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Agenda 21

by lizard

When I hear the term sustainable development, I don’t think of a nefarious secret agenda seeking to enact global control over the world’s population.

But last January, thanks to the very vocal opposition of a few concerned citizens to Missoula’s membership to the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, we humble citizens of Missoula can’t say we weren’t warned.

The Missoulian linked the protests to the John Birch Society and it’s campaign to stop Agenda 21.

For a bit more context to this nefarious plot, check out The Green Agenda:

Agenda 21 was the main outcome of the United Nation’s Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Agenda 21 outlines, in detail, the UN’s vision for a centrally managed global society. This contract binds governments around the world to the United Nation’s plan for controlling the way we live, eat, learn, move and communicate – all under the noble banner of saving the earth. If fully implemented, Agenda 21 would have the government involved in every aspect of life of every human on earth.

The person most associated with the development of Agenda 21 is former under secretary general of the UN, Maurice Strong.

According to wikipedia, Strong “had his start as an entrepreneur in the Alberta oil patch and was president of Power Corporation of Canada until 1966.”

Sure, it may seem ridiculous to think an oilman would be a primary force behind a “sustainable development” conspiracy to destroy national sovereignty and enslave Americans, but it might be wise to refrain from knee-jerk dismissal and/or ridicule.

Why? Because fringe conspiracies aren’t as fringe as they use to be, as evidenced by Montana’s 2011 legislative session, where this bill urging the US to pull out of the UN actually took up taxpayer-funded time being formulated and introduced for—ahem—serious consideration (to be fair, there is nothing in that bill mentioning Agenda 21).

The influence of corporate funding for environmental groups is a serious problem, and part of that problem is how it fuels paranoid speculation from both ends of the political spectrum.

Here is another “article” I found, titled The Nature Conspiracy in Southeast Colorado, by Deanna Spingola. Here’s a snip:

Today, the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA), created by the Rockefeller Family Fund in 1985, represents 225 foundations and is an affinity group of the Council on Foundations. [3] It is described by the American Land Rights Association (ALRA) as “a cartel of eco-money” that “lavishes millions on eco-agitators.” This “cartel,” through its “hundreds of millions” controls the environmental activist movement to carry out Agenda 21. Money is also appropriated through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to government schools to create an “environmentally literate public” to produce “a public that accepts the Green Gospel uncritically.” [4]

These conservation efforts appear noble! To conceal their agenda and gain public approval, corporations sedate the tax-poor public through influential tax-exempt foundations which finance non-profit groups that purportedly promote peace, health and conservation. Some people can see through the conservation charade. On October 13, 2006, Kimmi Lewis, Secretary of the Colorado Independent Cattle Grower’s Association pointed out that the Army and TNC are partners in this land and water seizure. A first step in this partnership is the establishment of buffer zones.

What started me digging around last night on this topic was a tweet from Roseanne Barr, who—if you didn’t know—announced her candidacy for the Green Party nomination for President last February.

Here’s an excerpt from the LA Times article:

In a campaign-announcement speech delivered in May 2010, Barr put out a more detailed three-step platform (read the speech here): First, make war illegal and legalize hemp (marijuana too). Second, change the demographics of government to include more women. Third, outlaw — how do we say this politely? — outlaw bull. Yes, that’s it. Outlaw bull.

“After the passage of this one law,” she said in the speech, “the Patriarchy will inevitably begin to crumble, as will the concept of War itself, which is largely a large load of,” well, bull.

Following Roseanne on twitter makes it hard to take her seriously. She’s a fan of conpiratianment charlatan, Alex Jones, who I really can’t stand, so I’ve been a bit weary of her judgement when it comes to understanding the issues she advocates for.

In the tweet I mentioned, Roseanne uses the hashtag #agenda21. The problem is that a well-meaning celebrity can take issues and amplify their prominence, and unfortunately Roseanne Barr is using her celebrity to spread the tangled propaganda lurking behind Agenda 21.

Like I said, I think dismissing those who believe in global conspiracies is a mistake. Conspiracy pimps like Glenn Beck and celebrities like Roseanne Barr have plenty of followers who take them seriously.

We can’t underestimate the depths of paranoia that are taking hold of our society.

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