Franke Wilmer for U.S. Congress

by jhwygirl

Lots of people have been asking me – today alone I had 3 people ask me about their ballots. There are only a handful of votes I’m certain about, and for Montana’s next U.S. Representative, Bozeman’s Franke Wilmer is my choice, hand’s down, as the best person to represent Montana’s interests in Washington D.C.

Wilmer’s been a favorite around this blog going back to at least 2009. In a politically schizophrenic town like Bozeman – who doesn’t seem to be either Republican or Democrat – Wilmer’s been elected to the state House 3 times, showing she knows how to represent her constituents who are clearly a mixed bag.

I mentioned the women’s gathering in Helena a few weeks back? Here’s Franke Wilmer speaking to the crowd of about 250 people that gathered that day.

I already know Wilmer’s record. I’ve watched her in 3 legislative sessions now, and I know Wilmer knows her issues. I also know she knows how to speak to them. What I like about this video is it shows the thoroughness with which Wilmer approaches the issues. It’s that kind of knowledge that gives her the voice of conviction needed for Montanan’s (and the rest of the U.S.) in Washington D.C. right now.

If I had signed up for absentee ballot, I’d show you a picture of her dot blackened…but for now I will continue to endorse Franke Wilmer to anyone who asks (and those of you reading here.)

(In a fuller disclosure, I’ll note that this last session, Franke departed from one very key issue I wrote extensively about, even before the session began: Eminent domain. That bill passed, and Schweitzer signed it into law. Still stings for me and many others. Regardless, I’m moving on.)

  1. Yep; Franke’s is the best brain in House race by far.

  2. Franke’s vote for the eminent domain bill – HB 198 – does sit badly with me, too. I’ve talked with her about it and now know her reasons for voting that way. I will probably give her my vote because of her positions on other issues, but I do hope that she broadens her scope of input on those issues that are deemed by others as “right-wing”.

  3. Rob Kailey

    Franke’s district here isn’t as much a mixed bag as most others are in the Bozeman area, but those of us who voted for her respect her service deeply. For the last six years, she has been my Representative to the state of Montana, and (Dog willing) she will be my Representative to the nation for several more.

  4. Swede Johansson

    Did you send her any money?

    • In whose primary are you registered to vote, Swede?

      • We don’t register parties, Larry. I can vote in either primary.


        • my error. what i meant to ask was: in which primary would swede vote?

        • RinoDino

          Nice endorsement and I’m grateful for your support for her. I have been most impressed with Smith and least impressed with Strohmaier from what I’ve seen. He’s Constantly Bellowing his holier than ALL rant. I would vote Franke for her intelligence, but that won’t be the ballot I mark. Gillan did not impress at the legislature like Wilmer did, but she won’t be embarrassing like Dennis or Tracy or Steve. She will be in the Lindeen range in the general vs Daines.

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