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by jhwygirl

The GOP can chatter all they want about jobs and the economy, but the fact is that the GOP-controlled U.S. House of Representatives is voting tomorrow for the 31st time to repeal the health care reform Affordable Care Act.

It’s not about jobs..and it’s not about the economy for the GOP – it’s about trying to repeal a law that they don’t like 31 times.

I think that no matter what you feel about the actual bill itself – the fact that the GOP would take 31 votes on trying to repeal something speaks supported this volumes about who really is preventing the real work of fixing the economy.

The GOP is one huge big sore loser – and they’d rather rehash – for 31 times in 18 months the repeal of health care reform.

Not once have they offered an alternative. Not once have they offered a fix. Or their own version.

The GOP has offered NOTHING in the form of addressing the rising economically crippling and humanly catastrophic costs of health care.

But tomorrow, Montana’s own Rep. Denny Rehberg will once again – for the 31st time – vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

When Rep. Denny Rehberg wants to talk about why nothing is getting done in Washington, he should look at himself and his party. I’d suggest that doing something 30 times and failing and trying to do it again – the exact same way and without any alternative – demonstrates sheer failure in the ability to legislate.

I say “Have at it, Denny!” – you’re the best advertising for why Washington can’t accomplish anything. Keep it up!

by lizard

Raymond Carver is probably more known for his short stories than his poems, but he’s one of those writers—like Jim Harrison—who can do both fiction and poetry with skill.

Here’s a bit of his history from the NYT obit (he died in 1988):

Mr. Carver was born on May 25, 1938, in Clatskanie, Ore., to Clevie Raymond Carver, a sawmill worker, and the former Ella Beatrice Casey, a waitress. He was brought up in a gray tract house in Yakima, Wash., a mile from Bachelor Creek, where he began a lifelong love affair with fishing. Start in Storytelling

Frog, as he was nicknamed, used to sit at the foot of his parents’ bed and listen to his father read from Zane Grey books or tell his own tales of hunting and fishing.

Before long, the boy was telling his own stories, amateurish efforts at escapism that drew groans from the grown-up Carver when he recalled them in the 1988 interviews. It was not until he went to Chico State College in California in 1958 and took John Gardner’s creative writing course that he became serious about writing.

”He galvanized me,” Mr. Carver said. ”He told me who to read and helped me learn to write. He opened a door for me.”

It just so happens I picked up this book today, Carver’s Collected poems, titled All of US.

As I flipped through it, a poem jumped out at me, demanding I write this post immediately. So here it is. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

by lizard

The neo-nazis of the 21st century have been making disturbing inroads amidst the upheavals of late stage capitalism. In Greece, for example, Golden Dawn surprised a lot of people in recent elections:

Boasting close to half a million votes in recent elections, the extreme right wing party gained 21 seats in parliament. It was a first for Greece, the country that invented democracy and resisted the advance of fascism.

Before the vote, few took Golden Dawn seriously, explains one Greek student. But scores of young men started canvassing for the party months ago.

With security concerns rife as the Greek economy hangs in the balance of convoluted European Union debt negotiations, burly young Dawn members escorted select Athenians to ATMs, providing security for people wanting to pull their money out of Greek banks.

“Once in parliament, we will implement our program,” Yannis Vourdis, Golden Dawn’s political director, told CBS News.

Closer to home, the infamous blonde-haired Gaede sisters, who performed music under the name Prussian Blue (named after a byproduct of the poison used to gas jews) recently made headlines. It appears, thanks to medical cannabis, that the girls have begun to challenge their nazi indoctrination. From the link:

Their childhood saw them home-schooled in Bakersfield, California, by their mother April Gaede, herself a member of racist fringe groups the National Alliance and the National Vanguard. Her own father, Bill Gaede, wore a swastika belt buckle and even branded his cattle with the sign, The Mirror revealed.

But now aged 20 and having experienced a string of health problems including cancer, the girls say they’re embracing a hippy lifestyle – with the help of marijuana.

Both girls have Montana-issued medical marijuana cards and describe themselves as “healers”.

In 2011, Lynx exclusively told The Daily: “I have to say, marijuana saved my life. I’d probably be dead if I didn’t have it.”

Lamb added: “We just wanna exert the most love and positivity we can.”

In the same interview Lamb describes herself as “pretty liberal”, while Lynx chipped in with: “Personally, I love diversity! I’m stoked that we have so many different cultures.”

While these two girls have hopefully left their dangerous indoctrination behind, the inland Northwest is still a region that has plenty of problems with neo-nazis, white supremacists, and sovereign citizens hell-bent on using terrorist tactics to further their cause.

Remember, in January of 2011, a bomb intended to kill participants of a MLK parade in Spokane was discovered. That same year, David Burgert, one of the founding members of the Project 7 militia, fired shots at Sheriff Deputies in Lolo, sparking a manhunt that still has yet to produce this dangerous right-wing extremist.

There is still plenty to be concerned about in this region regarding right-wing domestic terrorism, but at least these two little brainwashed Neo-Nazis have begun turning their back on the hate they were raised on. If medical cannabis was a contributing factor, then just add that to the long list of benefits this plant is already known to produce.

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