The Question Continues: Where’s George Ochenski?

by jhwygirl

Another working day for the Missoula Independent came and went, and still silence from the Indy blog.

I find it disheartening that the newspaper which has been the instrument for so many of my favorite feature writers over the years – John S. Adams, Patrick Duganz, Jesse Froehling, Skylar Browning, Jessie McQuillan, and Matthew Frank, just to name a few – is continuing its silence to the departure of longtime and award-winning political columnist George Ochenski.

Especially when it has been reported that Ochenski had been shut down on free press column by editor Robert Meyerowitz.

It’s disheartening because the silencing of a political columnist has ramifications to the impressions readers (translate “market”) have of the product a newspaper puts out. Not only is it not good for the readers, it’s can’t be good for the newsroom. As I stated on Friday: “Failure to address Ochenski’s departure will hang over the Indy. It will cloud their respectability as a “Free Thinking” newspaper – and it unfairly disrespects a departure that would be better left with the Indy taking a high road and giving its deserving loyal readers (and a columnist who helped in a very big way make the Indy what it is today) the truthful explanation and closure all parties deserve.”

I still believe that.

Editor Robert Meyerowitz has the forum – and he’s no stranger to writing, either. You’d think that if he felt a need type off a response to a news report that Ochenski had been censored, he’d feel a need to explain Ochenski’s elimination from the pages of the Indy on the pages of the Indy.

Barring that, the truth behind Ochenski’s departure is going to be told. Multiple news sources have inquired just of me (this little old anonymous blogger) on this matter…and undoubtedly there’s been more.

ON Wednesday, Montanans will get a chance to hear it from George Ochenski himself. GO will be the guest of Northern Broadcasting’s statewide talkshow host Aaron Flint (@aaronflint) on his show Voices of Montana.

Flint’s show is on 9-10 a.m. daily. Here in Missoula it’s on AM 930 KMPT (corrected) (I do sincerely listen to 1290 – check my car radio and I was confusing Aaron’s show with the one on 1290), though it can be heard statewide. Check this map to find your local station. You can also stream it from this link.

AND, for you facebook fans out there, there’s a Where’s Ochenski facebook page. I even broke my own protocol and posted a pic over there. Go check it out. And share that page with your friends.

  1. Adam

    I hate to become the radio schedule stiff around here, but Voices of Montana is on KMPT 930 not KGVO 1290.

    • You know Adam, the website tells differently…. But that would explain why I can’t seem to delineate between talk back and voices of Montana.


  2. Here’s the link to the radio stations that air Flint’s Voices of Montana. It is radio station 930AM in Missoula.

    At the link you can also listen to Flint’s interview with Ochenski tomorrow via a live on-line stream.

  3. Where’s George Ochenski??

    Well, starting Monday, June 18th people can start reading Ochenski’s columns again, on the opinion pages of the Missoulian. That’s right, as of today, George Ochenski is the new, weekly Monday opinion columnist for the Missoulian.

  4. Found Ochenski: He’s at the Missoulian
    By John S. Adams, Great Falls Tribune Capitol Bureau Chief

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