Did Medical Cannabis Cure The Gaede Girls Of Their Neo-Nazism?

by lizard

The neo-nazis of the 21st century have been making disturbing inroads amidst the upheavals of late stage capitalism. In Greece, for example, Golden Dawn surprised a lot of people in recent elections:

Boasting close to half a million votes in recent elections, the extreme right wing party gained 21 seats in parliament. It was a first for Greece, the country that invented democracy and resisted the advance of fascism.

Before the vote, few took Golden Dawn seriously, explains one Greek student. But scores of young men started canvassing for the party months ago.

With security concerns rife as the Greek economy hangs in the balance of convoluted European Union debt negotiations, burly young Dawn members escorted select Athenians to ATMs, providing security for people wanting to pull their money out of Greek banks.

“Once in parliament, we will implement our program,” Yannis Vourdis, Golden Dawn’s political director, told CBS News.

Closer to home, the infamous blonde-haired Gaede sisters, who performed music under the name Prussian Blue (named after a byproduct of the poison used to gas jews) recently made headlines. It appears, thanks to medical cannabis, that the girls have begun to challenge their nazi indoctrination. From the link:

Their childhood saw them home-schooled in Bakersfield, California, by their mother April Gaede, herself a member of racist fringe groups the National Alliance and the National Vanguard. Her own father, Bill Gaede, wore a swastika belt buckle and even branded his cattle with the sign, The Mirror revealed.

But now aged 20 and having experienced a string of health problems including cancer, the girls say they’re embracing a hippy lifestyle – with the help of marijuana.

Both girls have Montana-issued medical marijuana cards and describe themselves as “healers”.

In 2011, Lynx exclusively told The Daily: “I have to say, marijuana saved my life. I’d probably be dead if I didn’t have it.”

Lamb added: “We just wanna exert the most love and positivity we can.”

In the same interview Lamb describes herself as “pretty liberal”, while Lynx chipped in with: “Personally, I love diversity! I’m stoked that we have so many different cultures.”

While these two girls have hopefully left their dangerous indoctrination behind, the inland Northwest is still a region that has plenty of problems with neo-nazis, white supremacists, and sovereign citizens hell-bent on using terrorist tactics to further their cause.

Remember, in January of 2011, a bomb intended to kill participants of a MLK parade in Spokane was discovered. That same year, David Burgert, one of the founding members of the Project 7 militia, fired shots at Sheriff Deputies in Lolo, sparking a manhunt that still has yet to produce this dangerous right-wing extremist.

There is still plenty to be concerned about in this region regarding right-wing domestic terrorism, but at least these two little brainwashed Neo-Nazis have begun turning their back on the hate they were raised on. If medical cannabis was a contributing factor, then just add that to the long list of benefits this plant is already known to produce.

  1. great find, liz: looks like it’s working for you, too….

    • lizard19

      actually, I give more credit to LSD and psilocybin for breaking the indoctrination I received during my formative years in a midwest suburban public school system. you know, like Steve Jobs:

      Steve Jobs discovered one definite way to “think different.” The mega-mind behind Apple took LSD some 15 times, and it was a “life-changing experience,” Jobs revealed on a 1988 security clearance application he filled out for the Department of Defense. “It was a positive life changing experience for me, and I am glad I went through that experience,” Jobs said of his several trips from 1972-74.

      • Dave Budge

        Actually, as someone who has used LSD 100+ times and mushrooms too many times to recount, I think any credit given to the drugs for any breakthrough is pure bullshit. But that’s just me.

        • lizard19

          so you think Steve Jobs and I are peddling pure bullshit? what about Native cultures that use peyote—do you think their experiences and spiritual beliefs are pure bullshit as well?

          • Dave Budge

            Yes, I think it’s pure bullshit. But I have no idea what your spiritual beliefs are nor can I conclude that you wouldn’t have gotten to them without drugs. Did the Buddha need LSD to get to enlightenment?

            But, like I said, that’s just me. I’ve concluded that I would have come to my same conclusions both spiritually and epistemologically with or without psychotropic drugs. I had a lot of fun with those drugs but the real “aha!” moments that I’ve had in life came from sober thinking. But that’s just me.

            • lizard19

              of course drugs aren’t the only path. sensory deprivation, fasting, and meditation have also been used to disrupt “normal” thought processes to achieve higher states of consciousness. would you call those methods pure bullshit as well?

            • Dave Budge

              It depends, I suppose. Can you define spiritual enlightenment? I sure as hell can’t. How about an evangelical speaking in tongues during deeply passionate revival meetings? Is that some form of enlightenment or simply some make believe self-deception of enlightenment? Do we know if the Buddha actually did what is claimed by Buddhists?

              This is what I think: If one holds out to be enlightened they probably aren’t. But that’s just me.

      • Dave Budge

        I think this old Zen story applies:

        A student of Zen had studied under a great master in the north of China. Eventually, feeling as if he had learned enough to venture out into the world, the young student made a long journey south searching for the enlightenment that might be found by seeing the world.

        One day, while meditating on a mountain top, a haiku came to him that he thought his master would appreciate. Roughly translated it went:

        I’m in the center of every direction
        Sitting atop this mountain
        Nothing can move me from my place in the universe.

        Being please with both the poem and his spiritual epiphany, he mailed the poem to the great master.

        Some weeks later he received the poem back from the master and the only comments on it were scratched in the master’s pen reading “fart, fart, fart, fart.”

        This confused the young monk and he figured he better make the long journey back to see his teacher to try to understand what he meant.

        After the long difficult journey he finally met up with the master.

        The master asked “How can help you my friend?” The monk replied,
        “I am so confused by the note you sent me on my poem. I am hopeful you can tell me what you were thinking.”
        “Read me the poem again” said the masters. The monk pulled the poem out of his pocket and read

        “I’m in the center of every direction
        Sitting atop this mountain
        Noting can move me from my place in the universe.”

        The master then said,
        “It seems as what you wrote was untrue.” Which alarmed the young monk. He was sure that his writing about attaining a real place in the exactness of the here and now was real and pure. He said,
        “What do you mean?” The master replied.
        “You said ‘nothing could move you from your place in the universe.’ All I had to do was fart four times and it blew you all the way to north China”

        • lizard19

          I think of spiritual enlightenment as the obliteration of ego in order to experience the interconnectedness of existence. but it’s fleeting, and we quickly return to the drama of “I” in conflict with “the other”.

          • Dave Budge

            So according to you “enlightenment” is ephemeral, right? Regardless of how or what you think of it, it remains to be seen if it really exists. Is it an illusion? Perhaps Des Cartes has an opinion.

            • lizard19

              it’s not something I spend all that much time these days contemplating. seeing how my kids experience the world is all the spiritual enlightenment I need.

            • Dave Budge

              Are you going to encourage your kids to take LSD so they can break from your indoctrination? Just curious.

              • lizard19

                I plan on practicing extreme parental hypocrisy until they are 18, and then hopefully I’ve done a decent enough job that they won’t need the spiritual crutch I used to climb out of the suburbia materialism I was raised to value.

                I would never “encourage” them to take a psychotropic substance. when they are older, if they ask, I will try and speak as honestly as I can about my experiences, which included some absolutely terrifying “bad trips” that I thought were going to make me permanently crazy.

                I think encouraging any young adult to take black market drugs is not very responsible, because there’s no telling what’s going into it. but they’re going to be exposed one way or another, so I feel it’s at least my responsibility to give them as much accurate information, including all the risks, that I can, and hope if they choose to experiment, they do so as safely as possible.

        • lizard19

          interesting. and thanks for the mention at cowgirl. I see it received a nice, mature response from that other Larry.

  2. BlackBart

    But do they use fluoridated water in their bong?

  3. Big Johansson

    I can buy your theory. Arian racers smoking pot makes them mellow on the national socialist party.

    Then again it seems to have an opposite effect on descendants of Africa.


  4. KC Whistle

    Drugs like LSD or DMT can induce a mystical experience: which I have always thought disproves, to me at least, mind body duality. God as a mushroom. They’re the same as any self Manufactured chemical like Adrenaline in creating the experience that leads to heightened sense of self in the world.

    Wafers and wine get it done occasionally.

    Weed, like alcohol, is thought and perception dulling… now where was I? Oh yeah, kudos to the girls/ young women for lettin nature beat nurture.

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