Congressional Candidate Forum Thursday Night in Missoula

by jhwygirl

For you non-Rapture types, Montana Women Vote is co-sponsoring a Congressional Candidate Forum in Missoula tomorrow night, April 12th. (And while I am loath to utilize facebook, MWV do update their page a lot – so here’s that link.)

Head on down to the University Center Theater, 6 p.m. I’m told Pat Williams (Montana’s former U.S. Representative) and Jen Gursky (President of ASUM) will be moderating.

Here’s a piece from Olivia Riutta:

Montana has just one Congressional seat in the US House of Representatives and you have to opportunity to hear directly from candidates where they stand on issues that affect Montana women and families. From education to reproductive health care to funding for programs and services that help Montana women and families, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet the candidates before the June 6th primary election. There will also be time at the end when we will take questions from the audience.

Republicans, it looks like, are once again passing up a non-partisan candidate forum. Is that 5 now? Or 6? Convenient for them, I guess, though I see their party spokespeople online lobbing attacks at the candidates. All this while 3 Republicans and one Libertarian get to hide from the main stream public unbiased forums which seek to get at issue positions.

Why, exactly, are they avoiding public non-partisan debates?

Montana Women Vote will also be at the event registering voters. It’s fine organization doing excellent work in the community educating people on meaningful participation in the democratic process through education and other information-based strategies. I have always been impressed by their presentations.

If you have questions, contact Montana Women Vote at 543-3550 x213

  1. G6

    Montana Women Vote is non partisan? That’s almost absurd as the claim that Forward Montana is non partisan!

    • Steve W

      Are the Republicans afraid of women voting and afraid of going forward, G6

      • G6

        Of course not. More voting and other active involvement from all citizens will only make us a better community. It’s disingenuous to pretend like an organization is non partisan when it clearly is partisan, and it’s even more disingenuous to act like candidates are ducking a “fair” debate. The fact is, debate is healthy and the more vetted our candidates are, the better. Let’s not pretend like it’s fair to hold a partisan debate, call it non partisan and then chastise candidates for not wanting to debate in a potentially hostile environment.

        That said, I’d show up if I were Daines. He has the winning message and he’s plenty capable of sharing it.

        • petetalbot

          I’d love to hear Daines’ winning message. Too bad he’s afraid to come to Missoula to share it.

        • Steve W

          If the Republicans don’t show up then it’s there own damn fault no-one votes for them. What are they afraid of? Questions from the audience?

          Daines is scared of the people of Montana?

          • G6

            I’d bet that Daines has met with more Montanans over the past year than any other candidate in the race. He’s not scared of Montanans. I do wish he’d come to the debate, but maybe he’d rather save debate for whoever wins the Democrat primary. I certainly can’t speak for his reasoning. I do know one thing. Daines will win in November. It’s the only Statewide race I’m sure of. He has the money, the establishment, the Tea Party, and he’s worked very hard. Every other race is up for grabs in my opinion…worth every penny you paid to hear it.

            • Steve W

              How much you wanna bet?

              I haven’t seen one event listed ever where I could go see or talk with Daines.

              I don’t even know what he looks like, what he supports, or anything about the guy except everybody says he has a whole pile of money so he’s gonna win.

              We will see.

              The candidates who showed up last night at the forum were all very good, though I admit, none of them looked like they have a pile of money. They seemed for the most part like regular folks who were running for office because they wanted to contribute something to the common good.

              I know what they look like and I heard first hand what they stood for.

              I was impressed, for the most part.

              You can have the invisable man. I’ll take a real in the flesh Montanan.

  2. Ryan Morton

    This doesn’t really fit, but brings up some interesting points about gender, language, and politics. Also, this was mostly for lizard, though all should read it.

    Sorry for tangential post. Couldn’t quickly find an older one. Anyhoo, here it is:

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