage crony capitalism is producing.

Another staple of Democrat justification for keeping their team in power is the supposed commitment to the role of government in providing regulatory oversight to ensure standards are enforced for public safety. It’s the other side, they say, who want to gut regulations.

Ralph Nader says otherwise.

I know I know, Ralph fucking Nader, slayer of Al Gore and perpetual curmudgeon hoisted up by Dem loyalists as the ultimate cautionary tale of straying from the pack.

But is he wrong?

When I think about not getting regulation right, and by right I mean CORRECT, I think nuclear energy.

And then I think about Japan.

And because that’s kind of terrifying to think too much about, I try to distract myself, like watching Mad Men for example.

And then I see commercials like this, during the break, and just shake my head.

O yes, Don Draper would be proud.

Personally, I’ve pulled almost all my investment in our political system out, and placed it elsewhere. But that’s my choice, and I don’t want that choice to infringe on those who still invest their time and energy to the political process, no matter how heated our disagreements may get.

Jon Tester may lose, the senate may fall, and it’s within the realm of possibility that Mitt Romney, the worst candidate ever, could unseat president Obama.

If all that happens, the worst that will happen is the drift will pick up speed. At the rate we’re already going, with all of us complicit in ways we probably don’t want to change, it’s probably already too late to turn back.

Do what you can from where you stand. There is no promise of tomorrow.

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