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by lizard

I went to my shelves this week with no idea what to pick, and pulled at random. After a few false starts, I grabbed a copy of Patricia Goedicke’s The Tongues We Speak (Milkweed Editions, 1989).

I love Patricia’s work, and constantly kick myself that I never took a class when I had the chance.

Patricia passed in 2006. The Washington Post’s obit is worth reading. I didn’t realize, for example, that Patricia

“…studied under W.H. Auden and Robert Frost, won a Rockefeller Foundation residency at the Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Italy, a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship and the William Carlos Williams prize for poetry from New Letters magazine.”

Here’s the poem that jumped out at me. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

by jhwygirl

Jim Brown, a Dillon attorney, chief legal council for the Montana Republican Party and executive board member, and legal representative for American Tradition Partnership is pretty proud of his defeat of Montana’s 100 year old ban on corporate funding of elections here in Montana – here he is boasting on Bozeman’s once-and-future state representative JP Pomnichowski’s facebook page:

Brown’s a hypocrite. Just like a lot of stuff we saw from the big government GOP this last session in the Montana state capitol, Brown is proud of his role undermining Montana’s constitution, yet back in May he whined about a commissioner of political practices ruling which allows parties to spend an unlimited amount of cash on staff and other similar services towards a candidates campaign.

Sounds to me like Brown takes all this election law stuff as some sort of game to be won (or lost), regardless of the consequences. Bad for him to lose at the commission of political practices when it involves unlimited money, but somehow great for everyone when it involves the U.S. Supreme Court allowing unlimited corporate money.

It’s good to see how clearly the Montana Republic Party positioned itself with regards to undermining Montana’s constitutional ban on corporate funding of elections. It’s chief legal counsel representing the party which sued the state on election law?

Republicans around these parts want to preach and lecture and champion the constitution, yet they’ve no respect for Montana’s. History means nothing, and our forefathers tonight are spinning in their graves.

While the Copper King zombies start plotting their return to state and national politics.

Government is FUBAR, people. FUBAR.

The Montana GOP? Disgraceful.

by Pete Talbot

Voting the same way they did on Citizens United (5-4), U.S. Supreme Court Justices overturned Montana’s century-old ban on corporate contributions to campaigns.

So, corporations are still people and money still equals free speech: the more money you have the more free speech you get.

The Copper Kings were the reason Montanans voted to ban corporate political spending in 1912.  Since my writing skills aren’t quite up to Mark Twain’s, here’s a quote of his from the Washington Post article:

… Twain wrote of one such mining giant in 1907, Sen. William Clark, “He is said to have bought legislatures and judges as other men buy food and raiment. By his example he has so excused and so sweetened corruption that in Montana it no longer has an offensive smell.”

This ruling is depressing but not surprising.  I could go on-and-on but since it’s Monday and I have a lot on my plate, consider this an open thread.

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