Tester, Cox Remain Committed to Sunday’s Debate – Rehberg Withdraws

by jhwygirl

I’m about 200% certain that Rehberg’s calendar is going to open up, but for now, he’s claiming scheduling conflict. I tend to think that if your campaign commits you, you’re obligated to attend.

For now, though, Sunday’s senatorial debate, sponsored by the Montana Broadcasters Association will go on without Rehberg in attendance . He apparently has something more important to do.

Like this, perhaps?

That’s Denny – with David Bosse, president of Citizen’s United at an endorsement luncheon held by Bosse & friends back in September

The original story I caught Friday has been updated some – but the basic story reads that the Montana Broadcasting Association confirmed the date and time with his campaign seven months ago.

And then again in February, March and May.

Rehberg’s camp isn’t using the word “liar” for Greg MacDonald, President of the Montana Broadcasters Association – but they are saying this:

“The claims being made by Greg MacDonald, the President of the Montana Broadcasters Association, are completely false. And despite repeated requests, MacDonald has refused to provide any evidence of his claims because it simply does not exist.”

Wow. Really?

Note that article says that he “will not be able to attend.” Today’s story has him claiming that he “was never formally invited.”

My question – does a radio broadcast of this debate bother Rep. Rehberg? You’d think he’d be all over an opportunity to reach out to voters – live – across the entire state.

I say fine – who wants to hear him anyways. Let Senator Tester and Libertarian Dan Cox talk issues.

I believe it’ll be all that more interesting with only two candidates involved.

And finally? In the end, where does this settle out? Rehberg being unable to hire competent staff? Rehberg being unable to prioritize a few debates into his schedule? I mean – seriously – a week and a half out from a Sunday morning debate during one of the nation’s most hotly contested senate races and Rehberg can’t adjust his schedule for a debate?

What else is a subdivision rancher running for office doing on a Sunday morning 150 days before election? Heading up to the lake for a weekend boat ride?

  1. lizard19

    Rehberg is copying Romney’s strategy of avoiding talking as much as possible.

  2. KC Whistle

    The Congressman may have a family conflict, or an operation,we don’t know. But he isn’t running against a mob lawyer from California this time. He needs to commit 100% to the race. But what is left to know about these two guys and their politics?

    • I want to see Rehberg think on his feet. I don’t think he can, quite frankly..and I that’s what he’s afraid of.

      How can he effectively advocate for Montanans if he can’t stand and answer a few questions, unscripted? Once every couple of years?

      He loves to have his statements added to the record up there in Washington – and occasionally he’ll enter the big empty floor of the House of Representatives and actually reread it into record himself (and for the cameras) – but can he think on his feet?

      Hasn’t shown me yet that he can.

      Hell – he can’t even stay on his horse.


  3. Big Johansson

    Actually this is a good sign.

    Internal polling must have him way ahead.

  4. Mark Anderlik

    Incompetent and a liar – both descriptions fits Rehberg.

  5. Be careful what you wish for jhwygirl – Tester is not a strong speaker, unless he’s taken a lot of lessons since the last time I saw him debate in 2006.

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