UMontana QB Jordan Johnson to Leave Griz Football

by jhwygirl

Well-pedigreed sources are saying that University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson – who was accused of rape back in March – will be announcing his departure from the scandal-ridden Griz football team in the next few days.

Jordan was suspended briefly from the team until a temporary restraining order was replaced by a civil agreement between the victim and Jordan back in late March.

The victim was not pleased.

City of Missoula Police handed the case to County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg back in May. It appears it still sits with his office, unprosecuted at this time.

If rumours are true, Jordan Johnson was expelled back in May, the rumour started with a storm of twitter comments back on May 25th.

Other rumors have had the Jordan Johnson case as one in which he was appealing his expulsion to the University of Montana disciplinary system.

The student code of conduct and the disciplinary system remains cloaked due to privacy laws. That being said, if Johnson was indeed expelled, that would make it impossible to play for the Griz.

This will leave new coach Mike Delaney pretty shallow on qb’s – interim athletics director Jan Gee announced earlier this month that Gerald Kemp had been dismissed from the team – and Nate Montana left back in May.

Though the very next day after Gee announced Kemp’s dismissal, coach Delaney clarified that Kemp could be reinstated.

With today’s announcement – removing the “interim” label from Delaney’s coaching position – Delaney seemed darn happy. Engstrom, for all the Griz-hate he’s endured, did a good thing for the embattled team, making Delaney a permanent coach with a 2 year contract.

The team needs stability – and it needs a no-nonsense coach. While he’s already shown some waiver of his alleged no-nonsense style, Delaney will hopefully keep the team on the track that it should be on: A team with high moral standards, a commitment to education and community first, and a strong desire to win while maintaining those standards.

  1. Buzz Feedback

    “Well-pedigreed sources …”

    Flash from Dukes of Hazzard?

  2. Rob Kailey

    As to Mr. Johnson leaving the football team, only one reaction is required.


  3. chip kelly from oregon would have kicked jordan johnson off the team a long time ago. i know that don read would never lead a grizzly team out onto the field with an accused rapist as his starting QB.

    these men both have a sense of honor and just plain common sense. something that the griz coaches have lost track of ever since the days (head gangsta) coach bobby hauck sent the message to his (gang members) players that they can do whatever they want on their own time as long as they win.

    there needs to be a sense of honor and responsibility restored to the grizzly football program before anyone can respect it again. playing football and getting room and board free is a privilege not a right. If you conduct yourself with dignity and honor you deserve to play. if you act like a gangsta and treat women like this, no football program should lower itself to your standards, no matter how good you think you are.

    • athlete

      I agree with most of what you posted except the part of Coach Read. Yes he did a lot of things right but things went un-reported then that would be big issues had they been public. I was there. I do not know Coach Kelly so can not comment there. I think JJ was wrong. But I also feel getting drunk (drinking is not the problem, drinking to the point of getting drunk is wrong always) and sex just for sex is wrong to. Yes I am conservative in my views and these are the issues we are seeing in society and the world that are causing many of the problems. It does not matter who the person is, what age they, nor what position they hold.

      Fans have the win at all cost mentality. The program may or may not. What I tend to see from the program and the University is not so much that as being to over cautious to suspend until after proof positive is there (and this can be win at all cost).

  4. so much for Mr. Jordan Johnson’s short football career…. and good riddance to the arrogant little piece of #$&*%@….

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