In an Ideal World

by jhwygirl

In an ideal world writers would be ethical. Journalists would be unbiased. Bloggers would be independent.

Now that isn’t what happens all the time.

One thing that is true, and does apply specifically to the current situation is this: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That force was put into play here in Montana a few years back. Now it is a bunch of forces just pushing of of each other.

The shame of it is that the real policy issues then fall by the wayside. Which is really what the puppet masters wanted in the first place.

Ultimately, life isn’t fair. Politics? Much less so.

For those in any of it with the best of intentions, the better thing to do – in the words of my friend who has rattled many a cage, George Ochenski – is to Keep On Keeping On.

  1. RinoDino

    I’ll do that. And As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep visiting. I’ll comment on even your most cryptic posts, too.

  2. dbudge55

    Reminds me of one of my favorite poems,


    I wish to be misunderstood
    That is
    Understood from your perspective

    — Bill Knott

  3. Rob Kailey

    jhwygirl, I am politely and respectfully suggesting that you are confusing Newtonian physics for communicative sociology, as if the laws of one actually apply to the other. The former is physically necessary; the latter not so much. If that’s the case, are you certain that you want to say that there is “one thing that is true” when dealing with any “current situation”?

  4. lizard19

    the fanged one wearing sheepskin.

  5. RinoDino

    Now that Wuff and Liz have cleared up the mystery…

    I agree with jhwygirl. There’s little independently thinking and blogging. The multiple mouthpieces blog and the off the shelf instantaneous response blog make your case almost daily. It’s no wonder the other side has responded with hired help of its own, or that the silly partisanship is on full display. It’s no coincidence the tolerance for low quality, repetitive, misogynistic stupidity from particular commenters is part of that whole scene.

    Kudos to those who keep their own counsel and write their own posts. You may not get as many “silly scoops” or as many off the shelf researched by someone else “hit pieces” but then, you do come across as genuine. It’s bound to be difficult to produce information and opinions that hold up to scrutiny and engage the reader.

    And for Western Word and Wulfgar, a special shout out for tossing in some sports posts in with all the insanity. Sure, it’s circus, but who can live without bread and circuses?

    I read the other day that religion is fair game for campaigning attacks. Teddy Roosevelt, John Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson would disagree, but what did they know? George Romney ran in the primary and I don’t remember a peep. Now, with his son, “it’s fair game” for governors and establishmentarians left and right. I think that sums it up for me: all things trend toward the mean, including blogging and politics, and in this country, the mean is somewhere south of The Bachelorette. Why that is, could be a topic for another day.

    • lizard19

      and you help that “trend toward the mean” by calling people “despicable worms”.

      • RinoDino

        If I recall, the worm accused another moderate, reasonable poster of approving of people dying. That was despicable and untrue, rhetoric so far beyond the pale as to call itself out for comment. You seem content with that behavior, so it is, perhaps, your judgement that drags 4&20 towards the mean. My reply to Worm was a measured response equal to his accusation that pogo approved and even actively facilitated unnecessary deaths. It’d you had called us barriers
        Both out, perhaps I’d see your noble defense of good doscussion more clearly.

        Jhwygirl seems to put up a struggle against the tide, it seems better than either of us.

        • Steve W

          I think RinoDino you protesteth too much.

          The data proves that states with easy and safe access to medical marijuana save lives on the highway big time.

          That’s a good thing to most people. If that makes me a worm in your book, than I am a proud worm.

        • lizard19

          hmmm, so you are blaming me for your decision to use a dehumanizing term to attack a commenter who wasn’t even talking to you in the first place. that’s a really mature way to respond.

          what I told you then, and will repeat here, is not a noble defense of good discussion. it’s a reminder that it’s not your place to tell a commenter to vacate this virtual space, because this isn’t your blog.

          if you think your response was “measured” then it’s your judgement that needs examination.

  6. I see once again the real issues fall by the wayside – this post being about ethics and biases of the blogosphere and the media – and we’ve dredged up something else and started slinging.


    Boy – if I went on attack with every slight of the word put forth to me, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that wouldn’t get done in my 8 to 5 job.

    Good thing I don’t operate like that in my life. Otherwise…hell, nevermind.

    I’m shutting off comments to this post.

    Email me if you have something to say @hotmail

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