When Montana’s Representative Denny Rehberg Says It’s About Jobs or the Economy? He Lies.

by jhwygirl

The GOP can chatter all they want about jobs and the economy, but the fact is that the GOP-controlled U.S. House of Representatives is voting tomorrow for the 31st time to repeal the health care reform Affordable Care Act.

It’s not about jobs..and it’s not about the economy for the GOP – it’s about trying to repeal a law that they don’t like 31 times.

I think that no matter what you feel about the actual bill itself – the fact that the GOP would take 31 votes on trying to repeal something speaks supported this volumes about who really is preventing the real work of fixing the economy.

The GOP is one huge big sore loser – and they’d rather rehash – for 31 times in 18 months the repeal of health care reform.

Not once have they offered an alternative. Not once have they offered a fix. Or their own version.

The GOP has offered NOTHING in the form of addressing the rising economically crippling and humanly catastrophic costs of health care.

But tomorrow, Montana’s own Rep. Denny Rehberg will once again – for the 31st time – vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

When Rep. Denny Rehberg wants to talk about why nothing is getting done in Washington, he should look at himself and his party. I’d suggest that doing something 30 times and failing and trying to do it again – the exact same way and without any alternative – demonstrates sheer failure in the ability to legislate.

I say “Have at it, Denny!” – you’re the best advertising for why Washington can’t accomplish anything. Keep it up!

  1. evdebs

    The GOP has a plan to reduce medical expenses. They want to cut back on Medicaid, SChip, pension benefits. They’re trying to create those “death panels” they talk so much about.

  2. Big Johansson

    Unlike senators, the pres., or even judges the house of representatives truly represent the will of the people.

    • Steve W

      Yeah, the will of the people with money to buy an election. Spot on, BJ.

      • Big Johansson

        I’m with ya Steve. I’m thinking in a show of good faith all Democrats should give their contributions back.

        To set a good example to those greedy Republicans.

        • Steve W

          So congress doesn’t represent the will of the people?


          That’s what I thought. So why did you start out saying it did, BJ?

          Or was that an attempt to gloss over the huge waste of time and money the Republicans engineered by voting 31 times on the same failed issue?

  3. BlackBart

    Another aspect of the GOP “plan” is to eliminate state regulation of insurance companies — so long, states’ rights.
    I just wish they’d keep to their principles, but of course they have none.

  4. Big Johansson

    Personally I like my Doc. and don’t want him retiring.

    From the National Physician’s Survey.

    90% say the medical system is on the WRONG TRACK
    83% say they are thinking about QUITTING
    61% say the system challenges their ETHICS
    85% say the patient-physician relationship is in a TAILSPIN
    65% say GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT is most to blame for current problems
    72% say individual insurance mandate will NOT result in improved access care
    49% say they will STOP accepting Medicaid patients
    74% say they will STOP ACCEPTING Medicare patients, or leave Medicare completely

    • JC

      All good reasons for moving to a single payer system.

      • Big Johansson

        Where the govt. sets all the pricing.

        That’ll make ’em stay.

        • JC

          Who said anything about the government setting pricing?

          • Big Johansson

            Single payer has set prices. For example (from Wiki).

            “Medicare in the United States is a single-payer healthcare system, but is restricted to only senior citizens and certain other classes of people”.

            Medicare sets the price for service.

            • JC

              Again who said anything about the government setting the price? Single payer can be structure in much better ways than your right wing ideology is accustomed to.

              • Big Johansson

                Single payer is what it says, only one pays.

                If it or its committee, death panel, bureaucrat says it doesn’t like the price you’re up shinola creek. There is no alternative.

              • JC

                Single payer means one party pays the bills. It doesn’t say there is one price. That single party could be a national health cooperative owned by the people–all of them, not the government. And they negotiate prices with providers on a one-one basis, similarly to how private insurers do now.

              • Big Johansson

                You think the govt. is going to let that happen?

                Hello McFly. Why isn’t medicare free floating.

                Grow up, this isn’t about health and your general well being.

                It’s about control.

              • Not only that – single payer doesn’t preclude market doctors. Hell – I have healthcare coverage, employer provided. I have a pretty large choice of doctors, but if I want to go to St. Pat’s hospital? Doctors? Surgery? My insurance isn’t covering as much and I’ll pay more out of pocket.

                Just like everything else here in the good ole’ USA – if you got money, you can buy yourself gold-plated doctoring…hell, even if there’d be a single payer system, nothing stops you from buying yourself your own private doctor to live down there in the converted turkey shed, Big Swede.

                I’ll repeat – I wish you had some sort of a reasonable reply to this but I’m not holding my breath & I’ve yet to hear any good come back yet from anyone: I am sick of my rates going up because uninsured people still cost the hospitals $, and those hospitals have to make that up somewhere – which is why my health care insurance keeps going up.

                And these are costs to employers, too.

                Until you can offer a fix for a system that has me paying for uninsured people directly out of my own hard-earned cash, Big Swede, anything else you’re saying is just a lot of posturing.

              • Big Johansson

                I’ll restate. Get govt and insurance out of it. Allow anyone to purchase ins. out of state. Give Doctors/hospitals tax incentives for caring for the needy. Set limits on medical lawsuits. Loser pay for frivolous malpractice suits. Allow Rx to be bought across state lines and in Canada. Give PA’s more responsibility. Establish illegals/poor clinics with charitable organizations.

              • Tax incentives to deal with the needy? Did you really say that?

                What, pray tell, is the Affordable Care Act? You want Obamacare repealed, yet you are advocating for the meat and potatoes of it!

              • Big Johansson

                I’ll be honest I really don’t want this thing repealed. I thinking I want a second Obama term. Non of this stuff is sustainable. Do we limp along with a non solution Republican establishment fix only to have SS, MC, MCD, the interest on a 20 trillion debt blow us into a Zimbabwe style existence.

                Get it over with. Especially now while I have my eyesight and can work my 12 gauge pump with hastened accuracy.

              • JC

                If you’re going to get insurance out of it, how are people going to buy insurance from out of state? And what will an out of state policy be worth, anyways? Diddly squat.

                Who’s going to pay tax incentives for hospitals and doctors to treat uninsured/poverty cases?

                LImits on medical lawsuits does little, but you gotta keep them liberal trial lawyers at bay so they don’t contribute to dems — i get that.

                You can already buy prescriptions across state lines. Across national borders would be good, but we’ve already seen congress bought off by big pharm. Where’s the bills by your beloved conservatives to allow prescriptions to be bought across national boundaries? Oh, yeah right, that was dem guv BS who proposed that, which means it is doa to republicans.

                PA’s have been given more and more autonomy over the years. Next thing you’ll want LPN’s prescribing.

                And nonprofit clinics for poor and illegals? We’ve already got em. And they’re growing bigger and bigger, and handing out substandard care in many cases because they’re so stretched.

                Face it big ingy, you’ve got no new ideas, and nothing to make any dent in the deteriorating system we have.

    • JC

      By the way, your Breitbart/Drudge/Fox clarioned faux survey is the laughingstock of anybody who know anything about surveys.

      Here look at what Media Matter had to say: “Comically Awful Survey…”

      Little Green Footballs: “his is the worst kind of deceptive wingnut bullshit, the sort of propaganda they pump out day after day, eagerly gobbled up and parroted by a corrupt right wing blogosphere.”

      SourceWatch: The DPMA is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)”>SourceWatch: “The Doctor Patient Medical Association (DPMA) and the Patient Power Alliance (PPA) work to repeal health care reform and call themselves a “a nonpartisan association of doctors and patients dedicated to preserving free choice in medicine.” The organization is a member of the National Tea Party Federation and the “American Grassroots Coalition.”… The DPMA is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)”

      You’re going to have to do better than this big ingy, or you’re going to lose all your hard earned credibility here (not).

  5. Big Johansson

    Time to bring out the talking puppets.

    • JC

      No need for animation. When we need talking puppets, we just listen to those who get their info from Breitbart/Drudge/Fox. Why, that would be people like you.

  6. Well jhwygirl, you are quick to criticize Denny, yet you’re ignoring the 800lb gorilla in the room – America is broke, and borrowing $140,000,000 dollars every hour to keep the lights turned on – and anything Denny can do to stop the Obama spending is a good thing for you, me, and our descendents.

    • Steve W

      If history is any indicator Eric, Rehberg will spend like crazy given half a chance. Crazy!

    • JC

      What’s Denny doing to stop war spending? Or oil subsidies?

      And no, America is not broke. It’s the richest nation on earth.

    • I’m not ignoring the elephant.

      Rehberg & Co. have voted 31 times on something they’ve offered no solutions for. They could be solving the problem you identify… But they’re to captive by their own hate of Obama to do anything productive.

      Plus the GAO says hcr saves money long term.


    • Steve W

      $50,000,000.00? Fifty million tax payers dollars spent to do the same BS over and over? Those Republican spend thrifts are at it again.

      • Big Johansson

        $50M to wipe out $2T(updated ACA cost).

        Money well spent.

        • JC

          While we’re at it, let’s just get government out of picking winners and losers in access to health care. So let’s just drop the tax exclusion subsidies for employer sponsored health insurance, and employee contributions to FSAs and HSAs — you know your subsidies that I pay for, while being denied coverage.

          In 2010, those subsidies amounted to 240 billion dollars. Multiply that over 10 years and you get at least $2.4 trillion dollars (not factoring in health cost inflation). That’s more than your $2T to implement ACA.

          Where’s the outrage over that expense, eh, big ingy?

        • “The Bottom Line: For more than 18 months, House Republicans have refused to address American people’s top priorities: creating jobs and strengthening the middle class. From voting to protect millionaires at the expense of Medicare to refighting these old political battles to protecting big insurance companies instead of creating jobs, Republicans are again on defense and will continue to be through Election Day.

          After the last two weeks with Republicans on defense over health care, the DCCC is forced to ask: Will Republicans be scheduling vote #34?”


  7. Pogo Possum

    Then there is Steve Bullock who who prefers to just “duck the question” when it comes to showing leadership on the health care question.

    From reporter Mike Dennison “I spoke with the candidates or their campaigns late last week. . . .Bullock basically ducked the question, declining to say whether he supports or opposes the Medicaid expansion for Montana.”


    • You’re not going to find any cheerleading from me on Bullock.

      He’s ducking all kinds of contact with us common folk.

      Even the moderate apolitical not-party-affiliated people I know have asked me where the Democrats are this year – and Bullock has come up each time that’s been asked. He doesn’t appear to have an opinion on anything – when the media can get at him.

      In the primary, he ducked Marnee Banks, cbs news reporter for the Helena station, as I recall.

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