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by lizard

Tom Barrett lost the election, that’s what happened, and now the blame game is in full swing.

Some blame the money gap between candidates, implying the people in Wisconsin are mentally malleable enough to be swayed by advertising campaigning. Some blame the odd reluctance of the President to use his position to rally supporters to the cause. And some are speculating that a full-blown recall was seen as too severe a move to enact on ideological grounds; that recalls should be reserved for more serious breaches of office.

But at some point it might be good to acknowledge a major factor in Walker’s electoral victory: Right-Wing populism is very…popular.

In a Counterpunch piece today, written by Steve Horn, he asks some good questions:

Many important questions arise for those who consider themselves, broadly speaking, on the left: a.) Why the grassroots attraction to right-wing populism? b.) How’d the left (both liberals and leftists alike) get steam-rolled so badly? c.) What’s next for the grassroots activist of a left-leaning orientation now that, bluntly speaking and when looked at through a sober viewpoint, the cause has been so badly bludgeoned since last year’s “Uprising”?

Yes, it is sobering to realize the plan to dismantle the already dwindling power-base for Democrats—organized labor—will continue, methodically, state by state.

The reality is too many Americans actively support this plan.

Noam Chomsky offered some great advice during a speech he gave in Madison back in April of 2010. Here is the quote Horn uses in his article:

“Ridiculing Tea Party shenanigans is a serious error, I think. It would be far more appropriate to understand what lies behind them and to ask ourselves why justly angry people are being mobilized by the extreme right and not by forces like those that did so in my childhood, in the days of formation of the CIO and other constructive activism.”

It’s something to think about—and certainly more constructive than slapping Tom Barrett in the face.

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